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  1. Oh - it's a friendly suggestion now. Okay. My head and I are in good standing - but imagine the worst if it appeals to you.
  2. That's an interesting suggestion - one I haven't heard before. Maybe LL should consider offering an additional stipend to those who are waiting longer than expected for new homes due to the high demand. Even a small increase while you wait would be a nice gesture. There are pitfalls here - because not all premium members WANT a linden home. Maybe LL could offer either a stipend or a home. I'm sure these options might be provocative - and I certainly haven't thought this through beyond reviewing your message. However, I applaud all new ideas that might ease the frustration of this release process. I look forward to hearing what others think of it ...both the pros and the cons.
  3. My post was as elementary as I could make it. Either you get it or you don't.
  4. Or... perhaps someone doesn't know how to express an opinion. Both "Keep it positive" and "Try to keep it positive" are instructive. Really, I'm not intentionally giving you a hard time - I agree with most of what you said. There's just been a lot of people telling folks who are venting how to act and how to handle their frustrations. I don't believe you're trying to do the same.
  5. I'd really like to see LL's project plan - because you're right, and those numbers mean a LOT of members are going to be under-served.
  6. I recognize and opinion when I read one. I even enjoy them. But you said "keep it positive". That's not an opinion. That's what reacted to. I also said I appreciate your information - and again, I appreciate hearing where you learned your facts. It's super helpful to hear what might have helped someone else cope with the stress of this crazy release process - especially if they can acknowledge how many of us can view it as unfair. But I, for one, don't like being told how to be - so I suggested that you consider tweaking your message a little for this venting thread audience - that's just my opinion.
  7. I disagree about keeping it positive. Sometimes it helps people to voice their complaints about an issue and hear from others who are dealing with the same struggles. That's what is happening here - and there's no reason they should not continue. The information you provide about upcoming releases is encouraging - assuming your intel is reliable, it does provide for possible light at the end of the tunnel. It might be worth considering to stop telling people how to be/feel/think and just share whatever information and encouragement you have.
  8. @point Coage I think this is a very important point. It should get easier to get one of the new homes if production continues at its current pace or hopefully moves along more quickly. Or they may make a change to the release process in some way that helps the you and others in this situation. I would also encourage the you to pay attention to the forums and announcements posted here. It MAY be that you can glean nuggets of information that at least provide some insight that helps with your decision. If canceling due to lack of availability of new homes, it would be wise to make that clear. If LL sees trends they may take further action.
  9. When you login to the secondlife website, select the Get Your Home Now option on the upper right side if the page. I believe this may only be displayed for premium members, but I'm not sure. This lands you on the page where you can select the Bellissari Theme/continent if it is available. As you may know, due to high demand, homes in this area continue to get snapped up quickly and it may be a while before you see this option. Bellissari is only displayed if homes are available and you must act quickly when you see it to secure a unit. Add a name (you can change it later) in the designated section and click through the process to complete the assignment. If successful, you will receive a message directing you to your new home. This is the same process that has been in place in the years since I joined SL. Good luck!!
  10. Oh really! Gosh - thanks so much for correcting me. It was my understanding from another user (and it made sense to me) that Belli would show up first. This information may have helped me get into a home earlier. I hope it helps others. Thanks again!
  11. I was very fortune a short time ago and I did get a Belli home. My strategy (if you can call it that) was to try every hour or so and hope I'd get lucky. It's an unfortunate way to have to do this and I hope LL comes up with a better process. The idea of users of my web application going through this process would not allow me to rest until a better process could be implemented. Anyway - I'm happy to have a home and I hope everyone else gets one very very soon.
  12. I've been randomly trying for a house at every opportunity. My best estimate is that I've refreshed about 2500 times. Today I got very lucky and I got a home. Thanks to all who offered encouragement and support. My continued hope is that LL makes changes to this process and completes homes for everyone very very very soon. I know what you mean. I had not even seen a Bellessari option in the menu for 6+ weeks. The good thing is that you don't even have to open the menu. Bellissari pops up as the first option AND they also display a picture of the home style. So, you have the text and the visual queue that lets you know. The bad part is unless you know when a release is happening and you're lucky enough to beat out all the other people vying for homes the only way to get one seems to be random abandonments. If you think your page really doesn't work. Try grabbing a Meadowbrook home just to make sure you can - then abandon it once you know the system works as it should. If you can't get a Meadowbrook home - you should report the problem to LL because you'd be right about there being a bug. Be sure to tell them the steps you took. Good luck to you.
  13. You misunderstand. I'm not offended, I'm calling out something as mean spirited. For some reason - you don't want to admit it is in fact and intentionally mean spirited. Simple as that. As for you leaving the discussion - i will not say Bye Felicia, because that would be rude, though I guess you would say it's funny.
  14. Hi there - I was referencing someone else's response. You are correct, it was a mean response to the original poster's suggesting that she would not maintain her premium membership if she doesn't get a new linden home.
