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  1. Ok, I am going to throw this out there. I don't know if anyone else has suggested this before, but I am going to. When setting a mesh object to utilize the baking system... it would be great to be able to also mark it to only bake certain types of clothing layers. Say.. one for skin and tattoos. And a second 'onion layer' to only accept clothes thing layers.. underwear, shirts, pants, etc. This would still lower the number of onion layers needed on mesh bodies. But still be able to utilize the baking system, as well as alpa's with the baking system.
  2. I mostly sell full perm, however, I do understand why a content creator may want to have the item they made no modify. Simply, pride in their work. If a content creator works for days to fine tune a dress texture for a pice of mesh, and the sell it mod, the customer could then tint the dress to be matte black with no detail at all, or change it to a horrible color shade that would ruin the creators texture work. This then is seen by all the people that customer encounters, possibly leaving a negative representation of the creators items.
  3. I showed the picture to my partner. He sometimes makes weapons. He would be interested in makng something like that. We are on vacation right now. So it may take a while for it to be made.
  4. Amputate your foot with a alpha layer. Or you can right click on the shoe and choose edit. If the shoe is not rigged you will be able to adjust the fit with the edit menu. Also, check to see if the creator also included a boot base. putting shoes on can be a complicated process.
  5. If you are just starting out, you can check out many full perm creators items that are already available. We take suggestions at our store if you are looking for something, and can't find what you are looking for in sl. If you are looking for custom / exclusive items to be sold to you only at full perm.. And are only willing to pay a 'reasonable' amount, that's going to be hard. Most mesh creators put days in to a project, and hold a high value to what they do because they have spent a lot of time on the project, and developing their skills to be able to do it.
  6. We have unrigged mesh and sculpt feet. I believe one has a bracelet on it. They are full perm. So you can customize them to your liking. Also, you can I'm my partner who made them, and he may be able to help you. vaientine UNDERGROUND Owner
  7. I take suggestions for templates. Just put some urls with some images of what you are looking for and drop it in my suggestions box in the entrance to my store, and i will see if I can do it. Store is in my profile pics.
  8. LL cracked down on items that promote traffic. But were very selective in the process. They allow items like Lucky Chairs, and Midnight Boards. But not Camping chairs that make you sit for a period of time and then get a prize. We have had many requests for customers in our store to add a Sit and Win unit in the store. Which we are concidering. The title sounds like it may be a camping unit, but it really promotes others to bring friends to the store. The item is given when the last customer sit at the table. And has no time requirement to get the prize. When searching for one of these unit
  9. In my opinion, a successful business is what makes you happy. If you enjoy, and are proud of the things you make and sell that is what counts. But if you are wanting to get your name known in SL and make some cash, there are a few rules that I live by. First, is with anything you do or sell you will not get noticed if you don't advertise. I'm not talking about spamming anyone you see, but you need to do it legally. Set up shop, do hunts, do a mm (change it often and post for it in mm groups), I like doing promotions that promote loyalty, and weekly deals.. Like a 99L weekend sale.. Ect. Second
  10. If the item is not too distinctive, it may be able to be made. Send me a picture or send me a URL to a image, and I would be happy to take a look at it to see if it's possible.
  11. As a template maker, I always made demos for item using the regular clothing layers. However, there is the rare clothing items that do require a tatoo layer. I have found that sheer items (including lace) can sometime ONLY be put on a tattoo layer. This is mostly because seams between two clothing layers is not even, and can ruin the look of the item. For Example.. one of my favorite items the June Shirt. it has sheer fabric down the arms which goes into the wrist, on the hand. If you were to put this template on a shirt layer, and a glove layer, it causes a very unsightly seam. Seams that t
  12. We went to the Beta Grid to test this.. If i recieve a Landmark, Notecard, Animation, Clothing.. i want it to go into the Folder it belongs. I mean... thats why we have them.. right ? This Recieved items for ALL items is not going to work for me.. or anyone i know... at all!!! most of the time.. when i recieve an item from... lets say.. the marketplace... it goes into my 'objects' folder.. the 'catch all' folder as of right now... so... now... they want to make a NEW Catch all folder.... what I am seeing here is.... people.. that already have a junk drawer... decided... to make a bigger junk
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