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  1. I'm no expert but, It is not so much "the **bleep** of the man" but "man of the **bleep**." I would suggest that you do not assume that every woman (or man) wants to jump into bed at the first opportunity. Try talking to people, showing them respect, listening to what they have to say and responding appropriately, taking them on some amazing adventures/sims and simply showing them that you care about them as a person. If sex occurs, the Xcite range is fun and has any accessories but there are also other brands on the market that you may want to consider. It's actually possible to form a close male/female or same sex relationship without ever having to produce a **bleep**. Added as an edited post script: I'm rather surprised that the word p*n*s has been removed by the board software. Is it really offensive to use scientifically correct forms for the human body?
  2. It's merely a role-play game that some users play. I confess that, when I was just a few days new to Second Life, I was tricked into accepting a bite and I found it a rather unpleasant experience. A message appeared on my screen telling me that I had lost ten percent of my humanity and, in my inexperience, I honestly thought that, if I were bitten nine more times, I would lose my account. This was, of course, untrue and I soon found a free garlic necklace that removed me from their "game." I would suggest that you search the marketplace and do likewise. Most importantly, there are no ill effects in being bitten.
  3. Simply send the merchant a polite notecard with the details of the transaction and a brief explanation. Don't send an instant message as these may be capped if the merchant gets a lot of correspondence. Most merchants will simply resend the item as a matter of goodwill. Perhaps, after you have received the item, you could leave a positive review and a star rating as a way of showing your appreciation.
  4. Actually, yes it is possible. I have never done this but, when you place an object for sale, there is a field setting at the very bottom of the listing that allows you to nominate a percentage of the sale price to a different avatar. You will find the field at the very bottom of the listing - it is named "revenue distributions"
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