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  1. If you have a friend that owns land and they let you live there, thats considered free. I have also seen appartments in sl that charge $1L per month rent, which is close to free.
  2. To me it looks like the shape of a pants layer is still there even though the pants are off. I've seen that problem before myself but it wasnt permanent. When I relogged, the problem was gone.
  3. I got that too a while ago, I went to paypal to see why and they had flagged my paypal account to be randomly selected for security reasons. They made me make 2 new security questions, and change my password. Try going to paypal to see if its something paypal has done to your account.
  4. I am not seeking attention as you call it. This is just a simple rant discussion about child avatars. Child avatars are allowed in ALL regions of sl (G, M, A) unless a private estate states that they dont allow them. You should know that. No, I dont want people to see me as a child avatar AND a 27 year old. If a sim doesnt want children at all, they should just say no one under 18, but they dont and yet they dont allow child avatars.
  5. Being that I have a child avatar, I have first hand experienced people's reactions against child avatars. I've been called creepy for whatever reason I dont know why because its just another avatar in SL. You could see a bull avatar with HUGE muscles, fangs, standing upright on two feet, and a HUGE prim genitalia and that doesnt even phase you but a child avatar creeps you out? Seriously? I've also been called a pedo which doesnt even make sense at all. I'm the CHILD not and adult looking to seduce children! For some strange reason, alot of people in SL still believe that child avatars are onl
  6. Check out this employment forum http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment Also, inside SL, go to search and type in Jobs. You'll find alot of places that way too
  7. Yeah it does get bad when the Lindens act on false AR's. My first sl avatar was banned on a false AR, the person who submitted the AR was bragging about it after I was banned. I did nothing to this girl, didnt break the TOS, and now I cant get my account back, its permabanned. God only knows exactly what she put in that AR.
  8. Yeah they really did try to over simplify for the viewer2 and I think they feel as if we the users are blind. To make it worse, viewer2 comes in basic and advanced, so if a new user comes in and gets fed up that they cant do anything and quits SL all SL will say was that oops they were in basic mode and wont care about losing another member
  9. I'm sorry but SL no longer uses prepaid cards, you can use paypal or a normal debit/credit card to pay for lindens
  10. Sometimes when I talk on SL voice, my talk button deactivates randomly or if I press my middle mouse button to talk on voice, the voice button wont activate for a few seconds. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. In the 1.23 viewers ( secondlife 1.23, phoenix, imprudence, ect) all have the ability to search for places with the most traffic. In viewer2, the new beta searches by relevence. Using viewer2, how can I find a place with alot of traffic?
  12. In viewer2, to access the About Land, you have to rightclick on the ground. What about for Linden homes? The entire parcel is covered by prims so you cant access the ground. How do you get to the About Land for a Linden Home on viewer2?
  13. I'm trying to make an outfit out of what I'm currently wearing and I dont see a save option to save it as an outfit, where is it? EDIT: I dont want to just make a folder, I want to make an outfit which is what viewer2 is able to do. That way I dont have to drag nocopy items into a folder and lose them if I forgot which outfit I put them with EDIT2: I figured it out, the My Appearance tab has a Save As button at the bottom that saves the outfit you're wearing
  14. About 2 years ago, Secondlife started limiting gift cards being used. The first one to go was prepaid visa. I think they have stopped using the other prepaid card companies as well since I've heard alot of complaints that people using prepaid mastercard cant buy lindens. Those are the two that I know of, but from what I've gathered, SL has stopped using prepaid cards.
  15. I'm wearing a shoebase for my heels but people are just seeing me without the shoebase and my feet are flat and comming out of the front of my shoes, but I dont see this. I tried restarting and it hasnt changed, what should I do? EDIT: TY For the responses, it was infact a phoenix/viewer2 issue, thanks!!
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