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  1. Hi Hi I love both japanese and korean stuff...i think a bit too much ... You can add me inworld at 1nafairytalee resident ^^
  2. Hi Shole ..Im Ina Nice to meet you ^^
  3. Will do there is even a korean/japanese club in sl that i sometimes go to
  4. Hi Hi Sina ^^ your pictures are really good
  5. Hi Hi Jen Nice to meet you ^^
  6. Hello and welcome to sl ^^ I also love korean music as well ^^
  7. Hiya Bunny i like anime and manga too ^^
  8. Hi and welcome to the forums
  9. Hiya I also love to take snapshots and tend to update my sl feeds with snapshots lol
  10. Hiya kosh~ I also love to take snapshots maybe would could get to gether to take some
  11. Hiya im always up for new people to talk and hang out with
  12. Hiya you can im me in world at 1nafairytalee resident if you want to chat and hangout, i also love to do hunts as well
  13. Hiya~~ im always up for meeting new friends. Can im me inworld (1nafairytalee Resident) to chat and hangout
  14. Hiya Luistache Welcome to sl and the forums
  15. Hiya Selena~~ Im almost always online if your looking for someone to hang out with
  16. Hiya Luther! Welcome to sl
  17. Hiya. I am also looking for new people to hang out with . You can im me inworld at 1nafairytalee Resident
  18. Hiya. I Feel the same way. Sl its a ton of fun when your surrounded by friends
  19. 1naFairytalee


    Hiya Brookele! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums
  20. Hi Hi if your bored im up to handing out. Always up for meeting new people . You can im me in world 1nafairytalee resident
  21. Hello whenever you're online you can im me at 1nafairytalee resident
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