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  1. I just noticed that when I make applier clothing layers visible, my Maitreya lara body shows through a fitmesh top, but it doesn't show through when I do not make the clothing or underwear layer visible. See photos. Why is that? Aren't applier clothes just like a coat of paint, just replacing the skin pixels on the parts they cover?
  2. Thanks for the responses. I logeed off, deleted cache, and logged back on, and I was fine. Whew!
  3. In the photo, I'm wearing a Maitreya V4.1 mesh body that has had the LAQ applier that goes with my skin used on it. I do not understand what is wrong. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. "I don't really have any skills but I'm willing to learn." Would you say that in a RL ad, or would you try to showcase whatever skills you have? Why not do the same here?
  5. I don't care what it does or doesn't do, but I want it to look good.
  6. Ann Otoole wrote: 5 years and 85k inventory items and not one is named ip replacement. I recommend you work a little harder on where you shop. Thanks, Ann. Can you be more specific? How should I "work harder?" Should all residents forego all freebies? If not, what are you recommending?
  7. I know that when I find something named IP Replacement in my inventory, it means that LL removed content that I did not have the right to posses. In my case, that is always because I received it from someone else who didn't have rights to it, which I didn't know. These are always freebies. I am curious about three things. How can I know what was replaced? It's not important for the freebie that I have had replaced, but I am curious. I also wonder about a situation where someone has sold multiple copies of something to legitimate buyers and then it gets stolen and multiple illegitimate cop
  8. DafneLis wrote: So now I am a bit paranoid, do they want my information to charge me, since I DID use fake information at first - I am not denying my fault here- Or do they want my real documents to help me out and reactivate my account… I would send them what they asked for and not worry. No US Attorney (federal prosecutor) is going to waste time and money prosecuting something this trivial, nor would LL waste time and money on harming a customer when it would do nothing to benefit them.
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