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  1. Thanks for your input love 🙂 Im from the east coast...never been to the west coast of the USA and don’t know what San Francisco is like. I have however traveled to England and find it extremely enjoyable in RL. I only recently found out Brits don’t enjoy Tex mex through a Netflix stand up by Trevor Noah. And I have no problem with SL’s minority/majority ratio...I just want to know where African American SL users hang out 🙌🏾
  2. Where are all the black SL players at? Not attempting to be racially exclusive....but as an African American woman in RL and on SL I find a major shortage of black players/sims. Sure there are plenty of urban RP sims but many are not even active and if they are not by black avatars. I really want to family RP on SL and want to find a cool group of people to do so with. I'm also coming from being a predominate IMVU player to full time on SL and its a hard transition only because I don't have many friends or people to talk to on here. So yep feel free to respond anyways as the songs goes black, white, puerto rican, or hatian, japanese, chinese, or even asian, don't matter what colo on this occasion...I'm just extremely curious as to where the hot spots are at and if anyone has the demographics of SL
  3. I was recently gifted items, they were paid for and sent to me. But I have not recieved them. I don't know what the issue may be. I can recieve linden but I have not been able to obtain purchased items sent to me by another SL user.
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