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  1. Just put up today!!!!! A mesh enabled viewer is required to see this build properly. Located on a General Sim, Perfect for Families or Kid avis!!!!! ◘ TV/Radio included in each home ◘ Changable Panorama w/ Over 50 Views ◘ Security Orb Provided ◘ Invite your own guest to group ◘ Staff Online Daily ◘ Pay 4 Weeks, Get 1 Week Free anytime you renew Stop by our Main Office today!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhomes/92/115/500
  2. Try the NRRA Track, I havent been in awhile but I know they do nightly races and you can win L's Here is the SURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caymen%20Shores/131/153/3032
  3. look up machess lemton in the marketplace her multiscene system is amazinggggggg......and amazing customer service too!!!! Remember your skyboxes you want to load would need to be atleast copy/mod perms for you to put it in a multiscene rezzer. Don't pay someone crazy money when the system you need is already out there for cheap! If you would like to see a demo of it with homes in it let me know I use em for my rentals.
  4. Is there a way to disable the De-Friend notification from going to the person that i took off my friends list. I have attached a pic to show the ones that dont think this notification exist that it does infact. Ive had alot of people message me about defriending them because of this notification. lol maybe its just me? Ive been going through my settings like crazy but dont see a way to disable this. any other thoughts out there? Update: Just defriended a few close friends and they all got the notification. All using different viewers. I guess its not just me. I just dont want prior tenants to think they can not consider renting from PNC estates again further down the road. I rather me just disappear off their friends list then them get a notification about it. Ive started just giving out calling cards to new tenants to avoid this in the future.
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