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  1. Thank you! 0.5 is still kind of awesome actually... oh well, I tried! lol
  2. Hello A mesh item using less than 0.5 LI, is it possible? All I need is small invisible prims to use as anchor point for particle rope and chain in my build. Right now I use small mesh cubes that are 0.5 LI each to not increase the prim count of the item too much. 0.5 LI is good but less would be even better! :D Thanks
  3. All good points. If someone wants the job, just send me a quick IM so we can talk of the details. Thanks a lot!
  4. For the same reason the guy renovating my RL house right now is not doing everything himself.... he wants to renovate more than just one house this summer and he is not a plumber.
  5. Hello, I am looking for someone interested in making a mesh dinosaur for me. This litte bugger is what I am interested in actually... or something close http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/kannemeyeriadr/92173# IM me if interested Thank you
  6. Very good tutorail! I want to give this a try but I could not find the kit inword. was it moved somewhere else? thank you
  7. I found someone to look after this project. Thank you
  8. Hello, I need a screw to finish a project. What I need is like on this pic HERE To make things easier, I can live without the threads since they will be inside the wall where no one see them. Finally, there will be 4 of those screws in my built and I would love if all together they could be under 4 land impact (0.5 li each would be awesome!). As for shadow map I don't know. Is it worth it for something like that? I don't know how easy (or not) it is to make those shadow maps so I'll go with the opinion of whoever makes it. IM me if interested in that small project Regards
  9. Alright, thanks you two for your feedback on that. Seems like the worst case scenario is a bad ranking for a week so nothing to worry too much about
  10. Hello I was about to edit an item description on MP when suddenly I figured I might maybe lose the search ranking it got over the months if I do that. Would I? I found the name not enough catchy so I wanted to try something better and I came up with a new verson of it so I will have to adapt the descrption aswell. Price goes up to cause its much better than before. So will MP still consider it as the same item and maitain that good search ranking I got for it over the month or will it basically reset it just like if it was a brand new item?
  11. This project is finished. Thank you
  12. Hello. I would be interested in a countdown script that will be used in an invisible prim worn as an attachement for some kind of game. The script should do the following: 1) set iteself to a random duration when worn. Lets say within a range of 30 min and 60 min. So if two people wear the prim they will not get the same time since its random. 2) Timer should start when the script hear the chat command: START. (if many people war one of those, their counter should all start at that moment) 3) Show a hover text in green above the prim while the script is counting down. 4) Say something in chat once it arrive to zero and from that point, show a hover text in red (instead of green). I need it copy an transfer since it will be used in an item to be resold and need it mod so I can customize: the time range, the text that will be shown in green, the text that will be shown in red and finally the message it will send in chat once the time is up. note: I do not want the remaining time to be visible. I want the 'when it hits zero' to be a surprise. Thank you
  13. A Hasp! Excellent, thank you! Now seems like I migh thave to replace all those sculpt component for mesh so I can use it lol. Fun Fun. Thanks a lot!
  14. ok the title is not very clear but I have no clue how its called. I have pretty much every sculpted padlock available on MP but seems they are all missing one important thing: That thing you use with it to actually lock the door. See the image bellow, I'm talking about that hinge kind of thing you lock the padlock to https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d1/-_Padlock_-.jpg Does anyone know if its already availabe somewhere and could point me in the right direction.
  15. If you have to chose one, what do you think is best to stay in contact with clients? Offering them to join an update group from which they will receive notices or a newsletter subscription from which they will receive NC?
  16. well, seems like I've done some good progress here. Thanks to you ladies. Mostly, lowering the life time of the particles and using a new texture of a much better size (and not just a thin rope surrounded by invisible) is what made the biggest differences. Its not totally perfect but at least I know what I get is the best I could. So I'm happy. And about LG, the only reason I use it is because its the one that came with the avsitter I use. Is there better options out there?
  17. Yeah, I understand the sim and many other things play in this. I found out about that the day I was running that rain system all over the sim lol. All I'm trying to do is to get the best effect I can (without freaking out too much about it). when I increase the length of the particles (from the script) I noticed I get a lot less breaking. Thats good. Now the problem with that is the particle rope will not alway stop at the anchor point because of that. I guess I'll have to find the best between both problems. now I looked through the script for that PSYS_SRC_BURST_RATE and could not find anything like it in this lockguard script. thx
  18. I found the help I needed. THank you
  19. I have an open source RLV Force Sit script that would need a little customization. When I click the device the script is in a menu open so I can chose who I want to grab. Now the problem is it keeps giving me that menu even after someone was captured and is sitting on the device. Anyone would be interested in making the necessary modification so that the menu does not open if someone is already sitting on that prim? Please IM me inworld if interested
  20. I'm still struggling a little with this. What I did so far is to use a new rope texture for the particle, one that match some prim rope included in the built. So that part works well. Now I'm back to how the particle cut and does not give a nice long continuous line. So I play with the length and width of the particle as well as the length and width of the texture I'm using. seems like this might get me somewhere. I'm thinking that maybe the key is to set the length of the particle the same as that of the texture? Lockguard use something like that for size: size 0.6 0.6 how does that translate in pixel?
  21. BadEddy

    RLV on AVsitter

    I'm moving this from another section of the forum: I use AVsitter for my products and I'm now trying to add RLV to a few of them. So far no luck. Anyone know how do make it work or would be willing to help with this? thank you
  22. Oups, didn't mean to post in the wrong section... pls disregard
  23. I use AVsitter for my products and I'm now trying to add RLV to a few of them. So far no luck. Anyone know how do make it work or would be willing to help with this? Basically AVsitter work from a NC which I build my menus that will scripts in action. The rlv part of it looks pretty much like MENU RLV BUTTON Trapped|77 BUTTON Release|77 ....giving me two button: Trapped and Release. Now the thing is I need a functioning script to answer to that.
  24. I contacted e-blink about this old subject but no luck. Did anyone saw the bottom of this and found a way to make llAttachToAvatarTemp work on AVsitter? I can easily give an item to the sitter when an animation is triggered but I don't think its the way to go. Not only it spams inventories but the item also needs to be set copy-transfer which is for me a big issue. if anyone has the answer to this thread and is willing to share that bit of knowledge, please IM me
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