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  1. It has been fixed now, instead of trying to update an old BOM viewer try to download the fresh one from here https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/
  2. Well odd its updated mine into the Rainbow beta, anyway thanks you for the reply, at last now i know whats going on.
  3. Hello, there anywhere else can i download the latest BOM viewer other than the SL website? all the beta download links giving me an xml error i cant get around. Then ive tried to make my older version of BOM update itself and its downloaded a totally different beta viewer... (not sure whoever designed the auto update but would deserve a slap across the face...)
  4. I do usually oinly keep an eye on the LL viewer because a bunch of my friend finds the firestorm too complicated for their use, although i always kept telling them use the 64 bit firestorm because can use higher texture memory settings unless their graphics card not have enough VRAM. My graphics card has 4gb memory and i has the texture memory setting up all the way at 2048mb, usually at a crowded club its eats up around 1200-1400mb memory, so even just 1024 not really enough in some case, and even just sitting at my empty space station skybox its eating up around 700mb of texture memory because all the extra specular and normal map textures on everything, if i turn off the advanced lighting model at my skybox its only using like 250mb or so. If i log my alt in at my home from the LL viewer all i see is random textures keep blurring out all the time and its cant manage to keep everything loaded unless i turn off the advanced lighting model, okay not everyone can use ALM because older computer but if someone can they should not have bad experience by the all blurry textures. Ive tested most of this without any huds attached, but thats another reason why i has the texture memory up to 2048 so i dont have to worry about my huds So i just dont get the LL logic, they should have knew bringing in the materials update eventually will multiply the textures on the most scene by 3 which means more texture memory is required to render everything correctly, but ah well, hope they change this soon.
  5. Uhm.... i guess i just leave it to them, dont see why they could not just look at the firestorm or black dragon source code
  6. Do im missing something here? Ive tried also change it from the debug settings but its keep jumping back to 512 its like come on, im only at my skybox and textures keep blurring out like mad. 512 mb is not enough for anything if Advanced Lighting Model enabled becuase all the extra normal map/specular map on mostly everything by now. So im just wondering if they will raise this later? Couldnt find any jira post about this.
  7. Oops... i should stop reading forums right after i just woke up
  8. Im just keep wondering about why some people sticking to such old hardware, because the old hardware the only reason you wont update. Buy a new computer. Also. last year ive been running on an almost nine year old computer and its did run win10 just fine without any problem. so i assume you have a rather low end end machine which is even more a trash. Sorry to say that but its never the problem with the updates, the problem is because people keep sticking with old cheap laptops and PC for decades. Unless you only use PC for one thing... FACEBOOK.
  9. Its would be good if at last the Visual and HUD attachments would have separate limit counting.
  10. I would sugges to reduce your drawdistance to 128 also the max non impostor avatar to 12, otherwise its weird because i have around 50-58 fps at the same place on ultra with shadows enabled and im only running on a GTX 960 o_O
  11. Ive had the same issue with few of my items again i had to redelivery, its not alone cant just attach them but cant even rez them on the ground.
  12. "Our hope is that over time this will encourage people to consider the complexity they create - after all, it's not much good having the most elaborate and amazing avatar in Second Life if no one else is seeing it." Im wondering if first LL will fix the mesh LOD complexity counting, because counting the LOD models in the complexity causing a lot misunderstanding and confusion. For example my Kemono avatar mesh body alone has around 17k complexity while a TMP with its 4 additional texture layer shows only 8k only because their models has no LOD, well has but its only a single triangle, while the Kemono has somewhat optimized lod and just has only one layer mesh on it not five like the TMP. And in fact when i go to a place which has around 35 people wearing kemono and similar optimized avatars i can still leave shadows turned on in my viewer and enjoy having at last 20 FPS, while at another place with these TMP, Bellaza, Maitreya and similar polygonfest avatars at onlly 18-20 people around i must turn off shadows because i barely having only 8 fps... So actually some avatar with low complexity cause and will cause lag meanwhile some high complexity ones wont cause lag at all
  13. Worst part of this we would be unable to mix up different avatar attachments with each other due the mess of the different mesh joint offset have to add my word its a really bad idea to take out the ability to offset joint positions with animations, its not only would making the face and other new joints partially useless but the thing i mentioned above and a lot of people mentioned already. We cant solve everything with the mesh joint offsets alone at all.
  14. o_O just stumbled into this topic and had to stop here for leave a comment cuz... WTF are heads units now? you dont measure anything in heads well at last not someone's height jeez.... And didnt he said his av is 5'6'' ( 167.6 cm ), that nowhere is someone under ten year old. Also the character doesnt looks child like for me, he could be but isnt much to be honest. Teen maybe... Anyway Corny, just go at anime and furry places and you are ok, i usually avoid random adult human sims with my anime avatar because even her body tattooed and has frikkin abs on her beally seriously could break steel on it, most people just go stupid and think its a child because of her size, even if she wear adult attire some people just go like "oh she looks like 12yo wearing whore outfit." And its not even like the SMB body which tipically meant for child AVs even marked its for that. not the kemono. Thats another thing some people using it as child av but mostly they even stating it in their profile and has abunch of child av related groups. Peoples seriously should grow some damn brain and read the TOS properly, also think about realistic sizes a little. Do some of these people ever seen a grown up japanese girl or basically any asian girl? i dont think so...
  15. I dont think its an RLV Issue, i keep having the exactly same problem with my Magika hair, its simply stuck on my avatar sometime. This will be not a problem as its my hair though but if this bug appears the others dont see my hair at all and im unable to re-equip it until i relog.
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