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  1. Thanks for your input love 🙂 Im from the east coast...never been to the west coast of the USA and don’t know what San Francisco is like. I have however traveled to England and find it extremely enjoyable in RL. I only recently found out Brits don’t enjoy Tex mex through a Netflix stand up by Trevor Noah. And I have no problem with SL’s minority/majority ratio...I just want to know where African American SL users hang out 🙌🏾
  2. Where are all the black SL players at? Not attempting to be racially exclusive....but as an African American woman in RL and on SL I find a major shortage of black players/sims. Sure there are plenty of urban RP sims but many are not even active and if they are not by black avatars. I really want to family RP on SL and want to find a cool group of people to do so with. I'm also coming from being a predominate IMVU player to full time on SL and its a hard transition only because I don't have many friends or people to talk to on here. So yep feel free to respond anyways as t
  3. I was recently gifted items, they were paid for and sent to me. But I have not recieved them. I don't know what the issue may be. I can recieve linden but I have not been able to obtain purchased items sent to me by another SL user.
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