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  1. I know it's not the purpose of the topic, but this script is wonderful, I just happened to come here when I was going to open a topic about door script, and it worked perfectly for me.
  2. I'm trying to create a house in SketchUp. Whenever I upload it to the second life it seems to have an invisible prim that causes the avatar to be above it, I activated Phantom in it and then my avatar was below it, I thought to put a prim, but whenever I put the prim with the house the Phantom is active in both and my avatar re-enters the same, how to solve this?
  3. I threw a pool and a float in my new home and get the following message: Can't rez object at { 123.255, 208.246, 20.8792 } because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership. Both items were not copy, they were gacha, what do I do now to recover them? I've been to the location and they are not there.
  4. Sorry, but free bodies usually does not provide a good experience, usually a store puts free of charge what has presented some problem or want to call new buyers and blog. My tip is: Buy a body in mesh, try several bodies paid, adjust to stay as you want, buy free clothes that find a blog for him, so you will have notion of what has more free clothes. And migrate to it as soon as you have l $.
  5. yes, they all work, at least they work well when tested in the store. Mainly adjustable, gave to choose the opening and still
  6. Yes, [HD] is very good, just the smile that I found very open. For smile I tried Bento Adjustable Facial Pose - Laugh and Atblue. Bento Face Poses - Smile 1-4, both good. Chrysanthemum's is somewhat better because it is adjustable and also AO.
  7. I found now a Hud in the Flickr called [HD] bento Facial expression HUD, I tried the Demo and is perfection. But, I accept new tips.
  8. Do you know of any store with good facial expressions for Genus head?
  9. I use the official viewer , before I put the resolution above the capacity of my browser, for the images to be more neat. But now, even at recommended I have problems.
  10. I can no longer take a photo in second life above the resolution of the screen, my screen has a low resolution 1280x1024, I can only take photo now in this resolution, when I put it to increase it, the second life stops working, being that I always took a photo with 3k ~ 5k resolution to edit them later, how do I solve this?
  11. Okay, signing the premium again, can I sell a parcel of land that I buy from someone or the abandoned land that LL sells? I'm tired of the LL houses, I wanted something on a beach land, since we're in the summer and moving house afterwards. But I do not like rent. Thankful
  12. Hello, I have an account in second life a few years ago, I always had a premiun account, but for a few months I stopped paying, my status became as payment data informed. These days, I noticed that in '' my land aba '', it says that I have 1024m² avaliable for purchases, in this case buying a land in that size, what fees would I have to pay considering the information I gave on this topic? Thankful...
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