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  1. I have had this issue as well. When you create the listing it shows up blank. The item is still there, but the initial label is gone when you create it. Yesterday, as far as the issues go, I only had one failed delivery which is much better than the 3 days leading up to it. Luckily the customer repurchased, but it's been frustrating. Hopefully yesterday was a good omen that it's getting better. The day before (April 2nd) i had many more failed deliveries.
  2. I am noticing that for the past about 4-7 days, a large amount (compared to usual) of the orders people are trying to make re failing. Since marketplace no longer uses a magic box or even my own inventory to access items, I'm wondering why there are so many problems lately. This has been hurting my business as a lot of people don't realize their transaction didn't complete all the way, and don't rebuy the item. I'm noticing that this is happening a lot with transactions where people have more than one item in their order (not all items with me). Is anyone else having this issue?
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