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  1. Hi Cinn, thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand about the situation, but my thread is more about discussing ways of trying to create a failsafe in order for those of us who are still naive enough to think we may have a few seconds grace before our land is bought (I have it back now btw. Many thanks to the nice man whose bot it was). I think 5 or 10 mins cooling off isn't much to ask, is it?
  2. Earlier today I got really annoyed, partly at my own naivety and partly because I felt my ignorance was preyed upon. I'm not here to debate whether Land Bots are right or wrong, but to explore whether there is any way of avoiding the situation I and I know many others have experienced. I have owned mainland before, but don't have tons of experience with it and I mistakenly set the land for sale for a nominal fee, whilst trying to sell part of the plot to a group I own, in order to get the 10% bonus. Within a second of my setting it for sale, it was snapped up by a Land Bot. I am currently tryi
  3. Thanks for the info Eternus. Much appreciated
  4. I've sent Jessica Lyons a message via her blog. Hopefully an answer will be forthcoming soon. Again, like the current grid problem it will be a case of 'watch this space' Still can't get on the Phoenix website either.
  5. Is anyone else having a message coming up from their Phoenix Viewer saying: 'The build you are running was not made by Phoenix. Phoenix support with most lkely not be able to help you with with any problems you may have. Do you wish to continue?' I've tried to get onto the Phoenix Website, to confirm I do have a genuine version of the viewer but it seems it is down.  Is it me?
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