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  1. Hi. I have a land group to allow a 2nd person to rezz item and build on my land. Now I would like to allow other people to set home but I don't necessairly want to give them all the right to rezz and build here. What would be the best way to achieve that? Thanks
  2. ok I found someone to look after that job. thx
  3. I'm looking for someone who work with mesh to make a custom object for me. Basically, it's two wood posts attached together at with ropes. I need it to be within 5 prims (less is best but I can live with 5 prims), to hold it's shape, full perm of course and will need the shadow mapping for it. I have a very cheap prim made example to show the sizes and give an idea of the shape it should have as well as a picture showing what I have in mind for my final product. Please contact me inworld if interested
  4. Great idea. I like it. Have you thought of rating criterias? would adult shop be part of the hunt?
  5. Nalates Urriah wrote: Is it always like that? No. But, don't be surprised when someone takes advantage of you. People do that. Not all but enough that it is a problem for all of us. The best you can do is pick the people that review products like yours on a regular basis. Obviously they are into it and will probably do a good job. Others just review products to get freebies. You will have to figure out who is doing what. Some of us place our review policy on our blogs. I generally do not accept products for review. If I'm interested or find I can't find out about something I'm interested in then I may do a review of whatever has caught my interest. You might sell a review product to the reviewer with the offer to refund the price after the review. You can get creative with your offers. In the US we are legally required to post whether we receive any remuniration for a review. Reviewing an item for a free copy of it is a value received and is supposed to be reported in the review. You should be able to look at what bloggers are doing and find out if they get the review items for free. In RL things like computers, monitors, and such are provided free but must be returned at some point. It is kinda hard to do that in SL. But, you might put time limit code in your review models. At some point they stop working. Like I said get creative. Thanks for your reply Nalates! There are good tips I will look for and/or try in what you said here. That's great. And really, I don't mind it one bit when I give an item to a reviewer/blogger but I just feel like both of us should get a little something out of this. I use to run a review site for aquarium fish product and I remember people came to read me for the info they learn and because it was a review more than an ad. I'll try some of your tips
  6. It surprises me but.... well people answers this posting hehe
  7. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: I blog outfits/items via flickr and my partner's blog. It helps alot in my opinion and gets a store's name out there more so than not. hi Carl For outfit I have no doubt. I often bought nice clothing because I saw them on blogs. Clothings are so visual. You see it and you immediatly know if you want it or not. Where I am not so sure is when it comes to let's say a wooden chair where functions and animations can't really be put on a single snapshot. If all there is is a very nice picture and the name of each things on it, then I'm not sure. Personally I'd love to find a blog that tell about a certain featured item, say what it does, what it does not, etc. I'd love to hear about other content creators about that and know how it works for them.
  8. Hello, I been slowly exploring the idea of using bloggers to promote new releases. 100s did it before so I was curious to know how you like it and if you saw benefits to this. What I sell is adult furnitures. So far the few times I tried, how it eneded up is me giving a pricey item and get a mention of it in a long list of items used in a picture on a blog. Is it always like that?
  9. We met at the safe hub in Urgren not too long ago. I was the guy with the black hair, black shirt and jeans. You cammed on me from accross the place and I cammed on you. You had those two gorgeous mesh.... you know... blue eyes and black hair (could have been blond to, all that went so fast). I just wish I had time to say hi or note your name before I crash. IM me!
  10. MIstahMoose wrote: It doesn't feel that important to me unless you're losing out on 20,000L a sale. I can't bring myself to freak over a 200L sale that got dropped. It happens, better for the customer to be happy and coming back than to blow things out of proportion Amen
  11. Ok I found it. Looks like there was an update between yesterday and today. If you have this same problem I had, go to the AVsitter store inworld and get that update. It will solve it all.
