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  1. You do not make very much money, do you, or perhaps you are bad at managing money? I am only saying this because, no, even $295 a month is not expensive. My free spending money for the month is somehwere around $400 and my combined household income is almost $50,000, which is like the lowest tier of middle class for the U.S.A. Maybe Second Life is expensive for people who do not have the money, but in the grand scheme of things, the fees are really chump change according to average household incomes. Sure, you can buy a car for lower than some of the fees, but that point is also ignoring t
  2. I disagree. Second Life is not expensive. It merely puts forth the illusion of being expensive in our minds because each Linden, Euro, Dollar or whatever we spend on it has an impact on our real world lives. When you compare the price of Second Life to any other hobby or game out there fairly, I am sure that Second Life’s rates are more than fair and even profitable in some situations. One must only acquire the heart to put in some labor hours, really, or at least have the maturity to understand the impact versus other things in life that require money. But seriously, have you even taken t
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