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  1. Hi Hi I love both japanese and korean stuff...i think a bit too much ... You can add me inworld at 1nafairytalee resident ^^
  2. Hi Shole ..Im Ina Nice to meet you ^^
  3. Will do there is even a korean/japanese club in sl that i sometimes go to
  4. Hi Hi Sina ^^ your pictures are really good
  5. Hi Hi Jen Nice to meet you ^^
  6. Hello and welcome to sl ^^ I also love korean music as well ^^
  7. Hiya Bunny i like anime and manga too ^^
  8. Hi and welcome to the forums
  9. Hiya I also love to take snapshots and tend to update my sl feeds with snapshots lol
  10. Hiya kosh~ I also love to take snapshots maybe would could get to gether to take some
  11. Hiya im always up for new people to talk and hang out with
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