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  1. Noted. Although the problem over originals and copies remains. It remains even to be seen if originals were ever written at all. So far there's no proof whatsoever. I doubt it will arrive in time as well. But this is me the atheist speaking.
  2. Not predating in originals, but there are none of those, are there ? I think what Lyssa means is that there are known COPIES of Paul's letters that are older than copies of the canon.
  3. Well.. that problem of offense already started from it's very beginnings. I just cannot get my head around this one, but laughing about it. Imagine a conversation between 2 known people : "You know .. I'm pregnant .. and it's not yours .. but you will never guess who the father of this baby is. Just hear me out on this." Either Josef is not only the worlds greatest, but also the most gullible man of men or time's most funniest fabrication along with the rest of the story.
  4. When SLife's truly a beach. .. and yet the sea keeps calling ..
  5. What?! A whole thread without the mentioning of Brian ?!!1!! INFIDELS !!! 🤬
  6. Knowing SL, I betcha someone already is scripting a product to shower that splat right off. Agreed, pure speculation from my end, but still ..
  7. You must be confusing us with the Jewish people .. Sure that' s bound to happen with all them holidays .. but we are not all circumsized either ..
  8. /me sticks his head rudely through the door. " You kids not smoking pot in here, right ? No ? " " Damn.. " ... /me slams the door shut.
  9. Peeve : ... Never good enough for some .. You' re welcome. Again.
  10. Peeve : ... Never good enough for some .. You' re welcome. Again.
  11. Peeve : ... Never good enough for some .. twice You' re welcome. Again.
  12. Peeve : ... Never good enough for some .. You' re welcome. Again.
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