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  1. I also forgot to mention that I am looking for family members
  2. Hi there Just like many people I decided to take a long break from SL. I have been back now for a few months, but I am still struggling to make new friends as most of my previous pals have disappeared. Some things I enjoy include taking photos, shopping, dancing and cooking. Send an IM if you're interested in chatting - I'm easy-going and would talk to a wall if it would talk back.
  3. Hello everyone. Recently I've been faced with a lot of spare time as I have become unemployed, therefore I am offering Art lessons in second life. Firstly, it is important to know that I am not an art teacher, I have not done a teaching course. However, I do have a degree in Fine art and Art portfolio prep. I have studied the history and theory of art for years, along with practical work. So i'm confident i could help out people who are sitting exams, or who are simply just looking for a new hobby. Each class will last roughly an hour, and I will be charging L500 per class, which in my opinio
  4. thanks to you both for all the help! It's much appreciated. I never use the burn tool, and i understand what you mean about the shoulders, that bothered me too haha.
  5. hey. thanks for the help! 1-2k doesnt sound bad at all
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely day. I've been painting on photoshop from scratch since 2011, and since then I have went on to get a degree in fine art. Most of my time has been taken up drawing and painting, but just as a hobby. I thought about trying out Second Life photography for quite a while, and so far I have only made two pictures. I made more in the past, but I wasn't sure what I was doing. Basically I'm here looking for helpful tips, some critique and a possible price range, as I do not know how much this stuff goes for on Second Life. Any help is appreciated. Thank
  7. Not sure how this will float.. I've been on second life now for nearly two years but I have never had a job. I've applied for so many jobs with no response. All my friends get jobs so easy, which is kind of intimidating. I'm starting to think that it may be my lack of experience with second life jobs, therefore I'm looking for some experience, for a couple of weeks or so. I do not expect pay at all. I'm open to most types of jobs - Don't want to be too picky. Unfortunately I only have weekends to spend on second life, and won't be on fully until the new year. I'm in college studying art and de
  8. I think it's reasonable to judge people for doing it when it comes to morphing and stealing art. As an artist who's art has been stolen on several occasions, it's quite hard not to judge these people. I don't think it's fair that people can just do whatever they wish without permission, especially when it belongs to someone else. I agree about the last part you mentioned, but people these days make a living from their art, it's what they rely on to survive in some cases, so for some people it's important that they can get recognised in order to increase their income. Thanks for the opinion,
  9. I share your views! It's quite a disgrace from what I can see.
  10. That may be true, but from what I've seen, people have galleries full of art, made from various artists on DA, not just one, which is, obviously stolen. It's everywhere, really.
  11. Yea I completely agree. It is quite ridiculous from what I can see, although maybe it's because I came here thinking the art would be genuine for the most part. Apparently not. the photos that people morph on are also obviously a lot more realistic than a drawing from scratch. Which kind of puts me in a bad position as a person who's art is digital drawings. Meh. I dunno. Maybe I'll figure something out to fit in a bit better as an artist
  12. I don't buy art here on Second Life, I tend to make my own. There's so many people doing it, though, it would be quite hard to follow-up on it all. Maybe some of these people did get permission from the original artist, I don't know. It just seems unlikely for someone to allow another person to sell their art, for their own benefit. I thought morphing wouldn't be allowed at all, unless it was your own photo, or a stock image, and even with a stock image you usually have to credit the person who made it in the first place. Yet people use the bodies of well-known models and such. I just feel tha
  13. I feel like it's just me that's against most of the ''art'' in Second Life. After visiting some galleries and photography shops, it's clear that people consider themselves pro when they steal images from DeviantArt and sell them in their galleries for ridiculous prices, along with all the other art they didn't make. Morphing, takes away from the real life model and photographer, and most of the time would be considered stealing, depending on the photograph. I think it's just silly how people on Second Life have absolutely NO consideration for the real artists, who actually put in time and eff
  14. The only major difference from what I've seen between CS5 and GIMP is the smudge tool. I recommend not using the smudge tool at all. Either way, you will have to get used to one. If you are just starting out I'd save money, and just get gimp. Maybe buy a cheap tablet to start off too. Reminds me of the days I used gimp and a touchpad. Now using CS5 and a cintiq. Never the less, there are a lot of successful artists who use gimp. People always think their work will get a million times better after they change to an expensive editing software. That's not the case though. Infact GIMP would p
  15. A banner with ''fancy'' text should not be paid for. As a successful artist, doing most of my drawings on Photoshop CS5 I can tell you that it takes absolutely tiny effort to make a banner with fancy font. You could download fonts, or make your own. You could even handwrite it, if you use a tablet, and know how to grid it out and use spacing. I'm sure there's tutorials on this somewhere.
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