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  1. My big question and hope is that they'll finally make it modify. It would be a great thing for them to finally do so and help keep SL as creativity friendly as possible. Other bodies do it, and with a major update like this it's the perfect time to update their no-mod restrictive permission too.
  2. Where did I say that they shouldn't be allowed to sell their items as they do? I don't recall saying that. There's an argument to be made for that since it's essentially the equivalent of someone selling you a shirt and saying you can't buy it then bring it home and tie-dye it if you wanted to, which I think people would consider to be pretty ridiculous. But I don't believe I said anywhere that they shouldn't be allowed to, just that I wish more buyers would make use of that right to look elsewhere and not give money to these artificially limited, no-mod items. There's a difference between wishing more people would act a certain way, which is what I did, and demanding that somebody shouldn't be able to do a certain something, which is not what I did but is what you're saying I did. That sucks and I've heard that, but it was your choice to buy from those full perm mesh creators that have those sorts of restrictions. Don't get me wrong, that's incredibly dumb that they do that imo and those full perm mesh creators should absolutely not be selling their meshes with the limitation that you can't sell them mod. But when they do something like that, why buy from them and support their restrictions with your money? If nobody bought from them, especially if they received a number of complaints about it from potential customers, then they I imagine wouldn't sell them like that. It's such a weird restriction in the first place.
  3. I generally don't. But I'm only one person. I meant stronger as a general social push. I didn't mean just from me.
  4. There's actually a *ton* of items sold nowadays without the permissions listed, at least inworld, which is a significant issue. People seem to just assume that many types of items are not only okay to be no-mod but should be expected to be no-mod. And that's super not cool. But yeah, on the marketplace where most reviews happen they do at least require the seller to put in what an item's perms are. Though it's not always accurate, and if it's not then that's worth a friendly chat to the store owner to see if it can be resolved and then a review if it can't, usually it is. It would be nice if it was still common practice for sellers for list perms on their advertisement pictures. I miss that, I often have to do a lot of searching nowadays when buying inworld to find out if an item is mod or not, if the information is even available anywhere. I wish there was stronger pushback against that to at least let sellers know that some of us care if items are mod or not and want that info available. Thank you. And yeah, that's true. There's a few reasons I've been able to figure out for why people make objects no-mod. Almost none of them good as far as I've been able to find, but a lack of knowledge like that is definitely one of them. I don't really mean that as an insult though it kinda might sound like one. We're *all* ignorant of some things, that's just human nature and nobody should be faulted for that, it's the willingness to learn that makes the difference. But still yeah, lack of knowledge of what it does and doesn't actually prevent is definitely a common reason I agree.
  5. It does nothing to stop stealing though and only stops those trying to get more out of objects they legitimately purchased.
  6. That's not entirely true. It can't be affected by move tools, but modify permissions do still matter because texturing and tinting and various other modifications all still work just fine. Even just for the sake of inventory organization being able to rename objects is helpful, which having an item be no-mod needlessly locks down. The benefits of mod, even on rigged items, are quite significant and still enable a really high degree of creativity, but unfortunately they are often overlooked. It bugs me quite a lot that SL has become so overtaken by no-modify creations. Even the most popular bodies are no-mod nowadays, which really sucks.
  7. I'm trying to add my take on his response to that JIRA report there, since I saw that come up in my feed and it really *really* feels like Oz just completely ignored or is maybe somehow unaware of how important a reliable across the board baseline measuring system is for content creation involving multiple creators making all sorts of things that will work well together across SL. But for some reason the JIRA doesn't seem to be letting me comment on it and I'm not entirely sure why. Showing such a total disregard for such an integral factor really made my hope in SL plummet.
  8. And that is the primary reason I'll never buy a Maitreya. Kinda sucks, it's a pretty decent body with tons of third party support, but yeah.
  9. Oh, that explains a ton. Thank you! I'm just heading to bed, but I'll try those tomorrow. I tried to filter to the owner right at the beginning to make the script as light as possible, but that's close enough to the beginning that it'll have to do. Much appreciated. Assuming this works I'll then have to move on to implementing it on to faces, as well as objects. But that's pretty much the same idea, just... nested, I think. I'll get to that once I get this working. Thank you.
