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  1. Sounds like a " Theystolemyelection!" right winged sour sore loser to me.
  2. 1. The mods don' t know.2. The mods don' t care.3. The mods think it' s funny. I don' t think it' s a best of three, honestly ..
  3. Then I hope your rebirth hasn' t lost count after the 44th by any memory of you after my resurrection ..
  4. .... testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. Come on, Luna .. need I remind you of the Zapruder film ? If anything happens to Joe Biden your whole nation has his blood on your hands. We are watching you.
  5. I think the following should be kept into consideration by the senate : if the senate allows Trump to remain politically active and should he be NOT re-elected President in the next election he participates in, will they set up armed forces against his followers ? Will that be worth it for any party involved ? I have more questions like that.
  6. Ok. Noted. I still hope you take it from me, an observer, that this particular laugh, did not seem to indicate contempt, yet hilarity. /me backs off.
  7. He sure as hell, by means of the very man you loath, had a grasp on affairs that is hopefully gone now and rid off when the impeachment has been completed. I changed my laugh into a like out of respect to you. I hope you grant Luna the same courtesy by not holding the laughter on your post, of which I'm convinced was not malicious towards you, against her.
  8. I understand you denying Trump your reality, but general reality is that Joe Biden remains the 46th. I' m that kind of person. ( I agree Trump should never have been president at all. )
  9. Sure. Collectively accepting the result of the election and honouring Joe Biden as the 46th POTUS is a good firm step in that direction.
  10. I must urge you to stop speaking in questions only. It hinders debating with you. You promote greed, already in your discussion with JanuarySwan, by claiming that YOUR money is only wasted on unemployment or other social benefits only if the OTHERS are in charge. That' s a BS cheap claim. How many Mexicans did the wall keep out ? How much did Mexico pay for it ? How much money was wasted on that ?
  11. I'm concerned they do not contribute as much as they could and should, while using people like you to spread the fear of 'omgwtftheygavethemsomehtingforfreeandallonmyexpense'? It' s greed. You are promoting it.
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