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  1. Alright, I've been having this issue as well... for several days. Clearing cache and trying on a different browser didn't work.
  2. "Platinum is the newest club on the Grid; a family-owned establishment! We play everything from pop to Industrial, oldies to Top 40, and goth to country! We strive to be welcoming to all walks of life, be it furries, humans, elves, dragons, the old and the younger crowd... you name it, and you'll fit right in!So if you're looking for fun, games (we have Mad Libs and Greedy!), contests, good music, epic DJ's, amazing people, and wonderful conversation, look no further than Platinum!"Hello there, and thank you for your interest in this advertisement!Are you a fun, outgoing person? Do you, perhaps, DJ, and need a club to do it in? Does the above sound like a place you'd want to visit?When I say that this is a family-owned establishment, I don't mean that we're a bunch of random people who got together to create a family. My three sisters and I have known each other, and have been sisters, for well over five years. We met in IMVU and all came here (in my case, back here) together. We all had successful places in IMVU, so it seemed only natural that we start something up in Second Life as well!We are looking for fun, friendly people to join us in our endeavor to have a nice club/hangout, with good tunes and creative events. Do you feel like you can contribute?Hosts and DJ's keep 100% of their tips as we believe that hard work should pay off. We do not provide a salary, however, so you must be a self-motivated individual, willing to network and bring people in. There is room for advancement within the ranks, and all are welcome!Applications can be found at the entrance of xPLATINUMx, or feel free to contact me via notecard or IM (preferably both, in case my IM's get capped) and I can send you the application of the job you are interested in. Thank you for your time!Lycari Ghostraven
  3. I find that the people who protest against drama are typically the ones who shove theirs on other people. TYPICALLY, not "always". We all have drama. I prefer to not talk about my own, since it's always RL "drama". and I come on Second Life to have just that: a second life. My second life is mostly drama-free, however I find that I hear about other peoples drama... which is whatever. As long as you're just venting it and not trying to get me involved in it, I honestly don't care. If you ask for my opinion, and I give it (in my all-too-blunt way), and you don't take it and then try to come at me with more drama because you didn't listen, I tend to ignore you or "lol" or "aww" wherever applicable. If all you have is drama to shove on me, I tend to make myself invisible to you. Sorry. I'm preventing drama by pretending that I'm not online, versus telling you off. If we've become friends, I expect there to be drama as we are human (I think?) and life happens... so I genuinely do care, I try not to offer unwanted advice, and I try to just listen. Whatever the case is, I don't think we "abhor" drama so much as we abhor drama from people we just met/people we haven't established as friends. After all, drama is pretty much just unwanted information about someone's issues.
  4. I think a lot of things I've seen on SL are "crazy". I've seen those big prim... endowments. As a matter of fact, at an event that I was at, a friend and I had some good laughs about it. Well, not the endowments themselves, but the fact that they didn't match the person's skin as well as I am sure they thought they did. I'll admit, I don't understand the mindset of the people who do that, nor the fetishes. I know that everyone is different, and someone is attracted to it, or it wouldn't be so... rampant. When I officially joined SL in 2010, I made my own shape (after seeing that everyone was over 7' tall and tanned to heck). I went for a more pale looking skin, and my avatar height was 5'5" because I find it to be a comfortable height, since it is my own. Admittedly, it made dancing with the 10' tall men look just ridiculous, and even wrong. A friend of mine that I frequently danced with bought me a 6'9" tall avi that I found to look fake, but he liked it and that dancing thing did clear up tremendously. lol Now I just don't care. I am a 4'11" elf, normal sized... everything, a slightly smiling face, and I'm naturally tanned-looking versus that fake tan. Sure, I've been mistaken for a child, but once I point out my profile, which clearly states that I do not RP as a child, that if I RP it's as an elf, and that I'm of age, it seems to get cleared up pretty quickly.
  5. No, it's definitely not wrong to say "hello" to people when you're out and about! Just don't expect them to say anything back. Truth be told, when I manage to get to a store, I try to say "hello" back if someone says it to me. Since I rarely pay attention to local, however, admittedly I am sure I have neglected to acknowledge someone who has said something to me. I'm not intentially being rude... honestly, I forget local even exists, and I'm usually IMing someone. Sometimes, in particularly laggy-type stores, I just run in, grab what I want, then get out. Just don't take it personally. We were all raised differently, from different parts of the world, and one person's insult is another person's normal.
  6. Haha, what a lovely place! I've seen a lot of my own personal gripes listed here, but I'll list them anyway. 1. Blinging anything. RL diamonds don't even do that, so why should your SL shoes? Boggles the mind... 2. Anything that talks in chat that shouldn't. Like talking tummies (I've been lucky, I've only seen one since I came back), Xcite parts (couldn't just put that away while you danced at the busy club, huh?), those bloody gestures that are incessant and are somehow always louder than the music. 3. No offense to store owners/sim owners, but you know those stores that, for some reason, the owner(s) have decided to rez every single laggy object available in SL? I know that it's your store, but why make it so difficult to get through? 4. Random teleports and random friend requests. Can't manage a "Hello" first, and we're going to be friends? 5. A tie-in to #4 is... the people who ONLY say "hi", then they stop talking. 6. The fact that you write up a really good profile so other people can read it... and so you've painstakingly laid out, in example, the fact that you're not looking for cyber/RL romantic relationships because you're taken and happy with that... but they don't read it. So you get into a lengthy conversation with them and suddenly you're the person of their dreams. And you're like "woo, made a friend today!" and they're like "I'm gonna marry them". Makes you wonder why you bothered. 7.Last, but not least, feeling like a dolt because you put up a "looking for friends" ad and haven't been on when the only person who replied has been. Sorry, Hippie!
