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  1. 'Damp Sorrow' from ' Lights under the mist' by Shakeno.
  2. You' d make a beautiful Nanite Unit ... ^^
  3. I need not to do anythinbg of the sort anymore. I tried. Got ridiculed. Sneered at. All over the thread. I repeatedly told this was from an end user perspective, not affiliated with the sim ( which I am now by donations ). I was never their spokesperson to begin with. Maybe the passion for landbusiness and profitmargins and everything it destroys could be lessened as well. Not hearing anything about that either. I tried Scylla. And I simply give up. But thanks for the lead in. I have no more business in these forums. And I will never return. It's over for me. Goodbye.
  4. /me slaps kiramanell gently but decidedly over the head. Are you crazy ? They're just trying to make you feel the same melancholy towards Hangars Liquides. already.Like nothing can be done no more. Hangars Liquides is still there. It should not surrender like that. ( But admitted .. those are fine examples of beauty regrettably lost to SL forever )
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