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  1. Ah fun, they have limited stock on them, that's why they don't give you an option for them, kinda silly if you ask me.
  2. Weren't they supposed to be a thing by now?
  3. If this is like most normal credit processing things, you'll need very little info given to pay money to LL and proper identification to get money from LL.
  4. I hope they get this issue sorted out soon, it is quite annoying.
  5. That was what we call an unneeded update, it's oobvious they aren't just gonna let it be lol
  6. As far as we know it's not a DDoS, but it's not like LL would tell us that anyway.
  7. Was able to log in after a few tries, was on for about an hour and a half so figured all was good, afk for a minute to get a drink, come back to SL saying nope ?
  8. Yay it went from spotty login availability to no login availability ?
  9. Logins are spotty at best, logouts are often and the website has been unreachable several times, whatever is causing it is ongoing. Looks suspiciously like DDoS or the cleaning lady unplugged something again.
  10. Just after posting I logged in fine ?
  11. I take it there's login issues today, was logged in got booted by a restart, now for the past 5 mins when I try to log in I get the "the system is logging you out" error. ?
  12. I don't see the need to change anything, being proud of your sexuality doesn't mean you're gonna lay down and start fornicating in the middle of the parade.
  13. According to most of the viewer support groups 5-10% of people are being affected by things that are easily explained as an asset server outage. Fairly sure that number rise as people log in today. I for one am getting tired of the constant popups about my shape and skin not being in the database.
  14. I was actually thinking first quarter 2019 at the earliest honestly. And yeah I agree, no matter what happens some people will scream and rant about it being unfair, or unneeded. You can' please all the people all the time.
  15. Agreed, or failing that a one time free for premium members and a one time discount for "free" users.
  16. Here it says "The return of Last Names - You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year." Anyone know if that will be a new account only option, or will we have an option to get rid of "Resident" from our current accounts? No one probably knows yet, but I thought I'd ask.
  17. I have several friends that are premium members and they got their stipends hours ago, I've still to get mine. Just wondering if there's issues or what, checked Grid status and nothing there. And now it's on grid status with a back dated time stamp....
  18. Please use your brain, OBVIOUSLY I read the blog post I linked to. But when a message they send you says that you are affected by it common sense tells you that the blog post either left something out or someone F'd up somewhere. You would be horrible at customer service and be fired by the end of the day.
  19. I guessed as much, but thanks for a proper reply. I dislike when people give snooty replies to something that may be nothing important or could be serious. In the wake of the Equifax incident anything involving these kind of issues should be treated as serious until proven otherwise.
  20. The email specifically said I was affected. So I'm guessing there's an issue with their automated system or someone is drunk emailing.
  21. I got the email aboit this But I am a US customer that uses paypal so I'm a bit confused...
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