  12. Hello. I been using AVsitter for quite a while now and just made the move to AVsitter 2. Now I encounter a problem I just can't find an answer for. Basically, after saving all my poses how I like them, I dump the settings and as it should the settings are given in Local Chat. Only in this case, all I get are the settings for Sitter 0 and not the settings for other sitters. I didn't had this problem when I first worked on my item, only now and I can't figure what might cause that. Does anyone had this problem or does anyone know what might cause it? I bet it's something stupid but so far I could not find. Thanks
  13. Siren Productions welcomes you to a world of Sin, Depravity, Perversion, and of course SeXXX. It's 2014 and it is time get the hottest, craziest, and naughtiest two weeks started very soon! We have been working our tails off to gather a collection of amazing adult designers together including furniture designers Xplicit Furnishings, Dirty Deeds, and J.L. Designs. We have tempting clothing designs from the likes of Hugo's Design, Edelfabrik, Babele Fashion, INDYRA, Faster Pussycat, Sassy!, and !dM Devious Mind to name a small few. Then a smattering of other exciting designers including Midnight Lotus, Silver Greymoon Studios, and Mama Allpa. All of them will be bringing you amazing new stuff to tease and tantalize your dirty side. Bazoomba's Magazine, Busted Magazine, Treasure Chest Mall, Hoobs Hotties, Gay Fun World, Gay Archipelago, Minotaur Productions, SL Porn, Swisher's Dungeon, and The Sexiest Pornstars along with Siren Productions are hard at work planning some wild parties including the Hard Alley Freaky Fetish Party, Regimade Warehause 69 "Sinner & Saints" Party, Gay Fun Worlds Red Light Zone, The Hotties Vintage Party, and the gird famous SL Saturday Porn Red Light Party. There are so many more parties and events planned with our media partners so make sure to grab a calender and plan to attend them all as we will be handing out prizes from all of our wonderful designers! How do you feel about Fetish? What about Sexy Lingerie? Are you a naughty princess? Did your mother teach you the same lessons she did me....be a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom? Well don't be afraid to show your kinky side with some of our fabulous fashion shows including the Sinsationally Sexy Lingerie Fashion Show, Whore Couture Fashion Show, Princess Party Fashion Show, and the Freaky Fetish Fashion Show. We have many treats, naughty surprises, and dirty deeds planned for you. If that was not enough we have our Red Light Designers who are serving it up hard with shows from Edelfabrik, Hugo's Designs, Atelier M+, and Zed Sensations. As part of our event we will be working with Feed A Smile to raise money to feed starving children in Kenya. For just 100L you can feed 1 child a meal. To help raise even more funds we will be hosting a charity date & erotic photography auction January 26th, 2014 11am-12pm. Hoobs Hotties & SL Porn Actors and Actresses as well as many well known erotic artists including Tatiana Eastwood, Trysten, and Skip Staheli will be auctioning of photo sessions and dates with themselves to help raise funds. Join us and express your personal style and celebrate all things erotic, lustful, and SeXXXy at SeXXX Sells. To stay tuned for further details and to catch sneak peaks on the happenings and goings on make sure to check out the Siren Productions website at http://sirenproductionsl.com. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you for an amazing, fun, naughty time that will leave you with a smile on your face! Sincerely, Lexie Jansma & Roman Godde Siren Productions CEO http://sirenproductionsl.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/sirenproductions/
  14. Until last december, 90% my sales happened on MP and my inworld store was just a way for my client to see the products. I must admit I could not care less about inworld sales and was instead focussing on getting better sales on MP. Even if it's hard if not impossible to figure how MP exactly works, it's possible to improve your results with you put some effort to it so thats what I did. Now in december I decided to try renting all kinds of satelite stores in Mall and see what I get from that. Thanks again to Sassy for her LM thing system that I sill use for that by the way. All that to say that after now about a month of exploring possibilities inworld I do not agree anymore that Inworld commerce is dead because of MP. Right now I'm very pleased to see how many LM are taken from my satelite stores and while my sales in those stores are next to nothing, the traffic at my main store went up considerably and my inworld sales did the same. Hopefully it's not just a lucky end-of-December-early-January but it seems to me that quite a few people take the time to check the items in those malls. Certainly if there was no malls inworld at all, all those people would have bought on MP but I like to think seeing my products a few times when visiting their favorite sim did help them chose to buy those specific item. So I'll continue exporing inworld sales now
  15. Hi. thanks for your reply! All those warnings you gave me are exactly what I fear. The tip jar is not a bad idea at all. now does someone wants to tip after spending 1000 on a couch? that I don't know lol. Anyone can think of other ideas to add to this? I'm all ear!
