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  1. Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture is looking at adding one or two new clubs to the list of those we sponsor. We sponsor with prizes (mostly gift cards, sometimes items). Your place should attract an adult audiance. IM Badeddy for any question (may not reply during the weekends)
  2. This is good news! thanks lot for sharing yoru experience with this computer. As for the half inventory lost it sucks but that does not look like it has anything to do with the hardware.
  3. I'll go check Tellaq now. As for signature, the price is right, the avatar's body is good, the hud is easy to use but you better like it as it is because using the body with another head simple does not work since there is no way to make the skin match with any other skins. I sent a IM to the creator in the hope they could tell me if they have other products that could match it but I never got a reply.
  4. Then I will keep an eye on Slink cause really it is annoying to see the few choice men have. Women likes to shop more, I know that but I know they also like to watch
  5. I need a new computer, sl is just not fun with my old 4 years old MacBook Pro anymore. Does anyone play SL on an Alienware 14? Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 16GB Memory NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5 Any feedback about how this computer does with SL would be appreciated. Thanks lot
  6. Hello, I been looking for options for a male mesh avatar. I found some decent options but each time the color of the skin didn't match the head of my avatar or appliers or anything that allow me to play with the look a little. I must say I like the choice women get for sins and mesh stuff when it comes to that. Does anyone know of a store where they sell mesh avatar and normal skins to so that I can customize stuff a little bit?
  7. Thanks for your answer. "There's pitfalls if LL think you're using MP to promote RL goods/services" That part of your answer alone kind of answers it all and more. So better keep that video on a page with nothing but the video. Thx
  8. Hello, Someone offered me to make videos of some of my products so I could then use them to better show my products when shopping on MP. I like the idea so far. She showed me she upload her vids on a machinima website and when looking at some of the videos there i noticed sometimes before the actual video starts, a 5 sec ad would start. The ad is very adult if you see what i mean. My products are adult to so I'm not too shocked but I woulld like to know if linden lab has something against it. Anyone knows?
  9. Hi, if I have a classified ad in the search, is it possible for me to make changes to the text if needed?
  10. I agree with all Sassy said about price. Also about low vs high price, if I look for a chair on MP and have two choices, a 50L chair with animations and all and a very similar looking chair with animation and all but for 250L, chances are I''ll grab the more expensive one unless I can or have time to try both and findout I like the cheap one better. It's just that I might assume something in the cheeper chair is of less quality and I don't wan that. Maybe I'm wrong but it will be my first reflex and I'm not the only one like that. So really, like sassy said, as long as I feel like I got a chair worth my money I will be very happy with paying 250L. Actually, I'll be happy cause it's woth my money and I'll be even happier cause deep down inside I'll know I didn't get just any chair, I got the best chair.
  11. sneaky way to get around the not demo search? what do you mean by that. I never heard of anything that say demo is a bad word. Why use all kinds of weird ways to write it? THx
  12. as someone said there is no magic trick and because of that you have to try stuff and see what seem to work for you. Clearly you produce enough new stuff each week, your problem isn't there (I make 1-2 products a month and find that enough to grow nicely). Adding a link to your MP store in your profile wouldn't be a bad thing maybe review your niche a little. Maybe the market for fantasy looking jewelry isn't big enough for the goals you fixed. There is also your price that could be worth reviewing. I see you have lots of stuff but almost all under 100L. That's like 50 sales a day if your objective is 5000L a day. That's a lot of sales for a small store. Did you consider the idea to double your price? Actually X10 in some cases? I bet it will still be a very fair price and if things turn like they did for me, boosting your price will bring more sales (go figure). Wouldn't be a bad idea to try new ideas for the product pictures to. I don't say they are bad but you have to try new stuff, right? I don't believe in product pics made with the intention of "showing you exactly what you get". Not as main pic I mean. For the main pic, I like to try to sell them a fantasy, a dream, the hot girl who wear the shirt rather than the shirt, the handy guy in cowboy boots rather than the boots, etc. I want the pic to make people want to click, make them want that for them. Then once they are on my product page it's time for more exact pictures combined to good sales pitch. There is a lot more ideas but bottom line, if you are unhappy with the result, don't repeat the same process more often, change it, adapt it, diversify, try stuff. Good luck
