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  1. I tried with avastar too, but it was not working. It is a necklace made in zbrush, this version is just a low that I created, because I thought the error was many vertices. If anyone has the same problem: Avastar> Skinning> Strategy (choise meshes)> so select just uppermeshbody> Blind to armature. Thanks for the answers
  2. Hi, skin weight is not exporting to second life. Does anyone know what to do? Look good in blender But there is no option to include skin weight in second life
  3. My BOM skin gets blurred on my legs when editing appearance, I edit my shape for my avatar to upl?oad completely to I take photos How to fix?
  4. I already sent a message to him, but I still haven't got a reply. I accept script tips that work with linked objects.
  5. Boa tarde, a imagem sempre é redimensionada no perfil não importa em que tamanho faça o upload, eu faço o upload das minhas imagens pelo site do second life, pois possui menos problemas e muda em todos os visualizadores, mas mesmo assim ficam no tamanho padrão.
  6. I buy RenderWorks Texture Change HUD Scripts 1.0. and I wonder How to apply texture hud to just one object of linked objects? Whenever I apply the texture, it is applied to all linked objects, but I would like to apply only one. It is a house with several linked objects, each object has its own texture.
  7. Thank you very much to everyone who answered the topic, following all the tips, finally get 😃
  8. I separated the cover, but without success. I modified vertices, but without success. I used Limited dissolves, but nothing, I don't know what I do anymore, I didn't want to lose this building, I spent almost a month building it.
  9. 2019-07-24T03:44:05Z INFO # llprimitive/lldaeloader.cpp(902) LLDAELoader::OpenFile : Collada Importer Version: 1.4.1 2019-07-24T03:44:05Z INFO # llprimitive/lldaeloader.cpp(912) LLDAELoader::OpenFile : Dae version 1.4.1 2019-07-24T03:44:05Z INFO # llprimitive/lldaeloader.cpp(1031) LLDAELoader::OpenFile : Importing Plane.003 model with 1 material references 2019-07-24T03:44:05Z INFO # llprimitive/lldaeloader.cpp(1038) LLDAELoader::OpenFile : Plane.003 references 2019-07-24T03:44:05Z INFO # llprimitive/lldaeloader.cpp(1071) LLDAELoader::OpenFile : Collada skins processed: 0 2019-07-24
  10. I've already tried: Mesh>Clean up > remove doubles and Mesh>Clean up > degenerate dissove and not work. my secondlife.log file is huge, with hours from 02 to 03, being 08 hours, I have no idea what to copy.
  11. Hi, I build a building in blender, and soon after following some forum tips to build the Physics of the same, but I have not been successful in upload, I do not know where I am going wrong
  12. I can not log in to aditi, the following message always appears: Login Failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check http://status.secondaditi.net to see if there is a known problem with the service. If you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup.
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