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  1. Has there ever been an actual instance of anyone caught laundering money via Second Life? It is a reason given over and over again for all this. Exactly when and where was a drug king pin or terrorist organization found to have been using lindens to launder their ill gotten gains? There are just 100 easier ways to do it. And if their have been no actual recorded occurrences, then a foreign entity requiring all my personal data seems kind of "fishy" and far more suspect and far more of a threat than an imagined money laundering scheme. Since I cash out, LL already has my ID and my personal in
  2. If I understand correctly, if you currently have a quarterly premium account (you pay quarterly), you can still keep it that way and continue to pay quarterly. You will just be paying more every quarter. Is this not correct?
  3. Lots of good and bad in here, which I guess is the mark of a good discussion! The main problem is that it is a discussion that should have happened well before this was set in stone, and not after. Again, LL is left being reactive instead of proactive and getting out in front of the issue. That is a difficult position to be in. Everyone seems to agree that land costs need to be lower. The residents have been asking for that for years and LL staff have stated several times publicly that they think so too and are working on ways to do that and offsetting the costs elsewhere. Everyone seems t
  4. Thank you Nalates for your blog post! Going to try and fix this with your guides. Oh, and thank you to LL for failing to monitor and maintain support and devlopment for Space Navigator (an item YOU tout as enhancing the SL experience!) Pure laziness.
  5. Hello, I jusr recently purcahsed the Spacenavigator 3d mouse to use in SL. I installed the mouse, uploaded latest drivers, and the device works fine in Google Earth and Blender. Once in SL, I go to preferences and turn on the flycam option and click on the spacenavigator default settings and the 3d mouse will do nothing but move camera view forward (push) and move it back ( pull) I have searches the wiki and Torley's videos fora solution, but can't find anyhting. Does anyone else have this issue, ora suggested solution?
  6. I have not fooled with video in quite some time, but I had an idea pop into my head during an event at one of my club's events. I ended up cobbling together some scenes from the event into a music video. I am currnelty limited to controlling the cam with a mouse, and I was using the Firestorm viewer at the time, which I find a little hard to use for video capturing. All suggestions are most welcome, but just be gentle and remember what I had to work with. I had not worked with Adobe Premeir before, but i founda GRAEAT tutorial set at The New Boston. After setting down and watching the 10
  7. Niran, is that you?:matte-motes-big-grin: seriously though. Enjoy your machine. Make your mesh with materials and I might even becomea customer.
  8. Prior to slowing down on their devlopment schedule, Exodus had a 64 bit viewer as well. Even though i use Wdonws 64 bit, i am not sure what any real gain would be forma 64bit viewer.
  9. I tried this on my new Nvidia card and thought it wasa big mess, mainly becausee Nivida has no standards for Second Life. I find using the maunal setting inthe Nvida control panle much easier and more specific to Sl, but i would loveto be wrong. AAlso, Nalates article on viewer graphics she linked to should be mandatory reading for every resident of SL.
  10. WHile i will be the first to claim that Linden Labs has an uncanny abilty to screw the proverbial pooch 75% of the time, the implemenation of server side rendering is not one of them. Normally, i ignore these posts, but the OP was so ill informed and more than a bit rude, i had to interject. Server side rendering has improved the performance od SL across the board. Their are issues, the fact that it tends to lose my avi's shape and make it unusalbe for one, but as a new project it has perfomed remarkably well. Things rez faster, Avitars do not fade in and out all the time. I live on a magnum
  11. This issue has just occurred with me twice in three days , so i am goingto try and break it down into probably too much detail. It really is becomming frustrating and i think it would haveto bea server issue, since it spans across viewers once it occurrs. Your editing your shape,and you attempt to save it and you get a message stating that change was unableto be saved and to try again ina few minutes. i am not sure of the exact wording. everything is fine till you try and drag an outfit folder on or relog. Typically, I am a puff of smoke and I get the message: "Failed to find body part named
  12. I have had this same issue since server side rendering began. I have never had it occur once in the two years prior that i have been here. You are working ona shape or a skin and when you save it, you get that wonderful message that the asset server failed to save it, but it should be okay ina few minutes. Wrong. From that point on, your shape is there in your inventory, but when you try to wear it, you geta message that an asset server failed to locate the item. (It can happend with alphas too). You will be told to try goingto another sim on another server. That usually wont work either. Clea
  13. Wow...these are all great suggestions, and relatively simple. I just was not looking hard enough through the preferences I think. I am on 2.67 btw.
  14. Goodsomeone tell if or how to measure an object in Blender so that i can make it a certian size for SL? Example: Perhaps I want a 4meter X 1meter couch in Second Life. Is there someway i can get a good measurment in Blender as I build to create something that will be that size without have to be strethced very much?
  15. All of these suggestions that allowing adding materials on the avatar mesh at a later date would be fine, if LL had an above average or even average record of following up on things or had any desire to do so...which they don't. As Oz himself says, it is mere"speculation" because , well gee whis..it would be really hard and really expensive. It is just like the mesh deformer, the broken avi frame and the CHUI debacle. It is done 75% and then thrown out there....never to be touched again. Afterwards, as the suggestions for improvment are made...LL throws up its hands and says "we give them t
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