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  1. I am the same way. I don't like being seen naked, either accidentally or by "peepers". My avatar is me. I feel almost the same way about being seen in SL as I do in RL. That is one of the reasons I wear bras and panties in SL. The other reason is, well, just because..... In RL I wear very nice looking sexy underwear even though no one can see them under my clothes. I can't explain why, I just do. In SL not only do you have "wardrobe malfunctions", particularly with mesh, but you have the "zoom in" problem. You may think that you are in a private closed room but others outside the room can zoom in and see you. The exception is certain skybox dressing rooms you have to teleport to. I am not a prude. I have been skinny dipping with male friends and I have been in clothing optional beaches and in mixed gender saunas in Europe. But then I have control. I don't like it in SL when someone zooms in just to see me change clothes. I would feel the same (but stronger) about a peep hole in a dressing room. ---------------------------- Phil, When in college I had a part time job as a clerk in the lingerie department of a large store. So I can tell you that very many women wear (at least buy) sexy, lacey, good looking bras, panties, and sleep wear. What Marybeth modeled is typical of what I sold. And yes, that is what I wear. But I don't have any pictures for you:) ----------------------------- Marybeth, Did you do any runway modeling or just photo? Ann
  2. I have been involved in roleplay in the past. In RL (well, non-internet, not really real) I have been a civil war reenacter, playing the role of a wife of a soldier. I have been involved in rp in SL. I enjoy role playing, both on SL and off line. However, if I am not involved in rp in an rp area, I am not role playing. I play myself. What I say to others is real, how I behave is the real me. My avatar looks somewhat like me. There are a few differences: in SL my boobs are slightly larger and better looking and I have a little less weight. Also, in SL I don't have a birthmark on my butt. However, except for those things, I am myself. I have engaged with other mothers in conversations about raising young kids, and what I said was my true experience and opinons. I keep rp separate from everything else. That said, I know that in SL, like the internet in general, you can't be sure about other people. The person you meet may be the other gender. The lawyer or doctor you meet may be someone not in that profession, so don't assume the advice is correct. Of course, the same is true in RL. It may be harder in RL to fake one's gender, but it can be done. It is pretty easy in RL to lie about one's profession and to give advice without knowing what you are talking about. So take everything, in SL or in RL, with a grain of salt. In SL people should keep rp separate from other activities, When not in an rp area, please be yourself.
  3. Do you think that it will really work? I have a friend with Parkinson's, and I will e-mail the link to her. Do you have or know someone with that or similar disease?
  4. "There's a new bra coming out that tweets anytime you unclasp it..." I could thing of some good uses, particularly if there was a way to program it to tweet according to your desires at the time! "One could always put LEDs on the thing to make headlamps... actually headlamps..." I like that too. Speaking of headlamps, that is one thing we don't have to worry about in SL.
  5. "Electrical outlets in bras? I could really get my fingers shocked!" I wish I had thought of that, and had the knowledge to implement it, back when I was dating boys who had overactive hands! It would have been fun to shock them when their hands started "exploring" :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  6. "It would be nice to have a SL bra that automatically changed the cleavange and gravity sliders when the bra was put on, and then restored them to original settings when the bra was taken off. But I don't guess that is possible." Yes, it would be nice but yes, it is not possible, AFAIK. I have two versions of my avi that are identicle except for breast cleavage and bouyancy. I also use the "outfits". In outfits that are not low cut and wouldn't show cleavage anyway, I put the regular version of my avi shape. In outfits that are low cut I put in the shape that has more cleavage and more bouyancy. Yes, for a long day at work in RL where I have no desire to show cleavage I usually wear a wire free bra that is not pushup but also not as much support as I would like. In the evening, after a long day, I want more support and would like to have the cleavage of a pushup bra, so I usually wear underwire bras.
  7. I have been on SL for a while, and I like making clothes, including lingerie, tops, skirts, etc. I have been reading with interest about IMVU and other "games" or platforms, but don't know anything about clothing on those. From what I have heard, SL is the best for making clothes, particularly things like slightly transparent tops which slightly show bras underneath (like in RL), etc. I do not sell and I am not a merchant, so that aspect doesn't matter. Is IMVU or anything else as good as SL for this?
  8. I always wear a bra, panty, and usually slip and cami, in SL (except, of course, under bathing suits and nighties). I strongly recommend system underwear. There are too many problems with mesh. For starters, it is difficult to get it to fit. You usually have to modify your avi's breast and other things to fit the garment. Else it will appear too big with space between your bra and your skin, or too small with parts (such as nipples) sticking out. There is plenty available in system.
