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  1. Greifer cubes located on Wollah SIM ? Spams you to death and wants to send you to a Copybot web site? Muteing them does not seem to work either. Thinnk they would of removed them by now , it has been over a week or AR's sent in about them to no avail. You would think betwen advertins being copy bot and causing avatar crashes that they would be removed but has been at least 10 days... Safe spot to see them if nayone else would care to send in Abuse reports. . http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cairnlow/256/240/119 the actual location...... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wollah/244/46/98
  2. I know this has been talked about before more than likely but as an idea. Force alternate nonpayment verified accounts access to PG SIM's only. To go to the Mature rated and up they must make a paid account and can than link their alts thru that account to venture into the Mature grid. . Might help with limiting greifer activity etc. Would also breathe some life perhaps into PG rated landsas amore starter area to get a feel for the grid. Just a thought
  3. I've seen this as well. But nothing can be done, last I heard was Linden Labs had actualy added on the Grandfathered regions, that they are Grandfatheredin the Region info display. So hopefully those who rent land know the difference in pricing between a regular Estate and a grandfathered and don't fall for the 'regular Estate prices' they may charge on their Grandfathered Estates. But guessing on the 100 USD / Estate cost difference someone saves on per month on a full prim Grandfathered Estate, when times get tough on SL. They can pull thru easier and lower their costs to absorb other tenants to fill the void thru those times. Like I say you cannot compete against a monopoly. Your best bet is hopeing yor tenants are faithful and enjoy it where they are and refer their friends. Can't beat them at prices but you can show your tenants your there and offer alot of friendly service. I'd stay away from Estate growth though. Too hard and stressful to meet costs. Added: The big mistake made wasn't so much in allowing investors low cost Regions for their support thru the early days of SL. But more a case of allowing them to be sold between Avatars for years after.
  4. I've seen this as well. They often buy land set for sale by the Estate at 1L or whatever, setup and resell hte parcel for the costs per week tmies 4 for a discounted rate. Sent a few IM's to Estate owners over people playing this game with others land or in making sure if htey were on staff or on the level. Best to watch and be wary of any deal that looks to good to be true. Make sure that if they are in the land group land is in but also check to make sure they are the owners, managers etc. and not just joining an open Estate group to make it look like they are representing them. Check the covenant to find the actual Estate owner. Check the land before buying or paying a rent box or object on it. Edit them to see if they match the Estate owners name, not just someone in that land group. Check the land group for the names and see what positions the ones selling the land or that have rent boxes or payable objects on the parcel. Check the Covenant about who you should deal with for buying land parcels on the Estates as well.
  5. I love that too, helped me alot as well. Wish they performed like last spring. 16-17ms before lag complaints compared to 6-7 ms now.. 40 or more Avatars for starting to feel lag as opposed to 20 Avatars maybe now on an Estate you can setup upto 100 Avatar limits on. Really changed alot. The random lag spike on Homestead SIM's was the kicker, love that one. Right now not much care for Estates, so glad someone made something back from selling.
  6. Congrats Gusher! I would say the same, as far as resell alue, better to dump them, Estate side is a monopoly (Grand fathered Estates) can't break into that market at all if your looking to try rentals that side. In time Mainland will be the same if not already(wher eelse would you spend your money for the next closest product offering. Boils down to scratching one anothers backs, except one has a knife.
  7. What about a setting like object returns in about land settings for groups as well? If someone wants to set an inactive time limit in days/weeks idea to be auto removed.It may save abit of time for group owners going thru every 3-12 months to do the same thing. Just a thought to see what others think of this.
  8. Sorry to hear Chloe. Yes that does happen. Unfortunately quite often as well. Just need to watch how you set the land for sale. Unlike what some say.... no matter how much coffee you take in or how aware you are.... it will happen. The cool off idea is a good one. I forgot how one should post in here but thought that replies were to help.. Let me try, When you are setting your land for sale, set the price to 0 Lindens this should stop it from selling to anyone...I read this in another forums thread. If you accidentally set your land for sale at 0L it should cancel out and want you to go back and enter a specific avatar name. So try to get in the habit of setting land you want to transfer to another group by posting that as the selling amount. In case you forget to change from sell to anyone to specifice avatar. You can also ener in the search your own name to sell the land back to yourself for ease of re-deeding the land. Hope that helps! Since the TOS seems okay with bots in general, no sense worrying on those pesky landbots. I'd suggest only buying land that has been abandoned to Linden Labs to help kill off land bot use.
  9. Uniform tier would be nice. Removing that $100 difference would help some but at this point I would say most of those massive grandfathered estate holders would of been working on ways to protect their investments as well. Not sure on how many years the Grandfathered priced Estates (Homesteads and FP SIM's) have been offered for but pretty sure was not until about May of last year you could no longer carry the grandfathered status over thru selling. This in itself has led to a monopoly on Estate lands with little fear of loss on the part of those who may have stockpiled possibly hundreds of Estates. Guessing with maybe an extra $100 US profit margin they could of been making thru the good months and years means a larger land holder could be making a pretty penny (their tenants none the wiser thru those times as well?) . If you were making say this much a month or more just in profit, would you do whatever it took to cement this and ensure your cash cow wouldn't die? As a side note with no longer being able to acquire Grandfathered Estates for themselves, I would say MAINLAND is the only comparable product left to 'exploit'. Being the same monthly rate ($195/month) as Grandfathered Estates... Now thinking on larger 'businesss minded' Estate holders the same ones who may of been charging regular rates on their Grandfather tiered lands just because they could and their tenants may of known nothing. At this point you could argue how to best secure your monopoly or hold on making sure you keep that going which brings us to... Mainland! The rush is on, but more than likely you are paying one of them for the land you buy there as well. With the ability to create so many alts/bots etc. You could help bring about the downfall of startup companies easily in the land business in a lot of ways. TOS is like having a lock on your front door... It only keeps honest thieves out... So run to Mainland but do not be surprised if things go 'weird' for you there as well. Once a monopoly always a monopoly. Personally I liked the hype on merging the Teen grid with the Moderate, causing a mad rush to the Adult area for land purchases and you can be sure the costs to buy land spiked very fast when that happened. This year Estate abandonment and run to Mainland, seems kinda cheesy. Next year's theme.. back to Estates?
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