  16. Hi all. I think it would be great if I could have one or a couple people at my store to welcome the clients and help them try the products. Most of what I make is furnitures for couples so trying is always best. Before to jump into this I'd like to see what are the usual practices for that cause of course people would be paid. But how to pay them is my question. I want to pay for what I get and want them to be paid for what they do. Commissions on sales where they helped would be top but how to handle this? Pay per day or hours could work to I guess but there again, how to handle this? Any thoughts, ideas, advices? Thanks lot
  17. We are not totally in disagrement here. You are keeping track of whats going on there in a similar way.... well, kind of. I consider sales the way you do but I'm not sure if I'm happy with 10 or 20 or 1 sale if I do not know how the potential of that specific spot. I could be doubling my sales by simply adjusting what products I sale there or how I feature it if I knew its not the trafic the problem. If I don't know the traffic, I might just fish in an empty pool without knowing. I don't see a problem if everyone wants to track this. why would that be a bad thing. Yes, 100 stall with 1 more script adds 100 scripts to the sim but if thats 100 scripts used so that 100 of your client make more at your place. And there you go, you can maybe increase the rent. It's certainly more worth it than those 2-3 outdated sexbed with too many scripts to be counted that can be seen here and there. Oh, by the way, do you mind sharing what you use to follow your LM like this? (thats where I try my cutest face, smile and bat my eyelaches)
  18. well, if thats the general way of thinking in SL, maybe I'll leave market stalls for those who don't mind wonderring why things go well or bad and wil stick to my own store inwold and MP. You do understand what I mean when I say you don't run a business without data to justifiy your expences? right? I'm talking of a simple tracker that tells me "today 20 people came here". This way, if I had 10 sales out of it, I know I'm at a very good spot, I present my product the right way and will keep doing things this way, whatever my rent cost 500 a week or 2000, I know it's worth it. But if the answer is "150 people came here" and I had 1 sale, I know there is something wrong with my product or the way I feature it.... or maybe they sold 100 other ad spots all around mind and impossible to stand out anymore? Without that, you are blind and spending money without knowing why
  19. Once again today the little visitor tracker I had setup in a marketstall inworld was returned to me with a note "this is not allowed here, sorry". It happened to me many time and I wonder why. It takes nothing to the sim owner, no it does not lag the whole place, it only gives datas to the client, the one who bought ad spaces. On the world wide web, any serious business who sell ad spaces will tell you how many time your ad was seen so later you can figure out if the ad itself is a problem or if its the location thats not good. This way you can tweak things to improve sales. Actually, these days if you can't provide data to advertisers buying ad spaces from you, you be called a clown wannabe business man or worst. Who wants to be blind in business? Why is it that SL merchants keep buying advertizing spaces in that kind of conditions? To sim owners, what do you think merchant wants? To sponsor you cause you are so nice or to sell products?
  20. Hello, My partner and I tried full mesh avatar. We loved the natural and good looking body they offer, hated the face on all we tried. Are there any mesh avatar that comes without the head so we can use the one we want? thx
  21. Ahhhhh yes yes the physic type. Of course! Thank you, you're my super star of the day :matte-motes-big-grin:
  22. Hello, For years I have been using the same script to make child prim phantom in a linkset. Now I'm trying that with mesh but the script wants the UUID of a sculpt map for each child prim to keep phantom. So looks like I need a version that works with mesh. Any one know where that can be found? Thank you
  23. Thanks for your replies. To PeterCanessa , I don't know of it already exist and I'm not looking to employ someone. This creation forum simple seem to lack a "let's talk construction practice in general" section. Any script that can be dumped in a water prim to tell swim AOs this is water? To Perrie, not a bad idea at all
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