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  1. I got a building with C/M/No T settings copied to mesh. I sell it for 275L and now another merchant sell it no textures for 1.990 L on SLM with loads of Copyright mombo jumbo on there. It is MY design, nothing more or less. WTF hapend. Can some one explain to me the process, how this is done? I want to see if there is some thing I can do to prevent this from hapening. How is this possible?
  2. Thank you Cerise for a good solution both creator and customer can use (that is if the product with the texture applied is set to modifiable). How ever I am still curious what is wrong with my alpha textures?
  3. Oki it was not what I asked but when you take it there... What is wrong with the texture?
  4. For some reason the rendering feture for automatic alpha mask is set to "non-deferred" in Viewer 3 (and Catznip viewer too). Is there a valid good reason for this? I need to explain this to customers that can't see things as they was made to be. They get scared when I tell them to start the "Advanced" menu, activate the "Developer" menu and under "Rendering" un-check "Automatic Alpha Masks (non-deferred)".
  5. I did the thing and thank you Heavenly, with friends, for caring and acting. Every thing has to start some where and I am totally convinced that professors from the famous Vitamine Institute in Wien would just trash this virtual world with their pea brains and lack of social skills any how so... Good job guys and I hope to hear more from your group and other groups like this in the future.
  6. Oki. Thanks. Then they should ask for experienced users to fill out a bug report/Jira with a link where to do that instead for feedback. To me bug reports and feedback is two different things.
  7. Does any one know where Linden Lab want me to put my note with experiences? They shure do not tell on the download page where they ask for feedback.
  8. Yep. My building buddy hade the permision change thing last night too. I'll take a vacation...
  9. Seams it is only me... sigh... SL... I'll go beach bumming till my SL-migraine is over...
  10. 2 prims positioned in exactly same x, y & z coordinates in world. Prim 1: Spherex, y & z dimentions 3.5 meterPrim 2: Cylinderx & y 4.75 meter and z 0.12 meter.Hollow 70 %Same error in all wievers I tried "Second Life: Link failed -- Unable to link any pieces - pieces are too far apart." Spent 2 hours on this issue and in 4 sims. Any sugestion to whats up THIS TIME with SL? Geting soooo tired...
  11. "I don't really know why it doesn't also try to align Default-mapped textures. There are plenty of ways that textures may be impossible to fully align (e.g., on differently warped surfaces), whatever the texture's mapping. So maybe TPVs do their best to align non-Planar mappings, too." I think... ... default texture mapping is direct linked to the prim (its size ratio etc etc). Planar is linked to "point of view" or in SL's case it is linked to the world grid allowing the aligning cross surfaces with one main prim as reference independent of the joint surfaces size ratio etc. Hmm not sur
  12. "Can you like up textures that fast with the firestorm/regular building tools as well?" Lining up textures in Firestorm building tool-box never been easier. 1. Select "Select face". 2. Select while holding shift the surfaces you want to align. 3. Select "Mapping" "Planar" from texture tab. 4. The texture will change drasticly so adjust the repeats and offset so the main texture surface is ok. 5. Check the checkbox "Align planar face". Voila! GOOD TO KNOW: The last selected surface will be the surface the other surfaces will adjust to! So select the "main surface" of your task last
  13. I changed to following scripts that works (still). http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Phantom_Child My little Shack of 53 prims did not become 63 land impact as with the "none" solution. and works perfect in SL Viewer, MG-Viewer, Catznip, Firestorm, Phoenix, Hippo and a bunch of other tried ones. Adding a disclaimer to my items after this disaster. PS. Funny thing. I took prim after prim off from the cottage and left the "non" in the linkset and taking away "prims" hade no efect on land impact. Still showed 63 prims counted in land impact and taking off item from sim and adding but still
  14. "Um... duh? Because you got banned." Um-duh? Why did I and many with me get banned in the first place WITHOUT ANY REASON??????? I should not be in the position to crawl to the ovners feet and licking asking why in the first place. Ofcause I IM'd both owner before I posted but as you migt see from others been banned etc no one gets an answer.... Duh!!!
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