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  1. looooool punches fist in air! (..that im not all alone in my lil` untidy world..) besides, going in there is just like going shopping again! only for free! (..all the goodies ya forgot ya bought.. ) i get at least one treat every day...kneeslides =)
  2. Looolin!! ' I would say post it here but ya inside the tummy of a mythical creature..' ?
  3. Same as i do my bedroom, shove it all in the closet real tight, then put the chair against it, so it doesn't pop back open when me mum comes to check it! Tadaa!! Puts hand in air for fiving...
  4. Another way they do it is by giving a linden. They then go to transaction history, where it tells them where u were at that time. Creeps me the heck out.
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