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  1. Ok so up until 2 months ago I used SIngularity , then one day I tried to log my main avatar in and all I got was a box saying create new account or try again. I can log in via firestorm SL veiwer but I really like using Singularity!!!! Please can anyone help me???
  2. For the past month I have been unable to log my main Avatar in using SIngularity when I enter my name and password a box comes up saying oops something was left blank, create a new account or try again !!! I know it is not my account as I have been forced to use another viewer and can log on . I have totally cleared it from my laptop and done a clean install but still nothing .... Can anyone shed any light on this please ?
  3. Hi there I was wondering how I would go about reporting a possible under age User, I was approached by a child/young teen avatar , I told him although I had nothing against people playing children here what I did not like was children avatars acting adult (sexually) he then told me he was not acting , I said should he not be on the child friendly grid he said that it no longer exists , Any help on this would be great thanks . :-) Have since filed a report to LL ......
  4. I paid for a few items over 2 weeks ago, it says item delivered on invoice and money has been taken, but no goods delivered, how do i go about getting my items?
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