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  1. But I was needing help. Or better said was indeed convinced the map was bugged. My post was completely genuine. The sample I just gave was only one occasion where I encountered what I (at that time) thought was a bug.
  2. In this particular case it worked as follows. On Conaletta her Master put her in a cell deep down inside some Sim. He mentioned that not many people came there, and that even within the Sim it was kind of hidden. Well, he had like everything blocked, so I couldn't see location and all that. I'm fine with that, gives it a certain amount of realism I like. But I'm also kind of a curious person and want to know how hard it indeed is to reach myself. I am also kind of a camera traveler, so to say (I guess most of us are in some way), moving my camera through a region while my avi is on the same spot. So going around the region I notice a picture saying something like 'Sister Sim of.......' So going on another char and finding out where the sister Sim was I was able to locate the Sim I'm in. Oh, and I didn't cheat, because even when I found it did I (deliberately) not look at the region name. :matte-motes-asleep-2: P.S.: I never would have known if they didn't paste that big )) picture in their Sim. :smileyvery-happy:
  3. In this case it is a RP sim which has another RP sim which isn't direct part of it but linked to it.
  4. You have a very good point about the store owners being able to ban them, I totally forgot about that. :matte-motes-grin:
  5. Hehehe...I managed to get into a region by using its sister Sim and going by the logic that it was most likely in a next door region. P.S.: Yes, I know that website, but for that you DO have to know the name of the region.
  6. Problem very well solved. And thanks to all who offered their aid. :womanhappy:
  7. Actually I could have known this since I often flown from region to region in the past. Goes to show how long it's been since I last did that. And maybe I never really payed that much attention. P.S.: No, I also don't know how to go somewhere if I don't know where it is, but I just wanted to try/find out if I could. :womanlol:
  8. :womanhappy: Yeah, I know this. It was more about going to places if you aren't sure what location(sim) it is in. Not that it happens very often :womanlol: Edit to reply to the latest post: Yeah, I did understand that from your previous reply. :matte-motes-grin:
  9. Oh. :womanembarrassed: I was going by the fact that a coordinate on the map would bring me to a certain location on the map. You know, the way maps work. Must say I already kind of noticed a strange jumping around (so to say) of coords on the map while clicking on different locations. :smileyvery-happy:
  10. I have logged on during several different times (I mean like morning, evening and such) and Firestorm gives the people online as between 30- and 55000. Ofcourse some people left SL because it didn't have their interest anymore for whatever reason. Or people stopped because their friends stopped. There's one thing however which I notice looking at the decline, maybe I'm mistaken, but to me it seems that the biggest drop started when the Zinga continent was introduced and most adult sims moved to there. Oh, I tried an opensource "SL" once, gave me an absolute crap avatar and not a single result in the search.
  11. Yeah current one starts with F, but it changes name and appearance. You can recognize it by its weird apperance/facial features. That's why I said bot creator, since it must be someone creating several of those.
  12. Beware if you go to laqroki, there is a bot creator hanging around there. If you enter the area and you receive an IM from someone telling you your avatar is the best she has ever seen and it is so beautiful and then she tells she has been in SL 3 years ago but was in a relationship that went wrong, that is a bot. Next thing she will do is ask you 40Linden so she can update a picture to her profile (because no one wants to talk to her). Beware of this bot and report her.
  13. Hm. I just tried it with two sets of completely random coordinates, they just threw me around in the same region. And this was another region with as I said completely random coords. There something weird about this.
  14. Thanks. I hadn't looked into this for a bit. I just read and tried the tab method you mention. It does make that I can use my TP button again. However, it puts me into the region directly next to the one I'm already in. (And I even tried it from another region).
  15. I noticed it at two different locations. One being a freebie area if I recall correctly, so that doesn't seem to be restricted to me. (Or it was a shop, I'm not sure).
  16. Not sure where to put this, so I just put it here in General. Every time I open the map and put in a new location it just stays on the same area, Teleport button is blank, and if I copy-paste URL it brings me where I already am. So I get: Location (Made up at random): 190, 121, 50. Enter on map Location: 275, 150, 321. And I stay on the first one and it says "Can't TP closer to location". Is this a bug ? I had it on a variaty of viewers, so it must be an SL thing.
  17. Yeah, I hear you about the dances Pussycat. Sometimes I allow people to dance with my avi because they are friends. But with that and sex outside of RP I often find my mind wandering and me doing other things in the mean time. (While still trying to give my friend some attention).
  18. Yeah, I don't really like the cuddling as well, too boring indeed. Like someone said I'm not into SL for that. Oh, and I've seen people in SL relationships and when it goes wrong, I spare myself the drama.
  19. I don't know too much about hairshops, but you could try Elikatira, even if you can't find it there they still have nice hair and might have a similar model. But in my eyes it looks like their style.
  20. Seems setting Cameraoffsetrearview to default was the solution. No idea how it even wasn't on default.
  21. One mistake in the viewer list: Singularity is a v1 viewer, not v2. I really love the limits RLV gives, makes my RP so much more realistic. I like the 'Really Lotsmorefun Viewer' nick. :smileyvery-happy: I still call it 'Restrained LIfe Viewer' because I think the new name is wrong (or absolute BS) it is my *life* which is being restricted, not my *love*. And yes OP, remember, when you want to get out of something just log into normal SL viewer.
  22. My 2007 Avatars didn't have a clean up for years ! :smileyvery-happy:
  23. Hm...shouldn't the correct word be something like athletic, more than describing the avatar as macho ?
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