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  1. "It does NOT....give you babies" We have MamaAllpa for that :womantongue::womanwink:
  2. I don't think the prims in your inventory are of influence on the performance. I'd be surprised if someone can point out they do. I never liked Xcite myself btw...but then I like to roleplay things and not have my genitals/a hud say things for me.
  3. I have send you a LM (from my avatar Katyenka) to a store with lots of freebies, check it out to see if there is anything to your liking. (Ofcourse the real good stuff costs a few Linden, so you either want to camp (is that still possible ?), earn or just transfer (RL to SL) that.
  4. *Stands to attention and salutes* Ma'am, yes ma'am ! Will check it soon ! Oh..but I'm in Europe myself. Won't catch you on in the morning (that's when I sleep myself :-D) but I'm sure I'll catch you on any time soon, maybe some evening.
  5. Thanks, I will certainly check. Is LIS'ten the shop ?
  6. Oh wait. Yes, now I do wear the skin and shape. They are called Girl Next Door apparently. Guess Linden had me confused with the avatar preview. Thanks for all the help, people ! :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  7. Ah, there I am in normal SL. After rebake failed again I tried another character test...after a few seconds I popped up :womanhappy: Now seeing what Phoenix does. Yeah, after a re-bake I showed up in Phoenix as well. Hm...I actually look like a female character now, though I don't look as hispanic as was shown in the picture, my skin is quite fair, not as much as my old avatars (who are fair enough to be handed sunblock by gingers) but not what I would find fitting for a hispanic look. But ahwell, that's a different topic. I also don't seem to WEAR anything...it's like my avatar just is there. Is that normal ?
  8. Hm..no. I seem to have the same problem in normal SL. Or actually not the same since in normal SL my char doesn't even bake. My old characters load just fine, btw.
  9. You are correct in your assumptions, I have created avatars way back in 2006 when the creation process was quite different. :womanhappy: Yes, I'm using Phoenix Viewer. I might try doing as you suggest, the area I was in did indeed give the no-build message. I go look up a sandbox. P.S.: I actually logged into normal SL as well, but since I was a cloud (and tired) I gave up.
  10. Nope. No solution is working. Is there a way to delete my avatar and create a new one with the same name ?
  11. At this moment: Let inventory completely load, then waited in cloud form to see what happens: No result. Rebaked after about half an hour, 4 times: No result (avatar showed up as she is described in my first post). Tried to put on a skin someone send me: No result...says my shape and clothes haven't load so I can't change my appearance. I'll keep on trying. P.S.: The only thing I seem to wear is called Ruthhairfix, and it is the only hairfix I got.
  12. First thing I try (after catching some RL sleep first :-) ) is to let everything fully load, I might have rebaked too soon. I'll keep you updated.
  13. Yes, I also couldn't edit my avatar. I will soon try the things mentioned in the page you linked (am weary now) and post if it worked. Thanks a lot.
  14. Greetings. When I entered the website and was asked to pick an avatar I went for the young hispanic looking woman. However if I log into SL she appears as a crude, hairless, very cheap looking avatar with blind and very deeply sunken eyes. Is this normal ? And why is this ? I was thinking I was getting something similar to what I picked. I did re-log, test avatar female and rebake textures. Please help !
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