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  1. Hello everyone! I am a new person to SL and since joining SL I have only been frequenting Linden Realms because I have found myself "becoming quite addicted" to getting the crystals. I am open to meeting anyone including ones with interests other than mine because I feel that our interests are what make us all unique and I love unique people. I think to give you all a bit of background about myself I will start with being located in the central time zone which is also the CST. I have many different things that hold an interest to me but I think that is because I am a tomboy yet also enjoy the girly girl things of life as well! I love to watch the television show Ghost Hunters. I've watched it since day 1! I also enjoy professional wrestling, watching NFL football with my favorite teams of the Steelers and the Bears. I love to watch movies as long as they aren't scary. For some reason I can watch any of the "Scream" movies but can't watch other horror movies. I also enjoy listening to music of any kind except country however there are a few stars I listen to from that genre. Last but not least I enjoy reading books of any kind. Sorry for my post being so long :-) but as I said I am new to SL and looking for some friends and wanted to let you all know what my interests are! If you would like to be a friend and can show me some places that would be good places to hang out and meet others please feel free to add me as your friend and send some im's my way when I am on.
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