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  1. hello!! would like to meet you and all the people answered this post yiayyy
  2. helloo thanks for answering me hope to talk someday
  3. Koshkat


    Hello Ashley!! Greetings from me haha Hope I can catch you inworld sometime
  4. :cathappy: Hya people!! Im here trying to make some new friends but its been hard actually :I I noticed most of people in world already belongs to a family or a close group or maybe Im looking in the wrong places. However, I like hanging around, "shopping" but not obsessed, and taking snapshots of sims I like. Oh yeah and listening to live music :) oh yeah and I like to listen to people and well, as you can see my english is not perfect so I also want to practise it more :)
  5. :cathappy: Hyaa !! I actually love spending time taking snapshots and that haha Hope we can meet sometime!! and feel free to add me or accept me Perhaps my english is not perfect but probably we can share and hang out someday
  6. Im in the same thing haha trying to make friends inworld to hang out and that I probably dont know either lot of stuff but hope we can talk anytime
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