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  1. Mensch, du auch mit deinem Deutschen Configurationsfenster ..
  2. I hope you' ll remember which hand is doing what while getting drunk ....
  3. Too much time on my hands to waste, I guess ...
  4. Set your view distance low : ranging from 64 to 128 .. not any higher.
  5. Black Dragon Viewer ( Edited ) Unedited It actually looks better on my screen instead of this output.
  6. I guess NiranV, the dev ( seen him in forums here ), has a myriad of reasons for the why, but I agree : the learning curve is steep. ETA : Also .. i never flap wings .. i got a jetengine.
  7. @Talligurl : still in the gallery and still upright ? 😮 Or are you that fast ?! (kidding)
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