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  1. Ah no, was my bad...Singularity doesn't give the camera freedom I thought it did, it just puts the camera at my favourite bird-eye view, while Firestorm put it at frog eye view. I thought Singularity allowed for greater freedom, but I didn't check well enough. Terribly sorry about that. Hm...I see if I can solve the Firestorm problem by working with the settings a bit more, must just revert the angle from frog eye to bird eye.
  2. Conaletta


    Be careful about accepting such things from strangers. Way back when I started in 2007 a friend of mine gave me a "dance" by way of joking which wasn't a dance at all , but something which stretched and distorted my avatar like it was from John Carpenter's 'The Thing', like my limbs were elongated, my leg was coming from my neck, my head where my foot should be, stuff like that...horrible. Crashed my puter every time I tried to log in, had to delete and replace a folder (or re-install SL...can't remember). So be careful...the solutions aren't always just simple.
  3. Oh, I've downloaded it already. I just couldn't find where it says if it does.
  4. Hm, well...50 Linden isn't very much...still is 50 Linden for something the normal viewer and Singularity both do for free. In case this really is the only solution (I hope not) where in SL could I buy such a thing ?
  5. Does one use RLV when entering it ? Otherwise I can't see how you can't just TP out when stuck.
  6. Unfortunately I already tried that, I even tried all of its functions. The third button from the left you mention...and seem to have highlighted in your image...just puts the camera behind me, like it usualy is, but my problem is that when I start walking my camera goes to the ground, like as if my avatar is dragging me over the floor behind her. Unrelated question: Does anyone know if Cool VL supports avatar physics or will do so in the near future ?
  7. I don't think my reply would be suitable for this section of the fora. :womanwink:
  8. Yep, clearly a case of doing what it should do ! :womanlol:
  9. Hm...not sure I'm so happy with Firestorm. :womansad: I encountered a couple of problems. First of all, it doesn't give IMs like normal and things like Singularity viewer do, but put a very small icon in the top right, which made that I didn't notice receiving IMs until about hours later. I guess together with the IM received message one can set in preferences that's kind of okay, but it would have been nice to know about such an important difference. It also says you can use the v1 style, but that doesn't work at all. Secondly...my camera is on the ground and looking up at me whenever I move. In SL viewer and in Singularity viewer my camera stays at whatever angle I put it. I prefer a birds eye kind of view mostly or a horizontal view. But no firestorm keeps going back to the ground. I've googled this problem but all solutions given either don't work or are about other camera troubles...this is quite annoying. Does anyone have a solution for the camera ? Preferably one which makes that it stays how I put it.
  10. Yep, I'm sticking with Firestorm in Phoenix mode.:smileyhappy: The look and feel of v1. Ability to set the camera front, side and rear. Has avatar physics. Most stuff resses smooth and fast.
  11. Yeah, but I had no idea what my "normal" outfit was supposed to be. :womanhappy: Ah well, I look great now with my new LAQ skin and my Calla hair. :matte-motes-inlove:
  12. Thanks. Just that first sentence in the link was enough :womanlol: Never thought of looking there.
  13. Thanks, I will check that out. But if I can't change it to look like Phoenix or SL v1 then it won't be the viewer for me. I'll look into it again...I might have missed something.
  14. Oh Cool VL has seperate tags for chat, IM, friends and groups...I like that.
  15. Hm...no sorry, can't say I like Firestorm it is too much like Viewer 2, and I can't see anything that makes it more like Phoenix. It also has a non closeable chat box which makes that I can't use my WASD to walk.
  16. Yeah, it did kind of work on Phoenix...not sure about walking, but with jumping it did. (In response to the Firestorm part).
  17. I'm trying out Singularity now, but I can't view my character from the front while moving. Any idea how to fix this, if possible ?
  18. I'll check those out as well. :womanhappy: What is TPVd ?
  19. Thanks, I might look into that. Keep the suggestions coming. I saw other viewers being mentioned, but I forgot their names.
  20. A while ago I went to an old Sim I used to be on, which unfortunately changed a bit much for my taste...but that's not the issue (yes, this was on one of my older avs) and everything looked weird because the current scripts running in some places are different from the RLV viewer I was using. So someone reccomended Phoenix to me, or Firebird (but that's for SL v 2) (I think it is called), so I downloaded and installed Phoenix since it is like SL viewer 1 (I can't work with viewer 2, I don't understand a thing about it). I must say that so far I really like Phoenix viewer and that it was a huge improvement. However, I've read that Phoenix viewer might not work so good with RLV anymore, that it is outdated. My question is, are there better SL viewer 1 clone-like viewers which are better than Phoenix and keep RLV updated ? Which one would you reccomend, and why ?
  21. I'm a roleplayer and not into private, intimate sex, so for me it is all about emoting in open chat and not in IM. I like to have realism in my RP and keep the IM for off-topic chat.
  22. Also try advanced settings > Rebake Character. And you might try re-loging a few times if you hadn't done so already.
  23. Hm, if you're into femdom I wouldn't check out a Gor place.
  24. Do you play female or male ? For females you may want to check out the group 'Brutally Punished Wives'. If you check the owner of said group you might find a few more groups which might interest you in their group list. Or check some of the groups I have on my avatar lists for my characters Katyenka- and Zazya Zenovka. It is also quite strange that someone roleplaying a rapist would shy away from beating you or yelling at you.
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