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  1. The status page isn't updated as often as it should be, even when there's a mass outage or issue. And so what, does LL get charged by the post or something? No need to be a jerk.
  2. Ok logging in fine now, so obviously a temporary issue that didn't affect everyone.
  3. Doesn't change the fact that there are issues.
  4. I can't seem to be able to log in on FS or the LL viewer, the websites load but logging in on them times out. I was already logged in on the forums, assuming that's the only reason they are working.
  5. I wish I could be of help, a day or so after I posted this originally the issue seemed to have fixed itself, for the time being it hasn't reared its ugly head. I'm not sure what causes it, but I'm leaning towards lack of chat server maintenance, as you only ever seem to see them doing maintenance on it when there's already an issue.
  6. I am a member of a group, I can post in it but can't see any one's replies in it, my alt can see replies in said group fine and out of the 70 groups I'm in that is the only one I seem to be having issues with. It's been going on since yesterday. I've tried closing and reopening the chat window, relogging, different viewer, nothing seems to work. I put in a ticket with LL, but still waiting on a reply. Anyone else got a recommendation?
  7. Honestly this seems dumb, just give us back our land options. Banlines don't go very high last I knew, so there's only one reason for flying low enough to be bothered by them, and if you don't like seeing them you can disable the ability to see them viewer side. All this does is open our homes to griefers and perverts. 15 seconds is mental, you only need a couple seconds to rezz a self replicating object and crash a sim.
  8. Access on that menu is for that menu and locked doors don't keep people out in SL. Thanks.
  9. I got one of the newer 1024 Linden homes, when I had a Linden home years ago you could change the settings for who could access it, add people to the access list, ect. For some reason you can't on the new ones, the options are grayed out, is it no longer an option to use access settings? I hate to use a security orb, but I may need to, I don't want some random Joe to be able to walk in.
  10. Ah fun, they have limited stock on them, that's why they don't give you an option for them, kinda silly if you ask me.
  11. Weren't they supposed to be a thing by now?
  12. If this is like most normal credit processing things, you'll need very little info given to pay money to LL and proper identification to get money from LL.
  13. I hope they get this issue sorted out soon, it is quite annoying.
  14. That was what we call an unneeded update, it's oobvious they aren't just gonna let it be lol
  15. As far as we know it's not a DDoS, but it's not like LL would tell us that anyway.
  16. Was able to log in after a few tries, was on for about an hour and a half so figured all was good, afk for a minute to get a drink, come back to SL saying nope ?
  17. Yay it went from spotty login availability to no login availability ?
  18. Logins are spotty at best, logouts are often and the website has been unreachable several times, whatever is causing it is ongoing. Looks suspiciously like DDoS or the cleaning lady unplugged something again.
  19. Just after posting I logged in fine ?
  20. I take it there's login issues today, was logged in got booted by a restart, now for the past 5 mins when I try to log in I get the "the system is logging you out" error. ?
  21. I know this topic is a month old lol. To be completely GDPR complaint it's best to treat it as if all your customers/users are in EU territory, just to be on the safe side.
  22. I don't see the need to change anything, being proud of your sexuality doesn't mean you're gonna lay down and start fornicating in the middle of the parade.
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