  10. So... I'm pretty sure I'm missing something basic here, but my brain is super tired and things aren't working right, and I'm super frustrated, so if anybody with fresh eyes could look this over and tell me why it's failing I'd really appreciate it. What this is supposed to do is, when a button is clicked on the HUD, it takes the name of the button prim and sends it to the listening script in an object. That, I think, seems to work fine. The script in the object then is supposed to take that name, and is supposed to make any link in that object with the name visible, while making all other objects invisible. Eventually I'd like to make it so that it makes just one face of one particular linked prim invisible in the object by pushing a button in the HUD. But I figured I'd start out with baby steps. This is the code, so... yeah. I'm sure there's a simple mistake or two in here that's screwing it up, and any help you could offer would be much appreciated. Thank you! HUD Script: integer link_num; string prim_name; default { touch_start( integer n ) { link_num = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); prim_name= llGetLinkName(link_num); if(link_num == 1){ //This is so that clicking the root prim does nothing. There's robably a more elegant way to do this. } else if(prim_name == "Minimize"){ //This is just an example for in the future, since a Minimize and Maximize button will probably be handy. } else{ //This is for all other buttons, since I figure most of the buttons will be for changing which part shows llRegionSay(-75260,prim_name); } } }Object Script: integer face_num; string prim_name; integer link_num(string hud_prim_name) //function to get link number based on the hud_prim_name string retrieved from the listener script { integer primCount = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer i; for (i=0; i<primCount+1;i++) { if (llGetLinkName(i)==hud_prim_name) return i; } return FALSE; } default { state_entry() { llListen(-75260, "", llGetOwner(), ""); //target only the owner's chat on channel -75260 } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string hud_prim_name) { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkAlpha(link_num, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); //calls the link_num function using the hud_prim_name string to get link ID } }
  11. JustBecauseICanBeFriendly wrote: Your request has been answered. :-) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Rent-Mainland/50-OFF-Welcome-to-Sky-Manor-Resort-Your-All-Inclusive-Getaway/m-p/2471187 Interesting! I'll definitely check it out, thank you. I was aiming for something even more foresty, like, without having been taken over by civilization with all its buildings and such, but I'll take a look when I get home tonight. Anyone else happen to have any ideas?
  12. I was wondering if anybody knew of a nice forested area on the mainland, preferably geared towards RP, although I know that's likely a too specific request to hope for.
  13. Eh, because it's a place for new people to come and get help, and I wouldn't want to confuse them anymore than they probably already are. I'm also not the owner of the sim, I just wanted to help and communicate when I couldn't physically be there due to working on projects elsewhere. It's too bad, as it would definitely not be being used for any sort of malicious purpose.
  14. If I were to create an open intercom system, where people could pop in to a sim and talk, and people across the sim could hear it and respond all in local, would that then violate the Second Life Community Standards? Specifically, this line "Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited." is what I'm concerned about. I would not be able to grab consent prior to them using it, because by design they would be just popping in and speaking in a public area, where many people could hear already, so I don't imagine it would be a problem, but technically I suppose it would still violate the rules, eh?
  15. Interesting! So no technical solution as far as you know, but your advice otherwise is much appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Ah alright! This wasn't the adult forum, so I wasn't sure. I'm fairly new to both being on the domination side of things and with playing with RLV stuff, but I'm doing my best to learn. I have a sub who wears mostly mesh items, and quite a number of attachments. When I try to remove her clothing, it lists all the attachment points that are in use, and I can select one to unequip whatever's on that point. The problem is that it's hard to know what I'm going to unequip when I select, for example, "Spine". Am I going to remove her tail, or her shirt? She has quite a few different outfits, so it takes some getting used to. It would be easier to be able to see what's equipped where, but most of the items I'm trying to remove in this scenario are labeled like normal clothing, so inspecting and checking out the name doesn't help sadly. I may just have to learn with time what she equips where, but making a mistake and looking like a fool doesn't feel very dommy, ha. And kind've ruins the mood temporarily...
  17. Can I do that to someone else? It is in fact for RLV purposes, but the two RLV commands there only work for telling whether an attachment point has something attached or not, not what's attached. My problem is that I'd like to know what's attached to where. Ideally I was hoping there was a way to right click an attachment on someone else's avatar and know what attachment point it's set up with. Having her put a script in every item so I can know where it's attached wouldn't work so well. When I'm choosing an attachment point via RLV to manipulate (unequipping whatever's attached to it), it's hard to know what's what when there's so many attachment points in use nowadays. And I hate choosing the wrong thing because that can be very embarassing for both of us, heh.
  18. Is there any way to check where an item is attached on another person's avatar?
  19. TheSarali


    So, this probably isn't worth starting a new thread for, but just to clarify if I've already applied for and received my premium home then that counts as maxing out my free 512m land quota?
  20. I wish I knew how you were able to match these Gaeline feet. I'm having a heck of a time with it.
  21. Has SL seemed especially laggy for anyone else today and yesterday evening, or is it just me?
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