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  1. The hair, okay. But those lips ! :womansurprised::matte-motes-shocked:
  2. Here is one of my characters who is a redhead. This skin comes from LAQroki. It is called: Lovisa (this is the milky one). I think it looks rather Irish. :matte-motes-smile:
  3. To walk a little slower than usual press the space bar while you walk. Lady Alisha's dresses have a menu which can make you walk at different speeds, but I'm unsure if she makes men's clothing as well.
  4. And sorry I have no pics to share, but even if I can find some from my other chars they are most likely going to be naked.
  5. Damn Valerie, that is some fine quality SL sleeping. I never even seen SL beds like that, I mean with the covers and all. For me, I sleep on the cold hard floor of my cell.
  6. Think so, yes. And yes OP, just re-type your name in the box.
  7. A most lovely screenshot Nimue. For as to where I made the screenshot of my Katyenka in her dress: It is a part just below the actual store bit of where I bought the dress. 'House of Alisha Couture' (Not entirely sure if that's the correct name, but it'll do).
  8. Not for any moment per se, but just my Katyenka in a dress I like very much.
  9. Quite easy. When I'm outside or my Master isn't around I look like this. When my Master is around, or when I'm in my cage I'm naked. :womanlol: Edit: @Nimue: Nice chaise longue :womanhappy: I have one IRL, belonged to my grandparents.
  10. Firestorm in Phoenix mode all the way ! Edit: I have Singularity as well, but I like it lots less, reason for this is some things if I wear them in Fire/Phoenix they are okay, but in Singularity they become buggy and start to glitch, which drives me absolute bonkers.
  11. I see. Well, thanks for your replies so far. :womanhappy:
  12. Hm, I figured out what works for my other char. It is: Shift+alt (or maybe just Alt) Then she stretches out her hand. I left click. Hold left click and then right while holding left pressed. Then I get the menu and can use the object. Left click again to remove the cursor. For Conaletta however this doesn't seem to work, so guess it might still be something she's wearing. Hm, Conaletta is wearing: An abaya from House of Alisha Couture, but I don't think there's the problem. Cuffs from OpenCollar, but so was my other char and I tested with on and off. A Dari House collar, guess there may lie the problem. Actually I forgot to ask my Master to take that collar off which I wanted since it also keeps giving collision errors. (Besides it has a tag indicating it is a pet collar, not a slave collar, but ofcourse thats a more personal thing. :womanlol: )
  13. Hm, I tried it out on another char (Conaletta has things on she can't remove herself), and removing everything like clothes, HUDs, etc. didfn't seem to help much. However I was able to get the menu by way of some combination of ...I actually don't know what happened. I tried to click with alt, nothing, then I just click somewhere in the screen and my char stretches out her hand, and then left and righ clicking untill suddenly the menu pops up. Really don't know what I did, but seemingly that works.
  14. I'm from the Netherlands. I joined SL in 2007 as Katyenka Zenovka. My other chars are Zazya Zenovka, Conaletta, Fareiba and Justabody. I enjoy doing RP (of the hardcore kind) in SL, or occasionaly hanging out with a friend, exploring and stuff. In the past I hanged out with more friends more often, and explored a little more. But many friends stopped playing SL, and I'm focusing more on RP now while still exploring.
  15. Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way I can click on objects while in mouselook so I can use them ? I've searched for this, but every reply I find says I have to use either ALT or ALT+Shift and then click with the mouse, however this only gives me a hand-cursor which does nothing when I click with it. To make it more clear what I mean, here is an example: I have a cleaning bucket which is on the floor. What I want to be able to do is click on it while in mouselook so I get the pie menu, select sit, and then start scrubbing. There must be a way to do this right ? It be pretty weird if you can't do that just because you're in first person view. I am using Phoenix Firestorm (latest version) in Phoenix mode.
  16. :womanlol: Great sign. She also told me I couldn't make a difference. And that she had 20 bots (though I think that at one point she tried to claim they weren't bots).
  17. She actually spoke to me ! She asked me about why I kept trying to push her out of the Sim. She claimed she did nothing wrong and that she didn't trick people into giving her Linden. She also claims LL is okay with what she does.
  18. For example another one would be when I created a new char and I wanted to go to a certain freebie place I couldn't find in either land or classifieds. So I tried to send the LM, but the search couldn't find my new avi yet. So I noted down the coords, thinking those would bring me there.
  19. But I was needing help. Or better said was indeed convinced the map was bugged. My post was completely genuine. The sample I just gave was only one occasion where I encountered what I (at that time) thought was a bug.
  20. In this particular case it worked as follows. On Conaletta her Master put her in a cell deep down inside some Sim. He mentioned that not many people came there, and that even within the Sim it was kind of hidden. Well, he had like everything blocked, so I couldn't see location and all that. I'm fine with that, gives it a certain amount of realism I like. But I'm also kind of a curious person and want to know how hard it indeed is to reach myself. I am also kind of a camera traveler, so to say (I guess most of us are in some way), moving my camera through a region while my avi is on the same spot. So going around the region I notice a picture saying something like 'Sister Sim of.......' So going on another char and finding out where the sister Sim was I was able to locate the Sim I'm in. Oh, and I didn't cheat, because even when I found it did I (deliberately) not look at the region name. :matte-motes-asleep-2: P.S.: I never would have known if they didn't paste that big )) picture in their Sim. :smileyvery-happy:
  21. In this case it is a RP sim which has another RP sim which isn't direct part of it but linked to it.
  22. You have a very good point about the store owners being able to ban them, I totally forgot about that. :matte-motes-grin:
  23. Hehehe...I managed to get into a region by using its sister Sim and going by the logic that it was most likely in a next door region. P.S.: Yes, I know that website, but for that you DO have to know the name of the region.
  24. Problem very well solved. And thanks to all who offered their aid. :womanhappy:
  25. Actually I could have known this since I often flown from region to region in the past. Goes to show how long it's been since I last did that. And maybe I never really payed that much attention. P.S.: No, I also don't know how to go somewhere if I don't know where it is, but I just wanted to try/find out if I could. :womanlol:
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