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  1. Hi! Im currently looking for a stable, reasonably priced 1/4 or half sim. My plan is to have my home there, but also my photo studio, and a small bar (it's not a 24/7 club, or anything obnoxious or flashy. Its a small upscale venue that also serves as a rental venue for things like graudations and after parties. I'm happy to show you if you'd like). I'm open to negotiate, but I'd like to be less than 11000 a week for a half sim, and 4999 or less for a 1/4. Again I'm open to negotiate and am flexible on these prices if I like the land and the sales agent (double for the sales agent. Ive had
  2. Looking for a fun job with perks, that also pays a nice salary? I bet you are! I'm currently in the market for a sales rep, and since I'm expecting someone to work hard and actually help me out, I will pay good money for that help. I'm currently looking for someone to work on a semi regular schedule for me, actively promoting (this means more than sitting in an office, or sending out a sporadic notice to one group every few days) the studio, it's services, and helping to book clients. Please click here for full job listing info and link to the application. Please note: The full job descrip
  3. CreatiV Commons is a sim aimed at fostering community and art. Be it with fashion, writing, imagery, or performance. On our sim we have a theater, coffee shop, fully functional library, and a few other gems that you'll have to see. In our town square, we also have a few shops for rent, and all of our renters only sell unique and custom items - you don't have to worry about your store rotting away among a bunch of affiliate stores or vendors. Our stores are also just as unique as the items they come in. You wont find any prefabs here! Starting at 300L a week and variable prims, all shop rente
  4. Thank you jeanneanne, you've been added to the bookshelf "Personal Essays" in our library. If anyone else wants to add their own story or opinion piece, please respond here or send me a private notecard inworld. IF you want to see what we have out so far, the slurl to the library is below http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yamashiro/105/55/22
  5. I totally forgot to add that! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yamashiro/225/116/24 Other info Website: ichengdesign.com Flickr : flickr.com/chengphotos Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ICDASL
  6. As some of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Whether we know someone directly or not, this disease affects everyone. In support of the continuing fight against this terrible disease, CreatiV Commons, inKLine Media, and ICheng Digital Artistry have started their "we support the pink ribbon" campaign. For the rest of the month, ` the photographers at ICDA are offering one FREE picture. The only requirement is that you must wear something pink, and preferrably give us a quote on what the fight against breast cancer means to you or how you've been affected by it. We
  7. Absolutely! I actually have a server that is a furry and a bartender that is a furry/ brony. I'm more concerned with customer service skills and a great personality than what form you take in your SL. Apply away
  8. Hit me up inworld if you like.. it may be easier that way
  9. No need to apologize to me, but I think since you and Leia36 can't see eye to eye, maybe it's best to move on and politely ignore each other.
  10. I need to interject here.. before the thread got hijacked and off topic, what I meant by tell me your story, was share something about your SL that you think others should or could learn about (like if you're a vampire or something), or your RL cultural background... things like that. Basically human (or furry or vampire et ) interest stories. I'm sorry for anyone that's been misled in rl , SL or both, but that's not the topic of what I asked and if we can't get back on topic, if any moderators are reading can you close or lock this thread?
  11. Hmm. maybe there is a conflict of interest. We (CreatiV Commons), just opened and formed in the past few weeks. As for our goals.. My business partner and I each have our own businesses ( I do photo manipulations, and he runs a publishing house), and CC is both the name of our joint event/party planning company and the name of our sim. When we formed it, what we had in mind was to not only have a place where we could work, but also where other forms of artists and creators can come and work, relax and network. I'm sure its not all like that, but just being in sl for so long, there seems t
  12. Are you good at communicating with people and building up interest for products and services? We're looking for one or two good salespeople to work on our sim in the event and rental area. We have several venues and service staff for rent, as well as premium shops (premium as in only high quality original items sold.. not a space full of affiliate vendors), and unique affordable homes. This may become a salaried position as we pick up and finish building, but at the moment the compensation is commission, and free housing with bonuses for good performance. If you are interested and think you're
  13. Love wine? Love people? Vino is the place for you. We're a classy bar with the theme "Mad men meets after hours casual". We're looking for a few good people to join our staff as servers and bartenders. We serve both non alcholic and alcholic drinks (Including such specialties such as Absinthe, paga for our Gorean friends and Bloodwine for our Vampire guests). . Want to come in for an interview and see what we're all about? Come on in! We have in house events, as well as events that we host when rented out. Compensation for in house events is 90% tips, plus free housing after a tri
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