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  1. ✮ ღ Ⓤsagi ℂaℱe's ωeekend events!ღ ✮ 12-2 PM Special Saturdays! This Saturday we will be having an exciting contest!! Momoko will be on her trainee shift! After the shift we will also have two brand new people on trial a maid and a butler!!! So please feel free to hop on down the rabbit hole and visit our quaint cafe! 2-4PM At 2PM to 4pm durng the trial shift will be a contest with live music! The event's theme is "Best in Bunny Pink!" which means you gotta look for pink things from your inventory wear anything cute and pink. When you are into the theme you have a chance to win 500L's top 3 prize! We appreciate all of our customers for your support! We hope to see you soon! ❤❤❤ ps. Tips for the contest; you can wear something pink. Main theme of your clothing must be pink. For an extra point get bunny ears on your head and we'll be super happy♥ Remember to keep your costumes family friendly ^ ^ ~ staff; the maids butlers and the owners Rookie Mistwalker & Larry Raynier. Ps. if you have something on your mind do not hesitate asking. We are looking for staff so if you or know someone who would be interested in it go and grab an application from the cafe♥ /| __ / | ,-~ / Y : // / | jj /( .^ >-"~"-v" / Y jo o | ( ~T~ j >._-' _./ / "~" | Y _, | /| ;-"~ _ l / l/ ,-"~ \ \//\/ .- \ Y / Y* l I ! ]\ _\ /"\ (" ~----( ~ Y. ) If you don't come... many many bunnies will cry. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 are you really going to make the bunny cry? really? Your giant bunbun chariot awaits you------------> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wedding/164/124/135
  2. Come to Usagi Cafe on October 26th from 2-4PM SLT For the ★GRAND (re)OPENING★ and have lots of Halloween-ey fun with the butler and maid staff, and of course your friends~ in your best costumes! The best costume wins 1k!! You can buy 1 thousand dollarbies or buy yourself that anime bodypillow you wanted but didn't have the L to buy! No more forever alone! ★ Trick or treat, come have both! We're gonna have awesome music~ I look forward to seeing you there!! (‘∀’●)♡ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wedding/164/127/134 <---- Your kawaii chariot awaits.♡
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wedding/164/127/134 Usagi Café is for all kind of people who loves Jrock, VK, Jpop, Kpop, anime, manga, culture, street fashion.... Please come and have a cup of coffee or tea with our delicious pastries and whatever you wish for! We are café but we will have random events sometimes. Usagi cafe is looking to hire more Butlers and Maids. Pay is entirely tip based. If you do not have something suitable to be a butler or maid, we can help you. ✿ It's a good opportunity to meet people who like the same things as you. The Grand (re)Opening is on the 26th of October (really soon!!) We'd love for you to be there. **Contact Rookie.Mistwalker, Larry.Raynier or RocketteShip Resident with any questions** ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ Cafe Rules for those Interested 。◕‿◕。 To make sure everyone enjoys their stay in this cafe, we have set up some rules. We really appreciate if you would obey them. 1. No nudity, you must wear clothes which covers enough and wont scare off people. Child avatars are welcomed here, that is why we don't want YOU to give wrong image of yourself by running nude in front of kids. Thank you. 2. We have strict 0% drama tolerance. Do your drama through IM and out of this cafe. 3. No gestures and yelling. Loud long gestures, yelling and items which causes too much noise and lag are irritating for not only us but to our neighbours. This is a cafe, not a club. 4. No stalking the neighbours. 5. We wish you would be wearing as less scripts as possible, also big laggy things like large flex wings, orbs etc are causing lag. 6. Don't be rude to our staff or other quests, this and drama can get you banned from the cafe. 7. Furries, kids, human etc etc etc are all welcomed here. Everyone is. Don't be rude quests no matter how different they are from you. 8. No harrassing. 