  9. Solar, Since you list some legitimate uses for the "zoom in" feature, I agree that it should be kept. I will continue to use the feature (in Firestorm, if not also in other viewers) that shows users who have camed you. If I am in a closed private room (such as a dressing room) and someone cams me, they will get an immediate not very nice IM. Ann
  10. Control-Alt-Click will allow you to look inside a closed room, with some difficulty. If you wanted to watch somebody in a dressing room it is do-able, but takes some time and you would have to know something worth seeing (to someone who likes seeing such things) is inside. The "zoom in" feature in the "people" window of Firestorm makes it easy, and, for that reason, is more objectionable. There are many uses for the cntrl-alt-click feature, for example, to look at the middle person of a group, thereby seeing the whole group, or looking at someone you are talking to. It is primarily used to center your screen on an individual you can see anyway. I really don't see a legitimate use for for the zoom in feature. Maybe someone can tell me.
  11. Marybeth, I agree. Perhaps LL doesn't want default avatars to be too explicit, but I can't see anything wrong with making those initial avatars like kids' dolls or store mannequins. If that is going too far for them (they would have to be super prudes), then a small bikini that would be fully covered by almost all underwear or two piece bathing suits could be used. Dres I think you are right, they want you to have to buy a skin.
  12. Is a nightgown like this: http://shop.cosabella.com/Cosabella%20Dolce%20Babydoll.html available in world on SL?
  13. Dillon, Yes, it is surprising that this thread has gone on for so long. And it was the first thread that I started! I think that the TOS should be clearer, particularly about dressing rooms. I think that it should be clear that rules about nudity do not apply in dressing rooms. There is a pool with men's and women's dressing rooms in a G area. It should be very clear than you do not need to wear underwear or pasties to take off your bathing suit and get dresses in the appropriate dressing room. The fact that there is disagreement on this thread indicates that it needs to be clear. As for definition of private parts, the RL law does need to be very explicit, but I think that the SL TOS can be less explicit. But it should be clear whether or not nipples are included. I do not have any problem with allowing nipples to be shown in public in a G area. I don't think that it is a problem. In the US very few women have any desire for their nipples to be seen. In some other countries very few people would object. I have spent a few summers in areas of Europe where it was not uncommon for women to sunbath in parks topless, and for families with children to be around. But you would not see that in the US (or at least, I haven't). Others may disagree about whether female nipples should be "private parts". I hate to be sexist, but the problem with exhibitionists "flashing" people in public is more of a problem with men showing off their "short comings". I haven't heard of women popping open a raincoat with nothing underneath. Ann
  14. Has there ever been someone banned, or otherwise in trouble, by either SL or a property "owner" for being naked in a dressing room or private home in G land in SL?
  15. I get the clear impression that, while technically it might violate the TOS to expose private parts in a dressing room in a G rated area, it would be considered OK and that acting like RL is OK. I also fully understand that, even in dressing roms you are not private with the ability to cam in, and that can and does happen in RL also (although probably not as much as in SL). Is there any way (such as a "perv alert") to know if someone is watching you when you are in a closed room?
  16. In a G rated area is there anything that automatically detects if you are nude - specifically if your "private parts" are uncovered? I don't run around exposing my self, but I was wondering about such things as changing or trying clothes in a place label G but where you are in a private place such as a changing room or a room occupied only by myself. If enforcement of G is by complaint, there should be no problem because no one else would see you. However, if there was some kind of automatic device it could detect your lack of coverage without knowing that you were really in a private area.
  17. "However, basic underwear like what you (or what I) would wear in RL doesn't seem to be sold much in Second Life." Very true. "often skirts and dresses are slightly transparent, particularly with light weight fabric for summer use. In SL, as in RL" I have seen a number of semi-transparent tops, worn with solid camisoles underneath, and some dresses worn with full solid slips in RL. But I don't see any of that in SL. Is it possible to make semi-transparent clothes in SL? Can you modify (assuming you have MOD permission) an article of clothing in SL to be semi-transparent?
  18. Here (slightly censored) is a picture of me dressed in a way that, in RL, seems to get guys excited. Skinny dipping, anyone?
  19. I am new to Second Life and trying to adjust my avatar to look like me. I notice that the "adjust" window with sliders breast size, like other things, are 0 to 100. Is there any conversion from sizes (US) to the adjustments in Second Life? For example, my real body is 34B. How would I set the adjustment?
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