  13. Hi! can you post us a link to your stuff?
  14. just food for thoughts.... personal opinions about the merchants vs bloggers relation Being surrounded by bloggers (you are as well I'm sure) I often hear them tell about their everyday blogger's life and I'm just amazed about all the stupid we (the merchants) make them endure. I'm amazed about the way merchant see this work relation: "You blog about my stuff to advertize my business and as a payment, I send you more stuff to advertize. Be sure to blog on a regular basis if you want to keep advertizing my business". Amazing they don't laugh at us. Let them blog by pleasure of blogging but please let's try to not look stupid. Try to use that same strategy with your local newspapers and magazine. See how they answer you. Are we (the merchant) just very clever and exploiting a few naive bloggers or is it us, the merchants, who are naive enough to think this is how it should be done? I've heard them all: "Take that post down you didn't blog the right dress color" or "You have to be THAT big to be allowed to blog about me" or "I didn't see a post about my stuff this week. You'll be kicked out of the group you know", etc, etc. Fellow bloggers: How can you be credible to your readers if you obey the merchants like that? Your blog is a media, not an advertizement flyer. Unless I got that wrong and your blog actually is a private newsletter for a few stores? Who wants to read that? Fellow merchants I know at the end the bloggers can pick what they want and just blog about it (many do). If they want to be on their knews and join store's blogger groups with weird ways and do what they are told, fine, nothing we can do about it. But we have to understand the less credible bloggers are, the less positive impacts they can have for us. Many blogger groups out there should be frown uppon and there should be more "promotion" for good blogging behaviors. Cheer
  15. Hi, I don't know what you sell and for how much so it's hard to say but my first advice would be to maybe review the price of your item. Personally, with items selling at an average of 1000-2000L a piece, I find it easier to take it easy and just release an item ever few weeks. This leave me all the time in the world to do the marketting and build without rush. If you are spending lots of time making many many items you later sell 50L, maybe you can consider reviewing that. Another thing is your marketting. Merchants gets all kinds of marketting propositions: "join our hunt", "join our event", "join our super low price weekely sale", etc, etc. Then there is the endless search for good satellite stores to rent and ad boards and midnight board and so many other things. In my experience, most of those gave me lots of work and little result. What does not work for me might work for you that's right but I doubt they all work well for anyone. Anything that's a time eater, scrap it and focus on the few that works very well for the little time they require. That will leave you with more time to work. Try new markets! For every action you are taking for your business, check how much time it takes from you vs what it brings you in return. You want to aim for max result with little time. If this is not what you get, try something else or try it differently.
  16. Flickr is full of groups for new releases of all kinds but its pretty tough to find one that accept adult rated creations. Does anyone know a few?
  17. I just updated to the new firestorm. Now, sometimes an object behind another actually appear in front of it or I am missing parts of an avatar. How can I fix that? Thanks
  18. Hello I just bought a kit of animations that comes with demo poseballs. As usual, I sit on them, accept to animate my avatar and the animations starts playing. So far no problem. Now I'm using those animations in a no poseball device (using avsitter) and suddenly, unless I turn my AO off the animations aren't playing. As far as I know, if the animations were of a lower priority than my AO is, I would need to turn my AO off even when using the demo poseballs. Am I right? Anyone has any idea what my problem is? Thanks
  19. I'm at a friend's house right now and I see on the minimap a dot where another parcel is. When I move my mouse to it it tells me what's there and offer me to double click it to tp to that location. What are those dots? first time I see on? I want one for my store :)
  20. Good to know. I was actually thinking of that as an option to sail. Looks like I better start searching now. thx
  21. I read about openspace regions with a max of 10 avatar and 750 prim max at a lower price. I never saw that kind of region for rent. Do they still exist ?
  22. That's what I feared. And if there is a way, chances are it will take more time to find it then than redoing the texture from scratch lol. oh well, thanks
  23. Hello. A while back I used a texture to make a particle chain. Today I'd like to make a small modification to that texture but unfortunatly, I'm sure it's in my inventory under a stupid name that mean nothing like "test 125" or whatever. I have the UUID tho. Is there way to use that to find my texture again or at least it's name? thanks
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