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  1. I changed e-mail more or less a month ago. IM & Group Notices arrive regularly in the new e-mail address. MP notifications still arrive to the previous one. So far I couldn't find a way to fix this.
  2. EDIT: post no longer actual. Looks as they rolled back for real... ------- look at the page URL. It's https://accounts.secondlife.com/transaction_history it's different from the old one that started with https://secondlife.com/my/account If you are logged in the dashboard, try in the browser to open another window tab and paste in the URL: https://secondlife.com/my/account then click on transaction history in the left menu. It displays the old working version.
  3. Horrible is not enough to describe this result. No transaction ID displayed, no credit/debit day totals, no excel export, time based on account location and not on SL (and no way to change it), no hint or warning about this... The previous version was simple but had the essentials, and it worked. Now is a giant mess for merchants. Way to go...
  4. Here there is a post linked to some FAQ about this. If you look to past threads you will find other 3 or 4 about this issue. Non US residents have to pay taxes where they live (based on that country system taxation), IF their country has a tax treaty with US. There is no automatic withdraw from LL in that case. For country without tax treaty, I don't know. The W8-Ben form and the ID proof request is sent also to people with a lot less than 200 transactions/20k $ (that is however a threshold valid for US residents), and a lot of people received the request after starting a credit process. Once filled up the form and sent the ID proof (uploading it to the opened ticket) the case is closed and the money flow restored (but start to count again the 5 business day from there...) And there is no turn around. LL states that if you don't comply within 30 days, the entire SL account will be put on administrative hold (so is not only about the blocked credit process).
  5. I've furnished the information required being a Non US Resident to the satisfaction of Linden Labs Did you provide the ITIN number in the W8Ben form? (edit for spelling)
  6. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: but as i often leave a review and as i m honnest, i just wanted to give my opinion about this product because precisely, with such terms of use, the less i was expecting is that the item wasnt so much that crap..... And it was said in a really polite way and not rude at all... So it was still my right to do. agree 100%
  7. First, I never meant to insult you, Melita (never ever!) so, my apologies if I was not clear enough and gave you that impression. My bad. Then, If I may: "In short the customer isn't always wrong" I sincerely didn't imagined that what I wrote could be taken as such of the idea that a customer is always wrong. My bad again, evidently, because to me is impossible to think that. "So a review is only permissible if the product is completely different or needs to be completely changed? " Nonono, please. I absolutely did not meant that too. I said contact the merchant first or before the review for those things that can be fixed in 5 minutes, as wrong permissions/missing textures/missing parts (basically the ones that can be pacaging mistakes or SL glitches/bugs). I said I agree with the choice of the review alone, without contact the merchant for the other issues that can't be fixed in 5 minutes and that are not possible packaging/SL mistakes. "Why wouldn't a missing piece be grounds for a mention in a review? That's a major flaw" A little premise if I may. In my direct experience, all the time someone contacted me for a missing piece, the piece was not missing at all from the package. For some strange reason it did not appear in the inventory folder of the buyer (and most of the time popped up after a relog). Of course I always apologized to the customer for the issue and sent immediately a replacement, even knowing was a bug. Anyway is more than sure that a merchant can make a mistake and leave out a piece when packing the item. But why go for the review alone without contact the merchant in first place, in order to not only speed up things to fix the problem but also help the next customer before the mistake is realized by the merchant her/himself? "So reviewers just like to rant?" No, I meant that I do not understand well the ones that leaves the review alone without any contact with the merchant for those rapidly fixable issues listed before (as wrong permissions/missing textures/missing parts - basically the ones that can be packaging mistakes or SL glitches/bugs), and I added that maybe the reason for that kind of approach is just a rant and not a desire to have the correct item. "The customer's place is not to work for the creator or merchant in RL or in SL and alert them to every problem" Of course not. But... don't they want the correct item they decided to purchase? If yes, why not call the merchant? That puzzles me. Again, my apologies if my post was not well structured or well explained and could be not understood right. PS To me the customer is precious and customer care one of the highest priority in a business. The goal is to satisfy and make him/her happy. But is a bit more easy when the customer also helps a tiny little bit in this process ETA: point clarification
