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  1. "or jam-packed with people who were not doing or looking for anything" Oh yes, a lot, an annoying lot. Even at RP areas do I see people just standing around doing nothing, just looking pretty. And even when they react to you roleplaying it often feels like you're in a PG zone.
  2. One mistake in the viewer list: Singularity is a v1 viewer, not v2. I really love the limits RLV gives, makes my RP so much more realistic. I like the 'Really Lotsmorefun Viewer' nick. :smileyvery-happy: I still call it 'Restrained LIfe Viewer' because I think the new name is wrong (or absolute BS) it is my *life* which is being restricted, not my *love*. And yes OP, remember, when you want to get out of something just log into normal SL viewer.
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