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  1. A known smear artist in the adult business. I don't think that makes him a celebrity, rather a person non grata for many. Did heavy smear campaigns against Stroker Serpentine when Stroker filled a lawsuit for some copyright issues against Linden Lab. Used to call himself the "kang of Second Life", whilst the blogger scene just called him the "king of fake followers" when he promoted his porn magazine (which doesn't exist anymore I believe). I actually never met him and have no intention to do so at all. Go figure.
  2. Oh really? Please send me the name by PM. I take care of it. (Btw: Have you met Damien for your pics?) Back to Topic: I love your enthusiasm and temper. People do not always percieve what you want to say or portray. Especially escortsing and advertising in a forum (for whatever) can get you easily in the line of fire. Hence I suggest: Tone it down a bit. I know it is difficult to hide or tone down ones excitment about whatsoever. Bear in mind that not everybody is excited about what we do.
  3. I always had the impression, braging with "I have a Linden in my friends list" was like saying: "Look I have a bigger one." << *****, that is. Jumpman takes that to a new level!
  4. Maybe working for an agency would help preventing this. Just sayin. 🙂
  5. One does not exclude the other. I did my share of "social work" showing noobs free of charge how to slex (on an ALT though). Even wrote an entire series about it. Was hilarious sometimes.
  6. Some people are creepy. Especially those hard core stalkers, who want to meet that "sl porn lady" (me) in real. Probably hoping to get laid. I do not give anybody, whatever RL information other than where I am from and how old I am. The only other non-inworld-information is an email address created for my character totally anonymous. My domains names are registered with privacy option on (GDPR-mask). However. One creep went through a lot of efforts, to find out who is behind those websites (the rl company behind SLA Media). It is very difficult to actually find that information, unless you really know about SEO. Then you could do some backlink profiling, crawl websites with similar patterns (Google Analytics accounts, wordpress templates, google webmaster certification codes / files and so on). Eventually he found my phone number on our German! corporate blog...and called me. This were possibly the toughest 5 minutes of his life and I guess he will never do that again. I really gave him *****. Why am I telling you this? Keep your privacy. Avoid or even block people who "demand" anything from you. There are creepy people around. If you tell them too much, they will find you. You have been warned.
  7. Well, For YOU it is a place to explore your fun side. Others might be there for business, or to explore their creativity, to learn somthing or to explore sexual kinks. An example: If someone would walk into my SL office whilst I do a sales presentation to a potential advertiser and turns it into some kind of slapstick comedy, I would hit the eject button. There are many reasons to be in SL and they do not have to match yours. Each to his own.
  8. Here is the trick: The best and most effective way of making friends is: Stop making friends! Don't expect to have any friends. Limit yourself to socializing and sharing interests with no friendmaking intention at all. Then they will find YOU, instead of YOU finding THEM. Trust me, It works.
  9. Because for some people it is solely the fun of playing a role, just like an actor.
  10. Yes. Does happen to me sometimes (including climax). Just let it happen, nothing wrong with it. 🙂
  11. Well they actually can, within the European Union.
  12. You do not loose your citizenship for that. Obviously. But you would be risking a fine.
  13. I am German. By definition of the German constitution anybody who holds the German citizenship is German. (Art. 166, GG) Of course including Germans with a migration background. Your genetic, religious or cultural heritage has nothing to do with it at all. It's a diverse, multi-ethnic people who came from many different tribes and ethnics, mixed up with several other cultures over the years. And that is a good thing. If you do not have a German ID or German passport you are not a German, no matter how often you claim to be. It is really that simple.
  14. Hi Pearl "Window shoppers" are part of the job. In my experience there are different types of window shoppers. Some come because of curiosity, others to look at pretty girls, others like the idea of chatting with naughty girls and very few to tell you that they don't need our services because they are so irresistible anyway. The later just want to boost their own ego. Some even hope for a freebie and try to talk you into that. You will also have travelers who are curious about the sim as such - the build, the overall feel (not the girls). No matter which type it is: We are in a service business. It is important to treat every guest or every region visitor in a way that he leaves the place with a good feeling about it. He might tell others about the experience (good or bad), hence might at least serve as promotor. Don't feel offended. That's the way it is. Get used to it. Put your energy on making paying clients happy and build a loyal regular customer base. Just my two cents. Btw: We need to get your photos done 😉
  15. Psstt, just a reminder: We need consent from client for that.
  16. Very funny. Actually we do use hooks: Websites and porn movies.
  17. Please give them the LM of the SLA Media Penthouse. (/me runs switching on all cameras and chatrecorder in the house) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Novazeit/181/98/3005 We will have a lot of fun with them. Good chance they bump into Bagnu there, working somebody's *****.
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