  15. Defending something that is obviously a slight toward the OP doesn't help your point. In this context - it is in fact intended to be a slight and it accomplished it's task many times over with all the positive reactions given it. I do agree that many anti-venting people here are using our complaints as an opportunity to amuse themselves and entertain each other. That's fine - I don't think it's against the rules. But understand, you aren't laughing with us, you're laughing at us. It's a conscious decision, it's mean, and I hope it's worth it.
  16. Yes - and thank you for creating the thread. Obviously it was very much needed. One complaint people seem to have is that those of us venting are repeating ourselves. They're right - we are. And why shouldn't we? Multiple times throughout the day and night - as much as I am able to reasonably do so, I go through the process of trying to get a new linden home and I fail. Going through a process designed to make me fail thousands of times over is frustrating a thousand times over to have a small chance of succeeding. If I want to vent about it a thousand times - why is this a bad thing? They also fail to realize, or ignore, the double standard. People enjoying their new linden homes are encourage to post pictures, share ideas, etc, on several threads. I don't object to these at all. I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing with the new homes. However, if it's acceptable to say - I love my new home, look at this great thing i did with it a hundred times , why is it not acceptable to say i hate this failing process a hundred times?
  17. @Fritigern Gothly replied to the OP - and I quote, "Bye Felicia". Is there another way this kind of response should be perceived? I could appreciate what you're saying more if you didn't qualify responses like this as though the mean-spiritedness of them is only perceived.
  18. I agree with you. Planning to leave SL premium membership is not a tantrum. If the new homes is the primary reason for paying for SL membership and if they don't want to pay for something they don't have access to - it's perfectly reasonable to let the membership expire - meaning cancel the membership at the end of their agreed term. @point Coage can always sign up when new homes are more readily available. The interesting thing here is that you're looking at this from LL's perspective. I do wonder what LL thinks of these less than thoughtful responses to legitimate complaints. Certainly the abrupt responses/careless responses are not what I would expect from a profit driven organization. Then again, these users don't represent LL - so I won't hold the venom they spew against the lab.
  19. Yes - I understand this. I don't see the benefit (for me) of downgrading until my renewal date. By let it expire - I mean cancelling my membership - taking the steps I know are needed to do that.
  20. @Quartz Mole thanks so much for your contribution to this discussion. I, for one, feel more comfortable with bad situations when I know what's going on - and you've shed light on the process. It's also a great comfort to know LL is listening and thinking through possible improvements. Can you share any details about how many homes are needed and how many are estimated to be completed in the next few months? No worries if you don't have that information or can't reveal it - doesn't hurt to ask :).
  21. Thanks for this new information. I had no idea they were doing more releases daily. How can I stay informed about these in advance so that IF I can take step away from things at work for a few minutes to try and get a home I'll have some idea when to do so? I won't hold my breath about changes in the release plans - but I'm happy to know conversations at LL are happening in effort to find improve things.
  22. I don't feel at all deceived by LL - and I didn't understand why anyone would until someone pointed me to a marketing video touting the new homes for premium members. I don't think I would have presumed LL to mean that new linden homes were guaranteed - but I can see why some people feel duped. I doubt anyone at LL would mind if people who can't get into new homes don't renew when the time comes. For me, this is the only benefit that makes premium membership attractive enough to pay $99 annually. Since we can rejoin any time - there's no reason NOT to let your membership expire if you can't get into a new linden home especially if you're like me and you really aren't available during releases. I don't mean I'd cancel as retribution - I mean that I'd cancel if the product that makes premium membership worth it for me isn't available. I am definitely doing my part to fund Mole activities....I'm 100% Team Moles!! LL gets a good chunk of my monthly entertainment dollars - the annual premium membership nothing compared to the rest of my transactions. Ha!
  23. Pestering Moles? I guess I didn't realize users interact with Moles at all. Hmmm... well this could be part of the problem in general. We should not be interrupting Moles while they are working. And I think Moles should use auto-responses when they are working so that they aren't distracted by users who won't leave them to their work. I also think if there is so much interest in communicating with Moles, LL should host regular (monthly?) gatherings that give everyone a change to mingle and chat without distracting from the work of remedying the scarcity issue.
  24. You're right - there are good options lately on the Mainland. I rent a parcel on there - something I was loathe to do because of the eye soars all around. But, the person who owns the parcel (Bobbi Wahwah) has made the area so lovely that I feel comfortable and I'm enjoying the location immensely. I began renting in the Mainland in May when I realized the new linden homes would not be accessible to me for some time. When it's time for me to renew, I certainly will let go of my premium membership if I don't have a new linden home. (Not to worry - LL gets loads of money from me due to an shopping addiction.) It's like.... I'd prefer to date Ryan Reynolds - but if I have to make due with Chris Evans....so be it.
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