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  1. Ok lets make it easier.... 2 land impact would do to haha. thanks
  2. Hello, I need mesh shoes for a project and since they will be used as a prop and not as an attachment, I need them to be low prim and low land impact. Unfortunately, since most are to be used as an accessories, prim are often high with shoe, whatever how simple the built. So I'm asking here. Does anyone has full mesh boots or shoe that are 1 prim and 1 land impact for sale? If you do, please IM me inword, you might have found a client.
  3. any way to make ropes and chain look better? By that I mean like on this image bellow: http://imageshack.us/a/img845/126/particlerope001.jpg as you can see on the image the rope is not a continuous rope and is cut at many places. I find that annoying. Any tricks to prevent that ?
  4. Ha great. thank you very much!
  5. On Marketplace, if I look at the transaction history and there, if I click the name of a person who bought from me I can see if they made other purchases in the past. Now my question is, does that give all the purchases they did in the past or does this is only what they bought within the last few month or so ?
  6. Sad but at least I know I have to stop looking in that direction . Thank you for that
  7. Hi, not sure if this is for the animation or script section. I am familiar with using animations in my built but but i have problems with that one. Basically, I am making a 2 seat chair I want to wear as an attachment. This way anyone can use it anywhere. So far this is not a problem. where my problem start is when I want a 2nd avi to sit on the second seat of that same chair. Basically, how do we do that to allow to sit on objects worn by others? Thank you
  8. Was about time I start looking into this. Anyway... better late than never. I just updated one of my product today and I'm about to replace the old version with the new version of it. So far so good. Now I look at my sale history and see that I sold a few hundreds of that item. Any quick clever way to send those people the updated version of my items? If not, any advices for the future? something to setup to make updates easier? Thanks a lot for your help
  9. Very often I see people with a pic called something like TOS and when you read it you find a message that look like: According to Linden Labs, disclosure of logs without prior consent in a violation of the ToS. I am clearly stating to you, that by IM'ing me, having read or not having read these statements, you consent to being logged and that those logs can be used at my discretion without any further notice beyond these statements in this "Pick". Am I the only one who think this makes no sense at all and can someone confirm if it does, or not. I so hope it doesn't. SL look credible to me but maybe I got this wrong and maybe a simple pic can bypass their rules? I ask cause I saw this pic 100s of time through SL over the years
  10. I want reduce the prim I use at the store and save room. I thought it would be great if I could remove all those demos everywhere and only keep the vendors, then have a way to rezz demos when needed. So far I was not lucky and didn't find the right rezzer for that. Thing is, I don't need one that impose me changing the root prim by another (that would screw up the poses) or with weird scripts that makes the item un-usable So for items with animations like couch, beds, cages, stuff like that. Anyone has an idea of a good easy way to rezz them for store demo? Thanks a bunch
  11. Hello. I wanted to know if its possible to have the name on a button of a menu striken out like this bellow: s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ In case this forum does not support this kind of character, here is a link to show you http://adamvarga.com/strike/ Thank you
  12. BadEddy

    Mesh land impact

    I got a mesh made for me. What was delivered is a .dae file I can then upload to SL. So far so good, the mesh look awesome. Now the prim: my only disappointment. While I see some very complicated mesh items can sometimes take only 1 land impact, this one is 77. I'm sorry but 77 prims is not very acceptable for a very simple item. So could anyone help me figure how I could help this land impact problem? Is there anyway I can reduce it? Thank you
  13. Hello. I know how to use anims in my creation without problem. What I can't figure out is how to make those little hud that rezz 2 pose balls. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out ? Thanks a lot!
  14. Thanks for your input on that. I like my client to get what I advertised and its why I never listed items with 100 poses when its actually half that. However, I needed to make sure I'm not the one confused in the way to do this lol. Thanks!
  15. This may look banal but I've been wondering about this for a few weeks now. When I advertise my items on marketplace, I make sure to tell how many animations are in there. After all, that where most is so better tell about it. The way I advertise them is the following: If there is 50 buttons in the menus, I list is as an item with 50 animations. Am I doing this right? I see listing out there who will count the animations files instead (a couple anim being 2 animation files). Of course, that boost the numbers in the item description quite a bit. I know it doesn't give more at the end but I was wondering if I am not choking sales if I list a rug with 50 animations instead of listing it as a rug with 100. Any thought on that?
  16. Hello. I know to script furniture so chains link the cuffs to it once an avatar sit on it abut what I can'T figure out is how to make a set of cuff and link those cuff to each others (wrist to wrist and wrist to wrist). Anyone can point me to the right script to use for that? Thank you
  17. wow I have been looking for something to do this for months! Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! You just made my day
  18. Hello, I'm making a chair with a bunch of animation and with some of the anim an object is given to the avatar. Exemple: a book to wear for the anim where you read a book. So far no problem. Now my question is when comes time to set the permission on this book. The way I see it I have to make it Yes Copy, Yes Transfer to work and I'm concern about this. What do you guys do when building things that gives object? Any clever trick to achieve what I want to do while not doing anything against the TOS of that book my object will give? Thank you?
  19. oh ok ok! Not as simple as I thought but at least I know what to look for! lol. Thank you for your help
  20. Thanks for your reply. What I'm actually trying to do is find how to do this with my own animations. I know how to use animations in furnitures without problem but this, as explained above (to offer someone to join an animation ) without the use of poseball or object, that I have no clue how to make it
  21. Sometimes we see people offering to animate our avatar for couple anims like a hug for example. No poseball or objects are used for that, all we get is a pop up window that offer us to click yes or no. How does that work? What do I need to use a couple animation this way and offer others to join by clicking yes to animate their avatar? Thank you
  22. I need a full sim (just water) I can rent for a day once in a while for a quick ship battle. Ideally there would be water all around the sim but I guess I can live with a neighbour. Anyone know where I could look for that? Are there rental businesses who would consider this as a way to make a quick extra $ while waiting for a long term renter? Thanks
  23. llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "shootmenu", id); Ha! that was it! wow. thank you so much
  24. Hello, I am trying to use llMessageLinked in an object and so far I am having a hard time. Basically I have 2 scripts. The 1s takes care of managing the password people have to use the object and send a command to trigger the 2nd script when the password is right. So in my first script I have those lines here: listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string text) { if (text=="1234") { llSay(0,">>Password Accepted<< The Box Is Open"); llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, llGetScriptName(), "shootmenu"); } else llSay(0,"Wrong password"); } And in the 2nd script I have those lines here: link_message(integer Sender, integer Number, string message, key ID) { if (message == "shootmenu") { touched = ID; if (touched) { DisplayMenu(0); } } } Any idea where I made a mistake between those two scripts? looks like the 2nd does not listen to the first or its the first that do not say anything. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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