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  1. FernandaCassia

    take photo above the screen resolution

    I use the official viewer , before I put the resolution above the capacity of my browser, for the images to be more neat. But now, even at recommended I have problems.
  2. FernandaCassia

    take photo above the screen resolution

    I can no longer take a photo in second life above the resolution of the screen, my screen has a low resolution 1280x1024, I can only take photo now in this resolution, when I put it to increase it, the second life stops working, being that I always took a photo with 3k ~ 5k resolution to edit them later, how do I solve this?
  3. FernandaCassia

    Purchase of parcel without premium account

    okay, thank you ?
  4. FernandaCassia

    Purchase of parcel without premium account

    Okay, signing the premium again, can I sell a parcel of land that I buy from someone or the abandoned land that LL sells? I'm tired of the LL houses, I wanted something on a beach land, since we're in the summer and moving house afterwards. But I do not like rent. Thankful
  5. FernandaCassia

    Purchase of parcel without premium account

    yes, --
  6. Hello, I have an account in second life a few years ago, I always had a premiun account, but for a few months I stopped paying, my status became as payment data informed. These days, I noticed that in '' my land aba '', it says that I have 1024m² avaliable for purchases, in this case buying a land in that size, what fees would I have to pay considering the information I gave on this topic? Thankful...
  7. FernandaCassia

    Avatar hardware skinning X Mesh

    Yes, but I notice that some of the clothes I wear are not so affected, so I will not take a print or photo because I think it's unethical, but if you try on some good designer clothes you bought, you'll see that it's activated or not. clothing remains very good, with small differences -- I did a super smooth, and it improved a bit, but the folds got very weak in texture Avatar hardware skinning disabled
  8. FernandaCassia

    Avatar hardware skinning X Mesh

    yes, but in this case I mean something that can do in blender, maya, zbrush that improves it, maybe a super low, or maybe a bake with a lot of shadow ... anyway, things that make it a little less terrible. =)
  9. Hello, I have been trying to do a legging outfit in recent weeks, and although it is not finished yet, it seemed nice for my avatar to use, but by putting second-life quality at the very least I saw that it had changed dramatically, due to the deactivation of avatar hardware skinning. Then I 'smoothed' the same and uploaded, but the folds are very smooth and bad. Anyone know how to get defined folds and at the same time have good mesh in basic configuration (avatar hardness skinning disabled? Or at least some way that can lead to this? Avatar hardware skinning enabled: Avatar hardware skinning disabled:
  10. FernandaCassia

    Dress with error in weight / import of bad avastar body

    After several attempts, I had to download the body again, I do not know what the bug was, it worked perfectly with me until 15 days ago and did not update anything. I still have two defects, because I can not activate the alpha in these areas because of the transparency, but a weight manipulation should correct, Thanks for the comments.
  11. Sorry, but Slink is one of the stores that most embrace small stores, when I get the body slink my store only had 3 items.
  12. I have had problems with the weight of the maitreya body, I minded the same for the avastar using the same tutorial of the beauty, but the vertices of the body test and body in the world do not fit as it should, my dress as in the test body has had problem and is giving weight error according to the pose, does anyone have any tips? I do not know if I'm clear on what I'm talking about, but the image is clear, the white is the test body, my transparent dress and the maitreya body with the skin, they should fit, but it's not what happens. [ *Tutorial link to follow : https://avastar.online/help/rig-transfer-tool/ Note: In the case, I manipulated the weight, but without much success, I will take a long time manipulated error by mistake in different poses, have some other alternative or this is the only one?
  13. FernandaCassia

    Rigging problem

    Follow these steps:
  14. FernandaCassia

    TMP and Blender - Making mesh?

    I get him buying at the TMP store the Dev kit for L $ 1, and following the link that the store sent to download. It's a blend file, but to be perfect, you'd better open the blend file, and export it as in the tutorial I went through and follow those steps, so all the vertices fit perfectly and do not have too many problems. Note: TMP does not have alpha or I at least never can, so maybe you have more work with it than with other bodies.
  15. FernandaCassia

    Rigging problem

    Try to join the clothes with the body with keep and not Avastar in skinning tools, soon afterwards transfer the weight of the body to the clothes and only later move anything in her. I do not know if you've tried this, but I always follow these steps.