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  1. How silly. Yes people are consenting to have their avatars being raped in SL, and some even roleplay it in a very consentual way (which I have trouble understanding why they call it rape, my characters will never enjoy or anticipate rape), but people are still roleplaying rape fantasies, so yes there can be rape parties. Like said before roleplay is like acting, so let's look at a thriller. In a thriller people act out a scenario in which someone gets murdered. Now in the movie they play that this some really gets murdered, and the movie will be advertised as a movie about murder. But it is still fake, acting. And the same goes for roleplay. So basicaly in SL with rape fantasy it is the consentual participation in roleplaying a non-consentual act. I can assure you that I will never accept rape as something consensual, but I will always accept roleplay as being so. To answer the final question, because those people "everyone" they didn't choose to participate in the RP, so bugging their avatars with sex animations and forced sex scenarios would count as grieving. It wouldn't be much different from someone spamming thousands of red balls in a zone.
  2. "but unfortunatley your pixels can't be violated" I'm guessing you mean 'fortunately'. Hope so. :womanhappy:
  3. Yes, see, you took my reply to Syo out of context. It was meant to say that I sometimes observe what she's saying. I didn't mean to imply my response was about the posts/people in this thread. :womanhappy:
  4. I'm not putting out any bait, so you can't rise to it even if you wanted to. I wasn't saying it is exaggerated, I never said that, I said some people exaggerate how great it is, or in how much they go out of their way to defend it even if there's no need (I don't say that is the case in this thread) You seem to be somewhat overly sensitive and taking words the wrong way. (That's an observation, not a judgement).
  5. You fall over the fact I use 'holy grail' ? I could just as well have used 'the second coming', 'or new butter' or whatever, it is just meant as a way of saying they exagerate how great it is. Why do you keep attacking me like that ? I never complained about, never laughed at anyone's lifestyle, and I even mentioned in the previous reply that I have nothing against people's right to defend themselves. Take a look at my posts in the Rape Parties thread, you will see I'm doing far from what you claim I'm doing.
  6. What did I do ? And where am I complaining. Because I replied to that bit from Syo I quoted ? I've never attacked anyone's right to defend themselves, or even tell about themselves, or whatever. I think you greatly misunderstand what I'm saying. My reply wasn't about people defending themselves against unfair attacks, it was about people who go out of their way to defend their lifestyles even when there's no need, or who keep praising it like it is the holy grail of sexual-relationships.
  7. Funny you judge me on the fact I know about Dolcett, even though I stated it is not my thing, and that I only did a one time tongue in cheek RP on it.
  8. Oh my Dolcett, not really my thing, but I have been finding that for so long. :womanlol: I remember I was in Heaven&Hell club in SL once and there was a Dolcett themed area there, did a bit of tongue in cheek RP there where my char was stripped naked , tied up and lowered into a huge deep-frying pan. :womanlol:
  9. "As soon as BDSM gets even close to be mentioned some sub/dom jumps out of the bush and starts to defend it or has the need to tell everybody how much greater and better his sex/relationship/life/cat is and how nobody can understand it" Haha ! Yeah, I must say this seems true at times. I even had someone trying his best to defend the whole thing while I was just roleplaying an investigating cop on one of my chars.
  10. Point 3: SL can be imitating real life, but it can just as well not. I for one don't see any anamorphic animals, vampires or elves walking around in RL. Point 4: I like to play the victim in rape fantasy roleplay, and get all turned on from stuff like forced burqa wearing for a jealous master, and to be owned and caged and all. Yet in RL I'm a feminist and pro-equality and believe such things should only take place as consensual fantasies. P.S.: I like watching horror movies, sometimes really bloody and violent ones, doesn't mean I want to see people get slaughtered in real life.
  11. Yeah, I'm offended by this as well... I mean really, what bunch of rapists think victims will come willingly to a party, aren't they doing any effort anymore ?! *Shakes head* There should at least have been a kidnap scenario.
  12. I have a problem which is not the same, but I feel related enough to not spam another thread. On two of my other chars I've been trying out the RLV-Dress/Undress option, putting on clothes which are in my RLV map. However, the clothes just don't come on. I have this problem with both open collar and (not sure about name) i-Restraint.
  13. Okay, I'm seeing 3 different threads on this discussion (however THAT is possible), but not one of them seems to contain the original post (and most likely the start of the discussion). So, where can I find it ? And why is it not here ?
  14. The hair, okay. But those lips ! :womansurprised::matte-motes-shocked:
  15. Here is one of my characters who is a redhead. This skin comes from LAQroki. It is called: Lovisa (this is the milky one). I think it looks rather Irish. :matte-motes-smile:
  16. To walk a little slower than usual press the space bar while you walk. Lady Alisha's dresses have a menu which can make you walk at different speeds, but I'm unsure if she makes men's clothing as well.
  17. And sorry I have no pics to share, but even if I can find some from my other chars they are most likely going to be naked.
  18. Damn Valerie, that is some fine quality SL sleeping. I never even seen SL beds like that, I mean with the covers and all. For me, I sleep on the cold hard floor of my cell.
  19. Think so, yes. And yes OP, just re-type your name in the box.
  20. A most lovely screenshot Nimue. For as to where I made the screenshot of my Katyenka in her dress: It is a part just below the actual store bit of where I bought the dress. 'House of Alisha Couture' (Not entirely sure if that's the correct name, but it'll do).
  21. Indeed, to each their own. This kind of topic has been a favourite even older than literature itself, so even if it is creepy, then clearly a whole lot of people like such a creepy thing. But then again that might depend on the use of the word creepy, one could say a ghost story or horror movie is creepy. If however it is meant that someone is creepy for being into this, or that this as a RP is creepy, then I have to disagree.
  22. Not for any moment per se, but just my Katyenka in a dress I like very much.
  23. Quite easy. When I'm outside or my Master isn't around I look like this. When my Master is around, or when I'm in my cage I'm naked. :womanlol: Edit: @Nimue: Nice chaise longue :womanhappy: I have one IRL, belonged to my grandparents.
  24. Wouldn't they be kind of meaningless in Gor. I mean seeing how in Gor women are either free women, panthers, or captured slaves who are the property of their owner and become willing submissives in time this would make it strange and out of place to call them sluts or whores. (Hm, unless maybe the men use it to describe panthers)
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