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  1. weirdly enough i just went to take a picture of the white hair and it just vanished XD! so hmm who knows and ty for the info as well :D!
  2. you can get rid of the gray stuff but editing your shape and then closing it but the hair Q_Q the hair wont go away LOL
  3. even mine is doing it i got the white hair as well lmao i think i think it's just a waiting kinda thing so just wait and see what happens i am sure it will be fixed soon and people can just ignore the idiots sadly the world is fully of them.
  4. Is there any guides or videos on how to get something to animate i bought a blade and it has no scripts or animations and i want to find out how i can can get the blade to work by putting animations ECT into it like poses and what not as right now it is just an empty shell and I really want to be able to use it rather than just have it as a static item that does nothing so any help would be amazing!
  5. yeah it's down for me as well in the UK V_V urgh what a pain
  6. So i bought this sword and i really love it but I was dumb enough not to look enough and it has no scripts or animations.. i can't transfer it but i can give permission to edit my objects im just wondering how much it could cost to have it scripted and have animations put into it? not sure if this is the right place to post but worth a try
  7. i should mention that that's not from SL haha its from a game called black desert ^^ but thank you i will look
  8. lordstu Nyoki

    Hair Help

    So i have been looking for HOURS now so though i would try asking here i am looking for a very spastic type of hair but i cant find it anywhere and i would LOVE to have it colours are not important i just want to try and find the same style or very close to it
  9. and this is what its like when i zoom on https://gyazo.com/2adcf141a2912329e726697639226a46 rather than looking right ahead its looking down on me U_I
  10. i really need some help im not sure whats happend or what i did but this is happening https://gyazo.com/85d5d5e0b6f8123c7f55a5204c8a76d I remember my camera being flat and i could look dead ahead but now my camera is facing down and i cant see jack now! and i have no idea how to fix it . its sooo annoying! I_I
  11. Going to bump this up as if you are looking for friends this really is the group for you everyone here is lovely and always willing to help so feel free to join
  12. Hello i am a mod from (SLFN) Second life friendship network it is a new group that has sprung to life and are helping people make friends I myself was a very shy person untill i joind this group and now i have a lot more fun we have weekly events along with random events here and there for eople to meet each other so if you like the idea of making some freidns please come and join either look for the group in world or IM me SL name lordstu.nyoki Thank you hope you see you and many others around!
  13. join the Group SL Friendship Network they are all such lovely people and are all looking to make new friends
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