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  1. The community also needs to get over its fear of resolutions higher than 512. I am pretty sure the majority of us have computers that can display resolutions in the 1000's just fine, but it is still taught everywhere that textures need to be 512.
  2. Nah. My friend didn't rip the texture to be mean or steal from me. She only did it to prove to me that she could.
  3. So I just learned about a program that can litterally steal textures from the SL cache. A friend of mine found it and used it to rip the texture I use for some flexi-wings for herself. Is there any known way of preventing this kind of texture theft?
  4. You do not make very much money, do you, or perhaps you are bad at managing money? I am only saying this because, no, even $295 a month is not expensive. My free spending money for the month is somehwere around $400 and my combined household income is almost $50,000, which is like the lowest tier of middle class for the U.S.A. Maybe Second Life is expensive for people who do not have the money, but in the grand scheme of things, the fees are really chump change according to average household incomes. Sure, you can buy a car for lower than some of the fees, but that point is also ignoring t
  5. Just for the record on all of this. I still cannot change my passwords. On different computers and even using a different opperating system.
  6. I disagree. Second Life is not expensive. It merely puts forth the illusion of being expensive in our minds because each Linden, Euro, Dollar or whatever we spend on it has an impact on our real world lives. When you compare the price of Second Life to any other hobby or game out there fairly, I am sure that Second Life’s rates are more than fair and even profitable in some situations. One must only acquire the heart to put in some labor hours, really, or at least have the maturity to understand the impact versus other things in life that require money. But seriously, have you even taken t
  7. Thank you for the replies. I tried using both the e-mail reset and a different browser with the same results as before. I do not want to try changing my password at a different computer because that may result in my account being locked. Oh well. I will try calling support or something.
  8. Seriously. For the past two days now I have been trying to change my password on two accounts (main and alt). I like to change my password every two months or so as a security measure. However, when I try to change the password on my two Second Life accounts, I keep getting, "Uh oh. It's buggy. 404 The requested page was not found on this server." after clicking the "Save Changes" button. Am I the only one this is happening to?
  9. I do not even see, from this description, how an AR is relevant. Was urinating on people against the rules of the sim? Even if it is not a defined rule and the avatar was causing massive disruption, shouldn't it be up to the sim staff to ban the offender? Linden Lab is not a virtual babysitting service after all and sometimes it is up to sim owners to ensure peace within their sims.
  10. valerie Inshan wrote: Let LL do their business. You are not FORCED to see these ads: *adblock link* Just a forewarning, adblock is against the ToS of many websites and it is just wrong. People who use adblock are essentially robbing their favorite websites of revenue which is needed to keep going. Of course there is a boundary between tasteful ad use and what not, but there is nothing wrong with a few banner ads or square ads to the side. At least the Marketplace isn't throwing pop ups and sound files in your face or forcing you to answer surveys with each download.
  11. You only have two options. One is to take the piercing off and the other is to put an alpha texture on the piercing to make it invisible when you do not want it to be seen. The former option is the ideal one; if the piercing is not going to be seen you should just take it off, not just to solve your problem but also to reduce lag for others having to load objects they are not supposed to see. When you want the piercing to be visible, just open your inventory real quick and hit wear. As for piercings that you want partially visible and partially hidden, I do not know what to tell ya. You'd ne
  12. Medhue Simoni wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: Guilliaume wrote: I am fairly certain that the future of sucessful virtual worlds does not include us controlling a computer with our brains. Google, Nintendo, Android and a handful of of other companies are already working on real life HUDs that are interfaced with wearable glasses, handhelds, or windows that superimpose virtual environments over the real world. The future of virtual worlds is not necessarily imersing ourselves even more in virtual reality, but more rather bringing virtual reality in to our reality. I agree. Th
  13. lol Thanks. I am still not familliar with using the coding of this board.
  14. It is pretty simple and works just like layers in regular photoshop. I am not sure exactly what problem you are having, but here is some simple solutions to problems I had when first learning how to draw on 3D models in Photoshop: 1. Your version of Photoshop has the be Extended to work with 3D models. I cannot stress this enough. Look at your version of Photoshop, it has to be CS6 Extended to work. If you do not know how to check this, just downlad the avatar .OBJ files from the wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials. It is the top download on the list. Once you have t
  15. It seems odd that you are confident in Mesh Shirt creation, but cannot even grasp a starting point for pants in Blender. Just saying, but oh well. I cannot really give you a starting point or a tutorial link, but I can tell you that a lot of "Mesh" Pants are not really mesh at all. it is much better to just use regular Second Life pants with a texture template as a base and make mesh attachments (like chains, belts, or pockets). Perhaps that can help.
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