9. Keep your traumatizing sexy talk in private please. 10. No racist or sexist comments. 11. No rezzing of big prims 12. We'd also appreciate if you didn't use too much cursewords, but since one of the owners curses like a sailor, we can't really tell you not to do that. *:--☆--:*:--☆:*:--☆--:*:--☆--: 俺はうさぎカフェをご紹介しましょう! うさぎカフェJrock、VK、Jpop、KPOP、アニメ、マンガ、文化、ストリートファッションを愛する人々のすべての種類のです.... おいしいペストリー、どんなあなたが望むとコーヒーやお茶を持って来てください! 我々はカフェですが、我々は時々ランダムイベントがあります。 あなたがRookie MistwalkerとLarry Raynierに連絡することができます頼むために何かを持っているので、もし俺たちが、2人の所有者を持って、我々は両方の英語でのコミュニケーション能力があります。あなたは日本語と英語でコミュニケーションすることができない場合、我々は親切にRookieに連絡するように依頼すると思います。 誰もがこのカフェでの滞在を楽しんでいることを確認するために、我々はいくつかのルールを設定している。あなたはそれらに従うならば、俺たちは本当に感謝しています。 1。ヌード、あなたは十分にカバーして服を着てはいけませんし、人々を追い払う習慣。子アバターは、我々はあなたが子供たちの前でヌード実行することであなた自身の間違ったイメージを与えるためにしたくない理由である、ここに歓迎されています。ありがとう。 2。我々は、厳格な0%ドラマ耐性を持っています。このカフェのIMとアウトを通して、あなたのドラマをやる。 3。ジェスチャーないと叫んでいません。あまりにも多くのノイズと遅れの原因と大声で長いジェスチャー、叫んで、アイテムは俺たちだけでなく、俺たちのためではなく、隣人への刺激性がある。これは、カフェではなく、クラブです。 4。近所の人にストーカーはありません。 5。俺達はあなたが大規模なフレックス翼のような可能性も、大きなラグが多いものとして以下のスクリプトのように身に着けてもらいたい、オーブなどが遅れの原因となっている。 6。俺たちのスタッフや他のクエストに失礼があってはいけないとこのドラマはカフェからあなたを禁止得ることができます。 7。毛皮で覆われた、子供、人間などなどなどはすべてここに歓迎されています。誰もがある。彼らはあなたからどれだけ異なるどんなに失礼なクエストがあるしません。 8。嫌がらせはありません。 9。プライベートでお願いしますあなたのトラウマセクシーな話をしてください。 10。人種差別や性差別的なコメントはありません。 11。 Rezの大きな粒子はそうではない。 12。あなたはあまりにも多くの呪いの言葉を使用しなかった場合、我々はまた感謝したいが、船乗りのような所有者の呪いの1つが、俺たちは本当にそれをしないであなたを伝えることはできません。
  4. I'm looking for more people who like japanese stuff~ Or korean even, asian I guess. I listen to a lot of kpop/jrock, study the Japanese language and history, read manga... I'm pretty odd in comparison to most people, but I love to make new friends. I'm online a lot so message me in world sometime~ HAVE AT ME, MY FELLOW JAPAN LOVERS *Opens arms for you to jump in*
  5. I've been looking around for an opulent feeling build that would fit on my 32x64 land...does anyone know any good build creators to check out? Ones that do fancy, kind of luxurious Victorian style stuff? I really don't want to have this custom built... e_e
  6. I've seen the body co, asian stores,so many places.. nothing is exactly what I'm looking for. Pretty dead set on custom. ^^
  7. Hiya, I'm looking to have custom freckled asian male skin made. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0n2pdrana1ql9h78o1_500.jpg http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcbr9lZwQ41qb2djco1_500.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BZp0Ib12hoE/TD1MNwBtvrI/AAAAAAAAAN0/J6Do5STopIM/s1600/sexy+asian+guy35.jpg those are the images of what I'd like to cross, the freckles, the eyebrows etc etc etc,, it would be discussed further obviously haha ^-^ ...most importantly would be if it could be done well and realistic.. Portfolio please... have a wonderful day
  8. Oh okay, nice to know theres an easier way than using the graphics thing- didn't know that. Thanks for replying!
  9. Hi, I think I'm in the right spot of the forums? I recently bought a skybox, moved it into the air a litle past 300 in height. For a lot of people the walls don't show up until they go to graphics, lower them and turn them back up. No furniture is gone, just the walls and floors This happens, it would seem, with each time i relog back into it. . :<
  10. Looking for Bishounen type guys for Japanese style Host club rp, there will be tipping and such, like the real thing. It will be run a tad more like a business however, the basis is to RP. It will be a bit like Ouran High School Host club. Expectations are to know about japanese culture to some degree and be the beautiful sort of guy.The location has not been set yet, it is just starting up. This is to gather hosts before we begin. I am in search of about 5 dudes. ☆Thats about it, contact Rocketteship Resident In world for more information☆ Have a magnificent day and may luck be in your favor. ^^
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