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  1. The Sl Viewer have no lines in the pictures, but no phototool ^^ Firestorm have the phototool, but with lines in the picture..... argh ^^ Doooo Something
  2. The new Firestorm Viewer edit the lines out of the Picture???
  3. I wish you a wonderful day, in Hamburg City / St. Pauli has now opened my Gallery with SL Photography and Exhibition. Anyone who has the desire and interest, to view my Picture on site, is with this cordially invited to have a look any time =) Take Time with you and on occasion you can then still a Detour to make Hamburg. Here is the URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pier%20One/246/231/31 Sorry for the bad english ^^ I look forward to you :) Lovely greetings Sina Souza
  4. Thank you so much Fairytalee
  5. Now I introduce myself here =) My Name is Sina (yes, RL too) and i`m half portuguese. I live in Germany since i was 4 years old. Now I´m 22 years old and my first Time in Sl I just dance in Clubs. But now I`m Sl Photographer and Artist and love to be creative and have my own Galerie (is currently under redevelopment ^^) Here my Portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sinalein/ So Hello, Hi, Bonjour, ola, Hallo ect. :P
  6. Thanks, that is nice to read =)
  7. Yes, sure! It would be my pleasure!
  8. Hi all, I shoot SL Pictures and I´m always on the lookout by avatars which have that certain something. So if you have an Avatar, which looks special or crazy ^^ and you like my Pictures, then send me a IM at Sinalein Resident (Sina Souza). The Picture would be displayed in my Gallery and you would also get a deliver from them. Here is my flickr-site to check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sinalein/ Lovely greetings, Sina Souza
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