  8. Melita Magic wrote: About reviews and IMs. I've seen that said in the forums too, that customers have an obligation to creators or merchants to IM them first. No, they don't. They just don't. Have your product ready or don't sell it. It's not a matter of obbligation but common sense, IMHO. I have my product ready (and often more than double checked). Then some people buy it and there is a missing piece in the box, or the permissions are wrong/screwed up, or the texture is grey(*). Why go straight for the review instead of contacting the merchant/creator to warn about and/or ask a fix about the issue? If you buy something boxed in a real store, then at home you see that was of black color instead of red as marked on the box... you first write a bad review on a website/local paper/whatever... or you go back to the store to warn them and resolve the issue? Unless someone prefers to rant instead to have the correct items that wanted to buy in first stance... I mean... If there are issues that can't be fixed in a present product without making a new version (as in the OP case), or the product is not as advertised, or something in it is really bad, ok, go for the review alone. BUT IF the problem can be a mistake/bug or can be fixed in 5/10 minutes, why choose the long way instead of the short one? (*) Missing parts usually appears back after a relog (client or connection problem?). Permission issues can be a genuine merchant mistake (it's a series of boxes to tik. Often in a sequence. You don't click well enough or don't have the mouse really right over the box and the change is not applied), or SL that again messes up things, as same for the texture. In the last 2 months we had perfectly loaded & applied texture to poof into nothing from objects as well as permission suddenly changed from copy to trans only, or to no perms at all. (typo edited)
  9. Are things going slowing worse? On the MP store that sell RP stuff (managed by my business partner) there are two missed payement on 05 July, and today already three. The modern MP store has instead 2 missing transaction on dashboard on the 7/6, and other 2 the previous day. They were all demos, 0 linden, so no loss there... but their transactions was supposed to show anyway. This is going to cost a lot to merchants, surely in time spent to double check transactions and in pills to keep pressure under control...
  10. Perfect, it worked. Thank you very very much, I didn't find that thread while searching in the forum
  11. I tried to import a not rigged mesh object (not huge and not tiny either) that showed some strange parts in the uploader preview (but I thought "lets try anyway and see the result"). Import process went fine. I rezzed the object on the floor, but seeing nothing as result i did it two more times. The problem is that the object was rezzed 3 times, and was totally invisible, basically like not-existent. Using area search, the 3 objects are listed, and the beacon points each one. Biggest problem is that there is nothing there, even trying to edit it dragging the mouse over the area. I tried several views options (ctrl+alt+t, wireframe, normals, occlusion... even lod info) but nothing was showed on screen. I also tried to attach the one saved in inventory to my body, and was of course invisible too. I edited it through inventory (right click - edit) and used ctrl-shift for the resize box. The box was 3 mt per 2 mt circa, and a yellow line departed from it to nowhere... a very subtle but incredible long line that i followed almost to the orizon line (never found its end). The object measures, in the edit window where anyway 3mt per 2mt circa. So, the question is: how the heck can I delete those 3 damned object, since I can't see and select them? Any tips is highly appreciated, thank you.
  12. It happens to me lately, with Firefox. Closing the entire browser and then open it again usually resolves. Anyway, at the same time i don't see the images with firefox, I see them using chrome.
  13. Try this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/121469 Furniture section is made by mesh for the 99%, and with surely affordable prices P.S. everything listed on MP can be seen in-world. P.P.S - grouped example: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ginger-Line-Rustic-Kitchen-Complete-Set-36-Pieces-Oven-Hearth-Cold-Box-Counters-Tables-Accessories-COPY/4552876 (edited to add example)
  14. Not lately (crossfingers), but last year I suddenly found in inventory a NC sent by a customer 2/3 weeks earlier. I had no notification in e-mail about this NC at the time it was sent, and I am more than sure it wasn't there (in my inventory) during a general NC check made 3 days before I found it. This is the reason I insist to ask customers to send both IM and NC. At least one of the two should arrive and be notified via e-mail.
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