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  1. Ahhh... OK. I just had one of the linden homes that they give you when you upgrade. But thanks for the details folks. 😀
  2. Hmmmm... I am on an annual membership that renews in a few days. Is the above still an issue?
  3. Thank you! This is all very helpful. Be well!
  4. Cool beans. Also, should I take everything from my land before I release it?
  5. Hey there... Downgrading for a bit. What happens to my inventory when I go back to a free account? Will I lose it? Also, should I take everything from my land before I release it?
  6. This is an excellent suggestion for the SL design team. I am sure there would be in increase in revenue if they were to add automated features such as this to the marketplace.
  7. Words have meaning avrilqueen. Words. Have. Meaning.
  8. Sounds like this should be a project for you in 2018 Teneisha. I would love to see something like this in SL.
  9. I am always happy to explore. Feel free to ping me anytime.
  10. Interesting that you think the Sansar Linden team is learning about VR simultaneously with the users. I actually don't mind that idea as long as there is noticeable improvements and continuous momentum.
  11. I did some research on VR headsets this past summer. Maybe I will make that investment next year. Have you tried Sansar yet? To me, I think the people it benefits the most at this point are builders.
  12. Thanks Nalatas. I plan on getting a controller next week and look forward to trying it. It's surprising that more info about this topic is not easy to find. I would think that a fair amount of users want something more than their mouse or touchpad.
  13. Hey there, Would either of you (or anyone else) know if this controller and settings would also work with the native SL viewer? Thanks!
  14. Hey there Elenagrance... Your foot shows even with an alpha layer? Are you sure both the alpha layer and then the boot layer are on together?
  15. Thank you for all the feedback. I've learned a few important points.
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