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  1. I made 3 donations already of 100 EUR each. That can be checked. I cannot pay for the full sim and actually not expect anything in return. I want the sim to just stay.
  2. I go back inworld, do my own unpacking and building .... .. and hope more donations are made so the sim will make it after August 1st. All I really CAN say.
  3. Then perhaps could be considered that negotiations are still ongoing and discretion is demanded from BOTH partries ? Just wondering .. not representing.
  4. Arguing it' s a ' game' real people play. Like lowest price guarantee until you find out too late there wasn' t one. ETA : People haggle too.
  5. There are questions being asked. About legal validity, illegal conduct in sim. In the thread an account appeared named H8, spewing wild accusations. That tone was not set by the fans from the beginning. That was a first verbal attack. And from there it kept ongoing with insinuations, slander and accusations that people like me simply cannot answer.
  6. Again .. I am not speaking for her. Take it up with her inworld. Write her a note. This thread seeks supporters. I could never answer those questions about fairness over discounts. Take it up with LL for all I care. Report it. I did not start discusiing all of this.
  7. I am not a lawyer, Solar. I care for the region as an SL-enduser not as a landowner/baron paying full price, watching profits go down and is grudging at this non-profit, because land is still overly expensive after years of hardware and software upgrades. Discounts are not a ' one ring to rule them all' priviliges. There is no democracy in discounts. Discounts are at the discretion of the one supplying the discount. Discount will be given behind ' your back' . You can object ... you can argue .. but you don' t try to discredit the one receiving the discount CONTSTANTLY. That just .. childish. And that' s all over this thread. We care for the artist, coming from the underground with real world credentials and acknowlegdment, even from this company, and are willing to help her keep this exposition by donations ; putting our mouths where the money is, BECAUSE THAT IS APPARANTLY ALL THAT COUNTS. And that , my dear Solar .. is in my opinion, SL' s detriment for the future, with this non-profit either paying the full price or not or other non-profits having all their statuses revoked ' to keep it fair.' . It' s the end of real culture within SL
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