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  1. I have just finished reading some excellent notes on creating a badge here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/How-to-create-a-cool-forum-avatar-badge/td-p/707025 I thought I would give it a go and, after a few efforts, I am happy with the result. I wanted a woodland theme to fit into the theme of my elfish avatar but my first efforts at creating a badge were poor. My pictures included a variety of colours that were either too dark to show my name clearly or too light to show my statistics. I think my "final" effort has readdressed the balance. (I say "final" because it is my guess that I shall only end up changing it in a few days time!)
  2. Having read a series of negative threads on the forums, I just wanted to readdress the balance. It's easy to moan when things don't go well but, sadly, easy to forget to offer words of praise when all goes fine. I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed being a member on Second Life and how I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing characters who have helped broaden my horizons and my outlook on others. Long may it continue!
  3. Thank you for your excellent notes. These have given me the confidence to build a badge for myself. Do you like my woodland effort?
  4. Just as a general moan, I find it rather impolite that I am assumed that I want to "play" at being a vampire and so I have to make the effort to research and then opt out. It would be more more courteous to assume that Second Life avatars do not wish to join a game unless they declare that they wish to do so and then they should have the option of opting in if they want to become a vampire.
  5. Personally, I have had very few problems with lag and had made some amazing friends. I guess we are all entitled to our opinions, however mine is the very opposite of yours.
  6. If the item was transferable, a merchant with ethics should refund you, taking you at your word. If it was copiable, simply write to the merchant, they should be quick to refund and keep your goodwill as a future customer.
  7. I've used the advanced menu and tried "show colour under curser" as a way of trying to find the best colour match for items. Sadly, the lighting effects in Second Life mean that the recommended Red, Blue, Green values rarely look ideal. I would recommend that you open the advanced menu and use the "sow colour under curser" as an initial guide and then tweak it by eye to get a near "perfect" match.
  8. I am so sorry that you were treated harshly. Yes, you did the right thing by reporting this griefer. Let me assure you, the vast majority of Second Life residents are really lovely and caring people like those who have replied to this thread. Please do not let this nasty one person put you off.
  9. You may sit by right clicking on the ground and selecting "sit" or by using the page down key. To kneel, you will need to rez a pose ball and then sit on that to activate the pose.
  10. Go to "Merchant Home" and then "Manage Inventory" Place a tick in the first box in the blue/grey menu bar - this has the effect of selecting every item on the page Go to "Modify Selected Items" and choose "Edit" and then click on "Go" You can now edit multiple items at the same time. Note, sadly this can only edit a page of items and there appears to be a temporary bug at the moment, which limits the number of items that appears on each page. This means that this procedure will only allow you to edit five items at a time.
  11. .. and why do you need to feel the urge to insult fellow residents? - People, like yourself, who have no connection with Linden Labs.
  12. Another idea you may want to try is to add an item on the marketplace and place it free of charge so that it gains a great deal of traffic. Add the more expensive item in the "Related Items" field. This means that your free item will gain you traffic and there is a chance that customers may see the more expensive item at the bottom of the page and then explore. Just remember that "free" doesn't mean "shoddy" - customers will judge your building/design skills on the basis of what they see. Try and place a good quality item as a loss leader to gain traffic for your more pricey stuff.
  13. First of all, I will assume that you mean "listing" by the word "ad" and so I will assume that you are asking why your listing appears so far into the search, despite placing an object for sale several days ago. If this is the case, the placement of a listing is partly dependant on the wording used in the listing and partly due to some factor that involves the number of sales that you make. To boost your ranking in the search function, first of all, include a full comprehensive description of your item and brainstorm as many alternative synonyms as possible to add to the "keywords" field. This will include your listing in appropriate search results. Secondly, to boost your item, you need to make sales. Each time your item sells, it rises slightly in the search rankings. I have also noted some correlation between how far it rises and the price that it sold at - more expensive items rise further per sale than lower priced items. So, after your item has sold a few times, it will outrank other items that have failed to sell. Obviously, an item won't sell if it fails to appear high in the search rankings and so you have found yourself in a "Catch 22" situation. I would advise lowering your price and adding cross links in the "related items" field to help gain the first few important sales.
  14. That's a novel idea. I love the Victorian ones.
  15. I have, of course, edited my reply and removed any comments that are connected to any other edited replies that have been posted - or shall be posted in the future.
  16. Sorry, but as the item was delivered safely, I don't think it is right to demand the merchant to deliver again. It would be wrong to hold a merchant to account for problems that occur in Second Life after the purchase transaction was completed. The purchase of the item proceeded correctly and no loss occured during the transaction - the problem occured later. The non-appearance of this item is now a Linden Lab problem but it is my guess that you will get little satisfaction from approaching them. In the past I have lost a great deal of inventory due to lag and inventory loss and, sadly, I have just had to "take it on the chin"
  17. This happened to me. When I experienced this problem I was lagging badly. The next time this happens, it may be worth typing a short apology to your friend in a notecard (and pass the notecard to your friend) so that they don't get offended and then simply log off and then relog - it solved the problem for me.
  18. Dazler

    Can't use my HUD

    It's my guess that the land you are on has been set to refuse scripts to run. If you are the owner, check the land properties and check that the running of scripts have been enabled. Otherwise, teleport to a different destination (in private of course, for you will be naked) and check that your bits work there.
  19. I simply find sandboxes by typing the word "sandbox" into the search field and then by teleporting to one of the displayed landmarks.
  20. A transaction can't be cancelled. Your best course of action is to contact the second party and apologise for your error. If they are ethical, they may return your money. If you bought transfer goods from the marketplace, you may offer to return them. If you bought copiable goods from the marketplace, and you wish to void the transaction, I would recommend that you let the subject drop and learn from your mistake - it would be wrong to expect a refund if you are able to keep and copy the items.
  21. You can create a notecard by opening your inventory. On my viewer, there is the "create" option at the top of my inventory, in the inventory menu bar. Click on this and select "new notecard" to create a notecard. Write your message in the notecard window that appears on your screen and then "save" your text. Rename the notecard to something that makes sense (such as "Problem buying shoes on Marketplace" or whatever) and then click and drag the notecard onto the profile of the merchant to whom the message is intended. Good luck in your endeavours.
  22. The board's software censor makes this a difficult topic to understand or offer advice upon. However, if your "bleep" is what I think it is, simply rez the package on the ground and remove the contents to your inventory (unpack) and then right click on the "bleep" and select "wear" - the item will appear on your body and then all you will need to do is to right click on it and move it slightly so that it is in the position that suits your body shape.
  23. Firstly, ask your neighbour politely to remove the object. Perhaps that person is unaware of the problem. Secondly, ask your other neighbours to check whether they have been given permission to remove things. Thirdly, send the land owner a note - they may be online rarely but it is worth a shot. Finally, right click on the offending object and select "report" to file an Abuse Report. It may be worth speaking with the land owner at a later date, upon their return, and ask whether you can be given the permissions to do this yourself in future. Perhaps they may jump at the chance for a responsible person to help with the sim on their behalf when they are absent.
  24. Dazler

    What is a tag?

    On the right hand side of my home page there is an empty field window called "Tags" Please, what is a tag and what purpose do tags serve? I'd be curious to know what they are and how they work. What purpose do they serve? Thank you for any information in anticipation.
  25. I wanted a male name with no numbers and so sat with a dictionary of babies names and tried them one by one, without success. It seemed that all simple male names had been taken. After a half hour or so I started typing male nicknames at random and found to my astonishment that "Dazler" had not been taken.
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