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  1. You never know, they may always just end up adding a few more variations to the existing styles in the mailbox, rather than an entirely new theme. At least then I wouldn't have to give up my log home plot!
  2. My kitchen is a little mish-mash at the moment. I love this {C&C} Kitchen Witch Hearth and can't get rid of it, but it throws my entire room. Despite it not architecturally making sense, I love it. Shout out to the little witch cat chilling on my stove.
  3. I know the frustration. I have some lovely neighbours who made the unfortunate choice of having an entire cave of wolves outside their home. I blacklisted each of the wolves, only to find the howling still continued, every few seconds, loudly. I had to use sound explorer to blacklist some obscure object that continued the howling. Felt bad for doing it but it's all sorted now and I no longer hear it. Hope you manage to sort it!
  4. My first home was a small trailer on Saltmarsh, didn't have much a view but loved the wacky neighbours. They had a little junkyard and rusting cars in their garden, really fun people. Sad to move but love my log home, feel I'll stay here a long time to come.
  5. Seen as people are showing off their autumnal landscaping already.. Might be a little early for some but I couldn't resist cozy-ing up.
  6. Having this problem myself. Cannot log into the marketplace, secondlife main website or into my viewer.
  7. I'm in Saltmarsh too! Totally awesome little island off the main continent.
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