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  1. Madelaine McMasters wrote: steph Arnott wrote: Madleline Blackbart wrote "Well of course you will dear. God forbid Pie EVER miss a chance to correct someones spelling and then him and crow (I think his alt) insult either the OP of the greater SL whole. Well frankly the SL world and perhaps RL would come crashing down if that were to happen!"" I did not find the question unreasonable. Asking clarification on an ambiguous sentence should never be taken as an attack. It was difficult to understand its meaning. Steph, it wasn't so difficult to understand that you couldn't do it. You
  2. Madeline Blackbart wrote: I will not lie and say i am the sanist of all people. That said I think it's safe to say neither are you. Erm, I have had myself checked by an expert (actually my wife persuaded the court to insist upon it) and I am apparently 100% sane, and have a certificate to prove it. It seems I do not sufffer from mental disease, but I am a carrier. Move over Typhoid Mary, here comes Madness Pxx. Edited to hide my real name.
  3. Madeline Blackbart wrote: Typically yes but pie normal does not ask questions he mearly insults. Trust me. So for me to read it as an attack having dealt with him before is not completely insane. How much insane then? 60%? 75%? 90%? Or perhaps more?
  4. Hippie Bowman wrote: Carole Franizzi wrote: Oh....this is an old thread....wonder if the OP and her SL love are still together....??? Oh hi Carole! Good question! BTW I love to necro post from time to time too! Erm, Carole's post is dated 2011, two years ago . . . Better get the prescription of your specs checked, Hippy.
  5. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Ha thanks Pie! On another note.. I had to look up what FIFY meant. lol Does that make me old? Old? Not necessarily. It just means that you are ignorant of conventions necessary to participate in forums without frequently making a fool of yourself. Which is better than, as are other contributors, simply being ignorant.
  6. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Haha I know the right word I for some reason put the wrong one.. Lol. I know Ill be teased.. Oh well. It was typical of me. FIFY!
  7. Really? Isn't it astonishing, the radical difference in meaning a couple of letters makes...
  8. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I know it was innocent because I know the OP in RL. It was innocently asked. I am the one who directed her to ask when she asked me. I offend anyone who is wrongly attacked. I personally dont know the whole situation, only she does. Sometimes the most obvious answer is not the one seen easily. Does anybody - except the poster, and perhaps not even her - have an inkling of what the highlighted sentence is supposed to mean? I have run it back and forth through Google Translate using the obvious language pairs, but it still makes no sense, Suggestions?
  9. Just do what everyone else does, Vanilla, Dom/Sub, or really perverted (like . . . Partnered!) and make an alt and cheat.
  10. carolinestravels wrote: I love the term "auxilliary partners" I prefer "serial, limited commitment, short-term, cyclical monogamy".
  11. Marrionetta Constantine wrote: he can only do him. Erm, I think the problem is that he is not restricting himself to solo masturbation.
  12. Morality is entirely personal; nobody has the right to insist that the attitudes of another are "right" or "wrong". Cultural stereotyping is inappropriate even in a culture which acknowledges and accepts it, unless that culture is static, self-sufficient and enclosed and not subject to external forces - which culture does not exist other than in Sociology text-books. Feeling the desire to ask this question is self-humiliating, whether you realise it or not; actually asking the question in public does humiliate you, as it does all those who are prepared to offer their own unsubstantiable opin
  13. Marianne Little wrote: This thread is so dead. :womanwink: No editing on the avatar images, just blurred the line between them. I was too lazy to make a "proper" collage. The dress and clutch is both from The Black Fair 2013. Store is Pure Poison, no 70 on this list. http://theblackfair-sl.blogspot.com.br/ A really hard fair to navigate, it's full and slow. The slurls does not take yu to the right shop, but at least you get a beam to navigate after. I didn't realise Madonna was one of a pair of twins!
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