  7. I find that a lot of people who are "violent" against Christianity are the ones who have it forced upon them through either blatant Bible thumping, or misleading titles on forum posts, such as your own. As an atheist, I believe your assessment of atheism is incorrect as well. Frankly, I think you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and decided to use the forums to preach at people and, dare I say, convert them to your beliefs through the words you poorly chose in your post. Unless I'm just reading too far into it. And I might be. I'm tired. All in all, I'm not too surprised at the negative responses you have receieved to this post. I know a lot of Christian homosexuals, and, honestly, none are as "holier than thou" as you have protrayed yourself to be here. Next time you post, could you please make the title relevant to the actual things contained in said post? I was led to believe that this was to be a discussion about whether there was freedom of religion in Second Life, not to be thumped with a person's interpretation of other people's chosen religions, or lack thereof. Edited to correct typos. Remind me not to post when sleepy.
  8. So, I've been on SL off and on for about 2 years now, and two days ago my laptop broke, so I am unable to leave my home very often because my desktop is just wretched. Not being able to leave my home pretty much means that I can't meet anyone new. Second Life has gotten pretty boring because of this! A little about me: I am 29. I am a female. I prefer the company of older people. I have 7 (and soon 8) ABC horses, so if you're a breeder/collector/racer we'd have something in common there. I'm into shopping (of course), and dancing... but I can't really do either for the next month. I'm taken in RL, so dating isn't the point of this post. I like music... everything from Backstreet Boys (yeah, yeah, I know) to David Bowie and Puscifer. I enjoy video games such as Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, and I don't believe DA2 was a horrible game as most other people seem to. In fact, it's my favorite. My favorite Final Fantasy was IX. I adore Star Trek: TNG and The Golden Girls, Glee, House, and True Blood. I am not into the vampire games, so I won't try to recruit you! Bonus, right? Anyway, I hope this isn't too long. I've read some of the other posts and felt they lacked any real information (no offense!) and wanted to be thorough. I am typically on from either 5am SLT to about 10pm SLT, or I am on from around 1pm SLT to 5am SLT depending on my completely screwed up sleep schedule! Feel free to reply here, or shoot me a PM in SL and, if I'm not on, I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.! Sounds easy enough, right? :D Thanks for your time! Lycari Ghostraven
  9. That happens to me during "peak hours". I'm pretty sure it's lag. I have yet to find a cure.
  10. While I have just recently learned my way around a prim and a texture (made a picture for my wall! My first build ever! Hehe) I have learned that there is a lot of overpriced garbage out there, from both reputable and relatively unknown companies.Thankfully there has been a demo for some of it (like shoes/clothing/etc), but I've paid dearly for things because there wasn't one. Now, don't get me wrong, I read reviews. I love reading the reviews because if there's ANY mention of needing to know how to edit something beyond a tug here and a pull there, I don't buy it. I can't even get prim feet/shoes/etc. to match my skin, and I paid a lot for this one brand which requires that ability. Sadly, I wasn't aware. All that said, I am now a lot more picky than I used to be. I've learned which companies to use, which to leave behind, and I definitely ask my friends about their recommenations. If I am unsure, I just don't buy it. It's just that simple. And by having that mindset, I usually find that a little later I find the PERFECT item. Patience is key.
  11. For the record, I agree with you... especially about having people welcome the new folks. I just wish they would read this. All of what you're saying has been said before all over this forum, but nothing comes of it. So I completely agree with the "LISTEN" aspect.
  12. No problem! I had to ask my friends in SL to make sure my internet wasn't having issues.
  13. It's down for myself and my friends, too. So yep!
  14. Haha, "what does this notice mean that 'fangs' wants to animate my avatar?". That sounds about right. My first Second Life experience was that my computer couldn't run it. That was 2007. When I came back in 2010, with a much better laptop and a new avi (since I couldn't remember my password for the old avi)... that experience was interesting. To put it delicately... a human in horse form... told me to hop on a poseball to "sit". Needless to say, he didn't mention what I'd be sitting on. If my boyfriend hadn't seen the whole thing and convince me to just block that creep, admittedly I would have never looked back. The next day, with a fresh mind (albeit tainted), I set off into the world. I wasn't entirely sure what I was here for, so I figured that exploring would be a good place to start. A vampire approached me someplace and asked me if I wanted to join her clan, yadda yadda. Much nicer than my first experience! I agreed, and like the rest of the "newbies", I joined Bloodlines. Of course, that was long before I realized the sheer amount of oversaturation, but my clan was the best thing that happened to me! They taught me why I was wearing that box, and how to remedy it... they accepted me immediately, without question, and even paid for me to get my Bloodlines HUD and some new outfits so I wasn't a noob avatar. Without that experience to wipe out my initial experience, I wouldn't be on SL today.
  15. I didn't realize this until now... but I don't buy products that I see on marketplace if there's an avi like that wearing it. It's not something I did consciously... I really think a sadface is... sad, and why would I want to emulate sadness? I did "try on" a few of those shapes, and, not to bash the merchants, but it was just horrible looking at my avi's face. And the pencil legs, with a sad face? It just doesn't look healthy. Like the song says "When you're smiling... the whole world smiles with you". I think it works that way in SL, too.
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