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  1. Pussycat Catnap wrote: It wasn't you being photographed. But a cartoon on their screen. No real rational reason to worry about modesty. Clothing is only to look nicer, or so that people who don't want to see the skin don't have to. I agree with you to a point, but if that is truly the case then there would be nudity on G rated sims. I have never done the nakie thing in SL and don't like the idea of being forced into it. And there may be “No real rational reason to worry about modesty”, but I do, and I have been called weird for it before, don't care, I'll keep my cloths on thank you. (I'm not trying to be nasty, its just how I feel.) And I don't know why I feel like this, guess that is “just me”, others can take their clothes off all they like, I like my avatar dressed. And also to your point “so that people who don't want to see the skin don't have to.”, you should add, “so that people who don't want to show skin don't have to”. But I do appreciate your comments, everyone.
  2. Thank you for the fast replies, but not what I was hoping to hear. And yes the top is mesh, a bustier that I don't have a bra that fits under it, but I will have soon! 99% of the time I wear undies but this top has made that difficult, time to go shopping I guess. Again thanks for the replies.
  3. I was standing around, was trying on a demo I just got. I always use add to put on the new before I take off what I have on, I'm homeless and have no place to change so I look for an empty sim and change with the add and then remove. I got an IM asking me if it was okay to photograph me saying they liked my avatar, and I said okay. Then I got an IM saying I was being photographed topless, I was NOT topless. I TP'ed away. My question is, can you be photographed naked when you have clothing on?
  4. Oh, a bug fix, that didn't take long LOL. Ok, I can deal with it, I now have a MyOutfits folder next to My Outfits folder and have started to drag everything there so I can organize my outfits like I have been doing for so long. Its just unfortunate that now I have yet another folder to deal with when it was working so well before.
  5. At first I did not like the My Outfits but over time I came to use it more and more. I have folders under the My Outfits and after I make an outfit I drag the outfit folder to another folder in My Outfits to help keep things organized. I have a folder for my formals, a folder for jeans outfits and so on. But now I can't drag outfits to folders to organize them. What I would like to know, is this a bug or a feature? Thanks, TheVeryFirst Resident
  6. Checking "View Display Names" under general in Preferences does not work. You need to go to show debug settings and set display names there. nametagShowDisplayNames = true and now it works.
  7. I just upgraded to viewer 3.7.7 and still no display name.
  8. Ah, try another sim, I can do that... and Thanks for the reply... Okay, just logged off from trying on about ten regions with server code Second Life Server, one region running Second Life RC Magnum, and one region running Second Life RC BlueSteel Still no display name. I'll give it a day or so and see what happens.
  9. Just installed the latest LL viewer (3.7.5) and my Display name is not showing up. It shows in my Profile and is set to show in my Preferences. I have Preferences set: Name tags: On, My name, Group titles and View Display Names checked, but still can't see my display name in world. I have logged on and off several times but still no Display name. Am I missing a setting someplace?
  10. What... my name isn't on the list, did I miss it, don't think so. What am I, chopped meat. I always felt like the “one namers” were not thought of as part of the community. TheVeryFirst Resident.
  11. When your on-line look for NiranV Dean and join his group, super helpful. Here are some settings from the debug settings that may help, the others I don't know. You will need to play with them some and ask for others. The numbers are what I have them set to, change as needed. ChatPersistTime -- 10 NearbyToastLifeTime -- 6 NearbyToastFadingTime – 2 Some other settings that I use, I keep a note card to keep track of them and what I have them set to. Not sure if all of them are in Black Dragon, I have been using his viewer for a while now. FolderAutoOpenDelay -- 3 [drag drop folder open] InactiveFloaterTransparency -- .6 inventoryAutoOpenDelay -- 3 InventorySortOrder -- 2 logChat -- True LogChatIM -- True LogChatTimestamp -- False NoInventoryLibrary -- True PlainTextChatHistory -- True playTypingAnim -- False QuietSnapshotsToDisk -- True RenderAvatarLODFactor -- 4 RenderAvatarPhysicsLODFactor -- 1 RenderVolumeLODFactor -- 4 ToolTipDelay -- 2
  12. bluelacroix wrote: Hiyas TheVeryFirst! Zero Style? I don't see them on MP. Well, they come up, but no items. Are they inworld only? I searched places and groups, nothing came up that seemed a place to buy stuff. Thanks! ~Bleue Don't remember how I found them to start with, but look here: Zero Style (123, 137, 37) I don't think I have ever looked in the MP for them but the shop is easy to find.
  13. I have been using Zero Style from almost day one, don't even look any more.
  14. Ceka Cianci wrote: isn't resident only needed for the v1 viewers anyways..wasn't it a fix for those because they needed a second name? where V2 and V3 you are fine with just the one user name? It's not necessary, but I do use it, my last name that is, “Resident”. I just logged into the forum with my name “TheVeryFirst Resident”. So needing to use it, or, needing to not use it, kind of does not matter for now, it works both ways, but for now I am “TheVeryFirst Resident”. And I kind of like the name. My Display name is Lexie but I get called The a lot. I was even IM'ed once with, you don't really think your the very first resident do you. That made me giggle.
  15. Niran has SSB in the latest viewer (2.2.0Alpha). I have been running it all day with no problems.
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