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  1. Under GDPR data regulation, if they (voodoo systems) are collecting information about residents externally, (which their website clearly states they are), then they (Voodoo syustems) should have a GDPR Data Collection Document stating exactly what data they are collecting and also how to OPT OUT, and have your data removed VooDoo systems are also required by GDPR to disclose what information they are collecting, what measures they have put in place to ensure that the data is safe and secure and what automated processing they have applied to it, they should as be registered with a data protection agency, for the collection of personal data including IP addresses or they are in direct violation of GDPR Law. The question here now is: Why are linden labs allowing a company in second life to openly and publicly data-mined first life information about residents (IP addresses), and are linden labs pre-paired to enforce the fact that voodoo systems are in violation of both GDPR and Linden TOS? The fact that lindens have been aware of this for more than 3 months and not responded, dose not reflect good on their enforcement of GDPR when it comes to the capture and missus of IP{ information about residents. If they can ban red-zone then the should ban Voodoo as the precedence has already been set by themselves. This is directly from the ICO - The UK Data Protection Regulator, and their comments on IP ADDRESSES, colleting, processing and storing them! (ii have included link to the exact part of the GDPR regulation) https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/key-definitions/what-is-personal-data/ The GDPR applies to the processing of personal data that is: wholly or partly by automated means; or the processing other than by automated means of personal data which forms part of, or is intended to form part of, a filing system. Personal data only includes information relating to natural persons who: can be identified or who are identifiable, directly from the information in question; or who can be indirectly identified from that information in combination with other information. What are identifiers and related factors? An individual is ‘identified’ or ‘identifiable’ if you can distinguish them from other individuals. A name is perhaps the most common means of identifying someone. However whether any potential identifier actually identifies an individual depends on the context. A combination of identifiers may be needed to identify an individual. The GDPR provides a non-exhaustive list of identifiers, including: name; identification number; location data; and an online identifier. ‘Online identifiers’ includes IP addresses and cookie identifiers which may be personal data.
  2. Well in november i made a long post about prims and raising prim limits: I think lindesn have read it, and thought About it. lets review it almost 6 weeks on the mainlad sims i am on is now 22,000 prims and i see properties going up all over mainland, regrotha nd regereration of areas long since abandond. when i spend a few hours walking the roads i see the changes already. some really beutifull builds going up. that has been quite the success at getting people back into building and regenerating. But somthing more wonderfull I talked about somthing for the land owners the people witht he priave full regions, and prims: My commen at on the fact tath we were to get 20,000 prims compaird tot he mainlands 22,000 prims. and the fact some of were paying 295 not even the lower 195. Well a few days ago it was bought to my attention about lindens NOD in this direction.... For $30 more a month you get an EXTRA 10K prims, for thoes paying the private region fees, now for the first time i have to say thier is acturly a real and hoest reward for owning private region. Thank you for listneing to the community, thinking Fairly, consideration of the problems and comming to a sencable and realistic solution to give vvalue to your sim owner. And on that note... I wish you all a very happy chirstmas, and a wonderfull new year. May you all have a great seasonal holiday and Thk you lindens for taking this idea and many others listening and creating a solution that is a true Gift at christmas.
  3. Congratulations on Lindens raising prim limits, that is awesome, thin of the creative potential that will give to us all to build bigger more beutifull sims, I look forwards to the oppertunitys it opens: HOWEVER, yes thier is an however. This is my penny wrth. and i know some may agree or disagree. but plese if you dont agree, you dont have to abuse, accept its one person opinion, who has payed for a full region in SL for over 6 years. NOW THEN: the numbers i have hurd are: Mainland 15000 to 22500 homesteads 3750 to 5000 Private estate 15K to 20K Openspace 750 to 1000 They look Fair dont they, but acturly they are not, at least 1 of them needs rethinking for an dhonest reason. PRIVATE ESTATES, now thies people that own private estates have 2 options..... they can have either full teir, thats 3000 a monht and pay 1000$usd to set up the private region, so they spend BIG money, if they pay somthing like 1300, setup fee they get a GRANDFATHERD region. that only pays £195 a month - the EXACT SAME TIER as a mainland region. so, lets say you pay your 13000$usd and you pay the same as most renter 195 a month, your going to get 2000 less prims. This is not fair. and more importantly, where is the incentive in having your own private region now? when its 1300 to buy and cant do as much however it gets a bit more stick for thoes who are paying the full fee like mee i pay the epic 295 a month for my mainlad and im going to get 20K prinms the SAME as the 195'ers only becuse i missed the chance (thanks for telling me i gould grandfather good comms thier lindens, i got told 2 weeks after the offer closed) so for me, its cheaper to sell my land, close my private region, stop paying 295 a month, go buy and rent a mainland sim, pay $100 a monht less (that a huge 1,200$ a year differance) and get 2000 more prims Free. isnt thier somthing epicly WRONg here for your high paying customers, the ones that are pushing the most cash into your company, that your rewarding our loyalty to your serveces with LESS PRIMS for a HIGHER PRICE than if we didnt invest in our own servers and things...... so the solution its simples isnt it: If your paying a teair of 195$usd becuse your grnadfatherd your sims, they they shold get the 22,000 same as the linden land, that is ALSO 195$usd a monht. would that not be FAIR to them and If they are not granfartherd, if they decided not to pay, or they were like me and did not get the oppertunity, and were paying 30% more, then give us a reward, for being loyal and maybe even get others to continue the igher teir too, and make evem more profit thought common sence. if were paying £295 a month, then give us 25000 prims, look at the resoning, you pay the say price as a mainland, 195, you get the same prins as a mainland. THAT WAS YOUR CHOICE, if you choise not to downgrade your prims, adn pay the full price, RESPECT that were investing in you ever month 30$ more3 cash than others are, and give us a bonus worth it, 3000 more prims. and you will fined more people like me will pay the 295 teir, becuse we really relly really do need the prims for our projects. come look at my sim, devon dreams in devember, it will be open at ground level to all, and see that can be done with a good prim count. and imagin what could be done if we still did not have one had tyed behind the back. in conclusion, LINDEN LABS. Yet again, you have missed the point of the people that own private servers on your grid, and the resons why they do it. you have given generously to your mainland with i know is hugely under populated, and yes its a great move to add more prims, it will reduce the prim per SQm make it more cost effective and maybe re-insire groth. But your stable dedicated customers, the ones that hvae been plouing and plouing cash into your buisness year on year, month on month, you have yes again completly failed to regonise and give value to us, you give us a half baked offer, that when at first glace looks nice, Right up untill you do the maths, and realise yet again, were paying more, much much more, yet again, for less! Please consider this, and the points i have made, if youagree with me, and see wht i am saying then please, show your support. If you dont agree that is your right, you have freedome of speach, your welceom to discuss why not, but you dont have the right to be abusive, rude or ignorante: so please keep this polite, and lets change SL for the better and give the investers a reason for investing what we do! Thank you Safra Nitely (PS i am dyslexic, so dont shout about the spellings i know, im sorry!) yes your right i should have used a spellchecer but its midnight here and i got work in 6 hours! so you get the idea
  4. With all the changed that linden labs are intorducing, server side baking, the new text engines, threaded region crossings, mesh deformer (makes mesh fit avatar rather than editing avatar to fit mesh). How about the realy obvious one. Is thier any plans at all either by linden labs or any of the alternative viewer creators (firestorm / singularity / exodus... ect.) to create or implent a 64bit Secondlife Viewer platform for windows.
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