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  1. Because I can afford it while it offers me the freedom I want. That' s why you kept paying it until you couldn' t afford it anymore, didn' t you ?
  2. Oh Lord Random. How you failed me. Sprouted from the filthiest of black holes imaginable. To leave me here.With them. To perish. How cruel is your gift.
  3. I never even touched her. You do KNOW I'm not a moderator here nor a judge in any form ? ETA : Yeah, you are right about the elements which were farted from elsewhere and are oh so connected in the solitude that is happening around them and us. I stand corrected. You have won 10 internets. I loose the nothing I had.
  4. Complexity is what we observe. Energy is, what I THINK, required. No. The energy does not have a name nor is it a being, in my regard. I don't know what caused this complexity. I AM gratefull it did..
  5. Calm down, Maddy. No need to press intellectual insults. You KNOW that, if our Sun would not have been, born these elements would have remained a gascloud like we observe in the Horse Nebulae. The sun's fusion was required to get the elements to us, after it came to be and pressed out the released material during it's birth into the coalescing clouds you described. We are BOTH right in this. Settle for that ..
  6. I know that is a hot topic among atheists and religious people, but I THINK if one searches scientifically for a reason one has to end up with the scientifically known forces of nature ( gravity, weak / strong force, nuclear fusion ). In simple ( because I am simple ) word : energy. "I don't know" would be the most sincerest answer.
  7. I will always admit I will never know the whole truth about everything.
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